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Dear Visitor: I am beginning to return to this web page, but it will not be as before. With a new job and much travel I do not have the time to devote to posting Anglican news on FreeRepublic and linking from here, not that I can stand the Sturm und Drang in TEC and the Anglican world anymore. For current news and commentary I recommend Titusonenine, Stand Firm, Midwest Conservative Journal, and VirtueOnline-News. For other things Anglican I like Prydain, An Anglican Cleric, Captain Yips Secret Journal, Drell's Descants, and The Prayer Book Society : News (The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon) -- though even for these I am no longer the daily visitor.

Material will be added from time to time. And I still intend to visit and update the provincial links. I intend to update the blog list (because I know of holes in Stand Firm's list). I intend to check and then update the Resources section as I learn of new items. --sionnsar 12/29/2007

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"To be an Anglican is to belong to a communion no longer limited by the English language or Anglo-Saxon culture."
--Archbishop Michael Ramsey

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Links to Anglican Provinces in North America (listed alphabetically):
(Looking for a new church?)

The American Anglican Church (8/14/2004: links are dead)
-- Parish Directory
The Anglican Catholic Church
-- Find a Church (select the appropriate diocese)
The Anglican Catholic Church of Canada (includes Sequim, WA)
-- Directory of Parishes and Missions
The Anglican Church in America (NOT "Anglican Church of America" below.)
-- Search for Local Parishes by State
The Anglican Mission in America
-- Parish Directory may be found by clicking on "Find a Church."
The Anglican Province of America (uniting with The Reformed Episcopal Church)
-- APA Parishes
The Anglican Province of Christ the King
-- Parish Directory
The Diocese of the Holy Cross
-- Search available on main page.
The Episcopal Missionary Church
-- Directory of Parishes
The Episcopal Orthodox Church (in The Orthodox Anglican Communion)
-- Parish Directory
The Network of Anglican Communion Dioceses and Parishes (aka Anglican Communion Network, or the Network)
-- Parishes
The Reformed Episcopal Church (uniting with The Anglican Province of America)
-- Search for parishes, by state, can be done from the home page.
The Southern Episcopal Church of the United States of America
-- (parishes listed on main page)
The United Anglican Church
-- Dioceses and Parishes
The United Episcopal Church of North America
-- List of Parishes
Other (North American?) provinces, courtesy of Anglicans Online:
American Anglican Convocation
The American Congregation of Saint Benedict
Anglican Catholic Church of Canada
The Anglican Church International
Anglican Church International Communion
Anglican Church of America (Note "Anglican Church in America" above.)
Anglican Church Worldwide
Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes
The Anglican Episcopal Church
Anglican Fathers of the Corpus Christi
Anglican Orthodox Church
Anglican Rite, Archdiocese of the Americas
Anglican Rite Catholic Church
Anglican Rite Old Catholic Church
Apostolic Communion of Anglican Churches
The Christian Episcopal Church (Canada)
The Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches
Diocesis Misionara Hispana
The Episcopal Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of America
Evangelical Anglican Church OF America
Evangelical Anglican Church IN America
The Free Episcopal Church
Free Protestant Episcopal Church (Saskatchewan)
Hawaiian Reformed Catholic Church
Holy Cross Anglican Communion (note to self: Diocese of the Holy Cross?)
Independent Anglican Church (Canada Synod)
Mariners Church of Detroit (of Gordon Lightfoot "Edmund Fitzgerald" song fame!)
The National Anglican Catholic Church
Old Catholic Church of America
Old Catholic Church of Canada
Orthodox Anglican Communion
Province of Christ the Good Shepherd
Reformed Anglican Catholic Church
Saints Cyril and Methodius Church
The Traditional Protestant Episcopal Church
The Universal Anglican Church of America

Links to Other Organizations (listed alphabetically):

The American Anglican Council (within ECUSA)
-- Affiliate Parishes Directory
The Anglican Communion (official website)
The Anglican Communion in Canada (for all of Canada, formerly The Anglican Communion in New Westminster)
-- Parishes
The Anglican Communion Institute (many papers and publications)
Anglican Mainstream (news, articles, teachings, resources, links)
-- Who we are (globally: Primates, Archbishops, Bishops, Clergy and Laity) (1/15/2005: only the resources link works)
The Charismatic Episcopal Church
-- Church Lists (USA), also has lists for Canada and elsewhere
Forward in Faith (UK, Australia, North America)
-- Affiliated Parishes (in North America)
The Holy Catholic Church (Anglican Rite)
-- The main page lists dioceses and parishes at the bottom.
Sanctuary, a Company of orthodox Episcopalians in the Diocese of Upper South Carolina
-- Some parishes listed here.
The Tennessee Anglican Council (A state version of the American Anglican Council)
-- (No list of affiliated parishes found, but a question to the listserv might suffice.)

North American Anglican Churches Attended or Recommended by members of Free Republic:

-- St. Chrysostom's Reformed Episcopal Church, 504 Trivista Left, Hot Springs, AR 71901 (no website yet)
-- St. John the Evangelist, 990 Falmouth Road, Victoria, B.C. V8X 3A3
-- Christ the King Church - South Bay, 911 Dell Avenue, Campbell, CA 95008
-- St. Mary of the Angels Anglican Church, 4510 Finley Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90027
-- St. Stephen's Church, 1250 Oakville Grade Road, Oakville, CA (click on "Dioceses" for information)
-- Trinity Episcopal Church, 202 High Street, Nevada City, CA 95959
-- Christ Episcopal Church, 2950 S. University Blvd., Denver, CO 80121
-- Saint Mary's Church, 2290 S. Clayton St. Denver, CO 80210
-- Grace & St. Stephen's, 601 North Tejon Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80903
-- All Saints' Episcopalian Church, 901-A New Warrington Rd, Pensacola, Florida 32506
-- The Church of the Resurrection, 6505 N. Nebraska Ave., Tampa, FL 33604
-- Saint Mary the Virgin Anglican Church, 101 Homewood Blvd, Delray Beach, FL 33445
-- Church of Our Saviour, 1068 North Highland Avenue, Atlanta GA 30306
-- Holy Cross Anglican Church, (Logan Middle School), 152 Clark McCullers Dr., Loganville, GA 30052 (In Virtuosity News, May 1, 2004)
-- Light of Christ Anglican Church, Smyrna GA
-- St. Jude's Episcopal Church, 220 Windy Hill Road SW, Marietta, GA 30060
-- Iona Anglican Fellowship, 17220 E. Mansfield Avenue, Spokane Valley, WA 99016 (1/08/2007 website coming soon)
-- St. George's Anglican Church, 1210 Dixie Trail, Raleigh, NC 27607
-- St. Joseph's Anglican Church, Owls Nest Clubhouse, 1414 Owls Nest Rd, Sanford, NC 27330
-- Christ Church, meets at Lents Seventh-Day Adventist Church, 8835 SE Woodstock Blvd., Portland, OR 97290
-- St. Francis Episcopal Church, 1408 West 9th, Austin, TX 78703
-- St. Thomas Episcopal, 4900 Jackwood St., Houston, TX 77096
-- Truro Church, 10520 Main Street, Fairfax, VA 22030
-- Iona Anglican Fellowship, 17220 E. Mansfield Avenue, Spokane Valley, WA 99016 (1/08/2007 website coming soon)
-- St. Anselm of Canterbury Anglican Catholic Church, Sequim, WA
-- St. Bartholomew's Anglican Church, 14821 Avondale Rd NE, Woodinville, WA 98072 (Continuing Home blog)
-- Trinity Anglican Church (secondary page), 205 W. Stewart Rd., Mt. Vernon, WA 98273

Other Anglican Churches Attended or Recommended by members of Free Republic:

-- Christ Church, 11 Convent Road, Bangkok 10500 Thailand
-- St. Andrew's Cathedral, 11 St Andrew's Road, Singapore 178959, Republic of Singapore
-- More churches from the Diocese of Singapore listed here.

In Need of Support:

The Ekklesia Society, committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ. Losing funding "because of ECUSA's sin."
Uganda Partners: The Uganda Christian University, of the Province of Uganda, needs your support.

What was sionnsar reading? (Anglican, related or impinging blogs & news, in alphabetic order -- and note, these come from both sides the aisle. Note: links may be outdated. 12/29/2007)
(2/14/2006: Stand Firm has a more comprehenive list.

815 Second Ave, The Episcopal Information Ministry (satire)
All Too Common, The Common Anglican
AAC/Blog (American Anglican Council blog)
Agape Press (news)
AKMA's Random Thoughts
The American Gazette Red Crabtree, RN
Andrew Carey, Andrew Carey
The Anglican Communion Institute
The Anglican Digest
Anglican Journal (Anglican Church of Canada News)
Anglican Mainstream (news) (offline? 2/08/2006)
The Anglican Planet (news??)
Anglicans United (news)
Anglicans Online, Cynthia MacFarland and Brian Reid
Anglican Journal--Canada (news)
The Anglican Planet
Anglo-Catholic Ruminations, Adam
Apostolicity, Fr. Christopher Cantrell
Becca & Bella, Becca
Bene Diction Blogs On
The Bishop's Page, The Rt. Rev. Jack L. Iker, D.D., SSC
Bishop's Weblog, The Rt. Rev. Robert Duncan
Blithering Idiot, William P. Sulik
CaNNet (news)
Canterbury Tales
Canterbury Trail, Joe
Captain Yips Secret Journal, Jack White
The Christian Challenge, Auburn Faber Traycik, Ed.
The Christian Post (news)
Christianity Today
The Church of England Newspaper (news)
Church Society
Clueless Christian, Shari deSilva, MD
The Confessing Reader
The Connecticut Six, A Connecticut Layperson
The Continuing Anglican Churchman, The Rev. James Gordon Anderson
Continuing Home, member of St. Bartholomew's, Woodinville WA
Directorium Anglicanum
Drell's Descants, Brad Drell
ECUSA News (news)
ECUSA Dollars, Robert (following the money)
Emergent Like Slime, Fr. Andy Griffiths
Episcoblog, The Rev. Leo J. Michael
The Faith Once For All Delivered, The Rev. Jeffery W. Moore
Father Jake Stops the World, "Fr. Jake"
Fireside Chat with the Rector (Humor)
For All The Saints, Fr. Don and Sue M.
Forward in Faith International (news)
Global South Anglican
The Good News (infrequently updated)
The Inclusive Worshipper (satire) (ended 12/30)
Ithilien, Edwin Tait
The Kew Continuum, Richard Kew
Lenten Prayers & Beyond, Karen B. (prayers)
Liturgy: Praxis&Pistis, Brother Quotidian (last post 7/25/2004, probably abandoned)
The Living Church Foundation (news)
Magic Statistics, Scott Gilbreath
Mark D Roberts
Meam Commemorationem, Jeffrey Steel
Melanie Phillips' Diary
Midwest Conservative Journal, Christopher Johnson (Backup site)
Miserere Mei, Fr. Daniel Sparks
Moving Mountains (Stand Firm WV)
Nate Knows Nada, Nathan Paxton
N.T. Wright Page (unofficial site dedicated to the Bishop of Durham)
On-line Religion Discursus, C. Wingate
Open Book, Amy Welborn (Roman Catholic)
Orthodoxy Today (Orthodox Churches)
orthony, Tony Seel
Palmetto Anglican, Drew
The Penitent Blogger
Pontifications, Al Kimel
Postmodern Anglican Orthodoxy: Underground
The Prayer Book Society: News (news)
Prydain, Will
Quo Vadis?, seminarian Jody (dial-up warning: BIG graphics files)
Return to Nicea, "Gordon Cameron" (stillborn?)
Rich Anglican Fudge (with Nuts) (humor)
Rather Not Blog, IRNS
Real Live Preacher, Gordon Atkinson
Rev'd Dr. Leander Harding, The Rev. Dr. Leander Harding
Romans 12:2
The Scottish Anglican Network
Ship of Fools (discussions)
A South Florida Anglican thinks, Brian
Southern Anglican, Greg Griffith
StandFirm - MS
StandFirm - AL
Surrounded, ECUSA Diocese of San Joaquin, The Rev. Robert G. Eaton
Sydney Anglicans (news and commentary)
TexAnglican, Randall Foster
Thinking Anglicans
TitusOneNine, The Rev. Dr. Kendall Harmon (very active blog)
Touchstone, daily reflections with Fr. Reardon
Transfiguration, The Rev. Canon John Heidt, Diocese of Fort Worth
Uncle Dino's Observations in Black and White, Uncle Dino
Ungodly Rant
A View from the Sacristy, Fr. Reich
vindicated, Kyle Potter
VirtueNews-Online, David W. Virtue (news and commentary)
The Waffling Anglican, Mike the Geek
Wannabe Newbie Anglican, Mark Marshall
Wires From The Bunker, Peter C. Glover
a worker in the vineyard (formerly "the road to santiago" and "conjectures of a guilty seminarian"), The Rev. Lee Nelson
Wyclif.net, Daniel Stoddart

Other Resources:

A History of the Articles Of Religion online (New 9/09/2007)
Additional books on the Thirty-Nine Articles, now available online
Addleshaw: The High Church Tradition (book online)
The Anglican Library (online)
The Anglican Marketplace (online)
The Archbishop of Canterbury (official site)
"Basic Christianity", audio recordings of a course by the Rev. Richard Cantrell
Choose This Day video (and others, works over slow dialup)
A Christmas tract , Bishop J.C. Ryle
Church Planting
Concerned Clergy and Laity of the Episcopal Church (CCLEC)
The Elizabethan Homilies
Encouraging Your Pastor and How to Encourage Your Pastor
Episcopal Blogs (ECUSA blog webring)
The Episcopal Church: Its Message for Men of Today, by George Parlan Atwater [PDF]
Episcopal Scouters Discussion Forum (for Episcopal, Anglican, Continuing & other Boy & Girl Scouts, Campfire, 4-H etc.)
Episcopalians for Traditional Faith (dedicated to the 1928 BCP in ECUSA)
The Fellowship of Concerned Churchmen
The Heart of the Prayer Book (Commentary on the 1928 BCP), The Rev. William E. Cox, D.D.
Into the Wardrobe (A C.S. Lewis website)
"How to Share Your Faith Without Losing Your Friends" (Evangelism for Anglicans course, Word97 document)
J.C. Ryle sites
Kairos Prison Ministries
Moral Theology: Dodo or Phoenix?, The Very Rev. Dr. Philip Turner
National Cursillo Center
National Organization of Episcopalians for Life
Orthodox Anglican .org
The Oxford American Prayer Book Commentary
Parish Alive (for Canadian Anglicans)
The Prayer Book Society of Canada
Prison Fellowship Ministries (Chuck Colson)
A Rationale Upon the Book of Common Prayer (Commentary on the 1662 BCP), Bishop Sparrow
Same-Sex Affection, Holiness, and Ordination, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon
The Scottish Anglican Network
Sermons By Peter Toon,
Sermons on the Nicene Creed, Fr. Samuel Edwards Short Essays on the Nature of the Church, The Rev. Canon John Heidt
The Society of Archbishop Justus (many links, documents, and resources including Books of Common Prayer)
True Union in the Body? (PDF, 246k), The Most Revd. Drexel Gomez
Walter Martin's "Kingdom of the Cults" online
We've Had Dessert (a pamphlet for Episcopalians)
What is Anglicanism?, The Rev. J. I. Packer
Wikipedia Encyclopedia on "Anglican Communion" (many links)
Women Prists?, E.L. Mascall
Yahoo Evangelical Anglican discussion group


The Thirty-Nine Articles - A Faith For Today

Marketplace: (new)
(Please note: The presence of any store or service in this list is not an endorsement of same but is solely and only presented because the maintainer of this page quite arbitrarily encountered it and thinks it might possibly be of interest to the page's visitors. All links are present solely at the list-maintainer's whim and are not part of any agreement to remuneration, reciprocation or any other contract. One hopes this satisfies the lawyers...)

American Church Union
The Anglican Book Centre
The Anglican Communion Institute
Anglican Marketplace
Cathedral Rosaries (Anglican Rosaries, Episcopal Prayer Beads, and chaplets)
The Ekklesia Society's Online Bookstore

Articles and other works:

Note: as noted in the link below, sionnsar is no longer selecting and posting articles for the Anglicans on Free Republic, and will be absent from the Religion Forum for Lent. What happens after remains to be seen.
Older Articles Archives:
(2007, Jan-?)  (2006, Jul-Dec)  (2006, Jan-Jun)  (2005 and older)

Latest Articles (mostly to FR): VA: [Episcopal] Diocese of Virginia in Financial Crunch Over Lawsuits, , David Virtue, 1/04/2008 [Congregation surrenders $7 mil property to leave Episcopal Church], Hartford Courant, 12/31/2007
2007 - The Year in Review (Anglican), David W. Virtue, 12/30/2007
Global Anglican Future conference threatens to split Communion, David. W. Virtue, 12/30/2007
Non-Anglican Difficulties, Part Three, Fr. Robert Hart, 12/29/2007
Anglican Churchmanship, English=Speaking Christianity, 12/29/2007
Spongian Flashback: Lessons & Carols Must Go, Sarah Hey, 12/28/2007
New Anglican Blog: "English-Speaking Christianity", sionnsar, 12/28/2007
Global Anglican Future conference in Holy Land announced by orthodox Primates, 12/28/2007
The Global Anglican Future Conference FAQs/a>, 12/27/2007
RUMORS OF GLORY -- The Conscience of an Anglican, Alan Jacobs, 12/26/2007
All About Christmas, ChurchYear.net, 12/25/2007
The 12 Days of Christmas and Christmastide: A Rich Catholic Tradition, Jonathan Bennett, 12/25/2007
The story of Christmas around the world, Marites N. Sison, 12/25/2007
How American Anglicans Think and Act: A Primer for the Global South, ACI, 12/23/2007
Calculating Christmas: The Story Behind December 25 , William J. Tighe, 12/21/2007

To the Traditional Anglican Ping List (and FRiends), sionnsar, 2/20/2007 [What has happened to this section?]

Bible Study Resources Online:
Some new Bible study resources online

Across the Aisle:

Warning: Links in this section are provided as references to the activities, opinions and thoughts of the "non-traditional" Episcopal and Anglican churches. Click through with caution, and please keep these people in your prayers.
How the Left defines "true diversity" (you get it straight from their mouths!)
The Anglican Left
Anglo-Catholic Socialism (US)
The Center for Progressive Christianity
Every Voice Network
The Jubilee Group (UK)
The Modern Churchpeople's Union
A Progressive Christian
The Witness

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- This is not an official Free Republic site; it is provided as a resource to FR's traditional Anglicans.
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The lists of churches provided on the linked websites are often incomplete. More up-to-date and accurate lists should be available directly from the diocesan or provincial offices.

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The Book of Common Prayer in Farsi (Persian)

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