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Last updated: 2/20/2007 Note: The articles following are (mostly) an archive of those posted to Free Republic for discussion by FR's traditional Anglicans and others.
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December 2005:
The Unopened Gift, Bishop Jeffrey Steenson, 12/31/2005
St. James Loses in Property Dispute with Diocese of Pennsylvania, David Ousley, 12/31/2005
Good Bye Old Year, You Oaf, Captain Yips Secret Journal , 12/31/2005
Thoughts on the Windsor Report: What Went Wrong?, Paul F. M. Zahl, 12/31/2005
The Rev. William Klock: "Get thee out of Gath" , Prydain, 12/31/2005
Rebels on principle: Dissident Episcopalians in Chillicothe form new congregation (OH), VirtueOnline-News, 12/30/2005
Anglican Church Finds "No Room at the Inn" in Baltimore, Cynthia P. Brust, 12/30/2005
NBC Draws Fire for Book of Daniel, Agape Press, 12/30/2005
On The Other Hand [GC2006], Christopher Johnson, 12/30/2005
Middle East Diocesan Convention Explodes over Possible ties with pro-gay ECUSA Dioceses, David W. Virtue, 12/30/2005
Two interesting statements from TAC bishops , Prydain, 12/30/2005
The Tide Is Rising In The Diocese Of Florida, Harris Willman, 12/29/2005
Hope & future for Anglicans, The Anglican Planet, 12/29/2005
2008 Lambeth Conference Faces $3 Million Shortfall, The Living Church Foundation, 12/29/2005
Project Canterbury: Advice to Such as Go Into Foreign Parts, The Confessing Reader, 12/29/2005
Civil Partnerships a Parody of Marriage: Bishops Must Take Action, Anglican Mainstream UK, 12/29/2005
Handicapping GenCon, Christopher Johnson, 12/29/2005
Christianity Today: “Deliver Us from Kony” [a horrible story for Holy Innocents], The Confessing Reader, 12/28/2005
Bearing the cross [the plight of Iranian Anglicans], The Guardian, 12/27/2005
Memory Lane [Lambeth 98], Christopher Johnson, 12/27/2005
Bishop grabs Japanese parish from departing orthodox priest, VirtueOnline-News, 12/27/2005
Church group is split over women bishops , Jonathan Petre, The Telegraph, 12/27/2005
Here We Stand, Gerald L. Bray, 12/27/2005
Vote Anglican 2006 [plus "new" Anglican blogs], All Too Common, 12/27/2005
Ugly Church Stuff, Miserere Mei, 12/27/2005
The Future of the Episcopal Church, The Rev. Kevin Martin, 12/27/2005
Sanctuary event in South Carolina, The Confessing Reader, 12/27/2005
The Rev. Samuel Edwards: Sermon for Christmas Day , Prydain, 12/27/2005
West seeks spiritual refuge in war-torn Uganda, Telegraph, 12/26/2005
Jerry and Stacy Kramer: Christmas in New Orleans, titusonenine, 12/26/2005
And a child shall lead them [Anglican corporate worship], Mark Marshall, 12/26/2005
Good Prince Vaclav [for St. Stephen's Day, 12/26], The Confessing Reader, 12/26/2005
A sermon for Christmas Day , Bishop N.T. Wright of Durham, 12/25/2005
Christmas [the building of a new North American Anglicanism], Captain Yips Secret Journal, 12/25/2005
Major Anglican Group Prepares for Full Communion With Rome, VirtueOnline-News, 12/25/2005
Born of A Virgin? An Episcopal Priest Shares Her Doubts, Albert Mohler, 12/24/2005
Seeds [the building of a new North American Anglicanism], Christopher Johnson, 12/24/2005
Bishops express worry over civil partnerships, Andrew Carey, 12/23/2005
Defections on the increase in American Church, George Conger, 12/23/2005
Sydney rebuffs appeal to halt church affiliations, George Conger, 12/23/2005
The Earthly Father: What if Mary wasn't a virgin?, The Rev. Chloe Breyer, 12/22/2005
Need a church while travelling for Christmas?, Huber at FR, 12/22/2005
Episcopaganism Crosses the Pond, Christopher Johnson, 12/22/2005
Vicar's blessing ignores guidelines from bishops, VirtueOnline-News, 12/22/2005
The Episcopal Church and Biblical Fundamentalism -- A Response, The Rev. Sam Pascoe, 12/22/2005
"No Middle Way" says Ugandan Bishop, Bishop Nathan Kyamanywa, 12/22/2005
Jim Hobby: An Open Letter to My Colleagues in the Episcopal Church, titusonenine, 12/22/2005
Rector of South Riding Church (Fairfax, Va.) Responds to Bishop Lee, The Rev. J. Philip Ashey, 12/22/2005
Stop apologising for being Christian , Simon Heffer, The Telegraph, 12/21/2005
"The Episcopal Church and Biblical Fundamentalism", American Anglican Council, 12/20/2005
Episcopal 'Megachurches' Open For Christmas Day, The Living Church Foundation, 12/20/2005
New NBC Drama Show Mocks Christianity, AFA, 12/20/2005
Islam Remains Number One Danger to the Christian Church (Anglicans no help), VirtueOnline-News, 12/20/2005
Alive and Kicking ["Extinct" Irondequoit Church], Christopher Johnson, 12/20/2005
A Note on the Role of North America in the Evolution of Anglicanism, Paul V. Marshall, 12/20/2005
Conflict in Church of England about to get hotter, Mark Marshall, 12/20/2005
Female Clergyperson?, The Continuum, 12/20/2005
Stanley Kurtz: "Here Come the Brides" , Prydain, 12/20/2005
Alpine Episcopal rift confirmed by separate worship services, The Connecticut 6, 12/19/2005
Keeping Christmas Christian, Stand Firm [AL], 12/19/2005
Excised All Saints [Irondequoit] church aligns with Church of Uganda, American Anglican Council, 12/19/2005
Fr Jolly on Anglo-Catholic Heaven [a humor blog returns], TexAnglican, 12/19/2005
Church Planting [Continuing Anglican], The Continuum, 12/19/2005
The Rev. Samuel Edwards: Sermon for the Fourth Sunday in Advent , Prydain, 12/19/2005
Archbishop of Canterbury attacks 'PC' Christmas, BBC News, 12/19/2005
Archbishops of Canterbury Defend Christmas, Neil Tweedie and Jonathan Petre, 12/19/2005
The greatest of the liberal fears in ECUSA - Conservatives Talking To Laity, Brad Drell, 12/18/2005
My Dinner With Chuckie [unbelievable: ECUSA Diocese of PA], Christopher Johnson, 12/17/2005
Discretion Recommended for British Civil Partnerships, The Living Church Foundation, 12/17/2005
Traditionalist Parish Leaves ECUSA for APA. Priest inhibited, VirtueOnline-News, 12/17/2005
Kerfuffle in the Diocese of Kansas (see "Choose this Day video"), titusonenine, 12/17/2005
"Choose this Day" Video (available online), TexAnglican, 12/17/2005
The Rev. Charles Erlandson: "What is Anglicanism? A Few Questions" , Prydain, 12/17/2005
The Rev. David N. Samuel: "The Gospel in the Prayer Book" , Prydain, 12/17/2005
Hitting the Bricks II [Irondequoit Episcopal], Christopher Johnson, 12/17/2005
Hittin' the Bricks [from ECUSA], Christopher Johnson, 12/16/2005
EUTHANASIA - by Malcolm Muggeridge, VirtueOnline-News, 12/16/2005
Tossing the Prayer Book in the Church of England, Wannabe Newbie Anglican, 12/16/2005
Shake a Leg [Anglican Panel of Reference], Christopher Johnson, 12/15/2005
Shoulders to the Wheel [Anglican Panel of Reference], Christopher Johnson, 12/14/2005
DURHAM: Bishop says he cannot support same-sex blessings, The Rt. Rev. Dr. N.T. Wright, 12/14/2005
Five Parishes Announce they will leave ECUSA in January , VirtueOnline-News, 12/14/2005
Vatican re opens talks with Anglican Communion, The Church of England Newspaper, 12/14/2005
(Best) Anglican Blogs (please vote), All Too Common, 12/14/2005
Reds Under the Bed? [The Continuum and FR], The Continuum, 12/14/2005
Christmas Crusade (Build it and they will come alert!), Stamford Advocate, 12/13/2005
Judge sides with two Episcopal parishes in property dispute, VirtueOnline-News, 12/13/2005
Reflection On The Execution of Tookie Williams, The Coming Excommunication of the Episcopal Church, and..., Brad Drell, 12/13/2005
The Crisis In the Episcopal Church is the Traditionalists' Fault, Drell's Descants, 12/13/2005
Civil partnerships are 'opportunity' for the church, Albion, The Continuum, 12/13/2005
Here's What's Coming Up Next . . ., Eddie Swain, 12/12/2005
For Anglicans in México, celebrations are a way of life, Episcopal News Service, 12/12/2005
A Thought On Spiritual Warfare And What ECUSA Seems To Be About Based On Choices, Brad Drell, 12/12/2005
Polygamy rights is the next civil rights battle, The Waffling Anglican, 12/12/2005
The Rev. Samuel Edwards: Sermon for the Third Sunday in Advent , Prydain, 12/12/2005
No Hope for the Episcopal Church of America, Says Seminary Dean, Ralph Davis, 12/11/2005
To Think I Had Seen It All - the Daily Office For Gay People, Drell's Descants, 12/11/2005
Interesting new blog: "Continuum" , Prydain, 12/11/2005
The Rev. David Samuel: "The Biblical Answer to the New Age" , Prydain, 12/11/2005
Silence In Church, The Rev. Dr. Leander Harding, 12/10/2005
God's Commandments: Our Moral Ballast , Alice C. Linsley, 12/10/2005
The Shaughness Case [ECUSA, long], Drell's Descants, 12/10/2005
Excommunications [Shaughness], Christopher Johnson, 12/10/2005
Thoughts on the Chronicles of Narnia : The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.. go see it!!!, a worker in the vineyard, 12/10/2005
The Chronicles of Narnia, TexAnglican, 12/10/2005
Icons and the Second Commandment, Meam Commemorationem, 12/10/2005
Merger ... or Acquisition? [on Anglican Use], The Thoughtful Crab, 12/09/2005
Liberals' Use of Words Effective Tool in Promoting Radical Ideologies, James Lambert, 12/09/2005
Into the Wonder (Narnia), Alan Jacobs, 12/09/2005
Scottish Primus on civil partnerships , GadgetVicar, 12/09/2005
Unexpectedly skewered, The Waffling Anglican, 12/09/2005
Episcopalians face up to decline, NorthJersey.com, 12/09/2005
Nice To See Christianity Still Scares - Tucker Carlson From MSNBC, Drell's Descants, 12/08/2005
The Inclusive Worshipper (blog - satire), 12/08/2005
The Rev. John Leal: "Signs of Life", Prydain, 12/08/2005
C.S. Lewis on ‘Xmas and Christmas’ , Denver Catholic Register, 12/07/2005
Lapping the Field [Anglican Essentials & CAN GC2007 speculation] Christopher Johnson, 12/07/2005
Intelligent Church Redesign, American Anglican Council, 12/07/2005
On the word “Father” and the Evangelical School in the ECUSA & AMiA, The Rev'd Dr. Peter Toon, 12/07/2005
Former Bishop of Durham gives backing to clergy civil partnership, Alex Delmar-Morgan, 12/07/2005
A new series of sermons on Genesis, from the Rev. William Klock , Prydain, 12/07/2005
McGreevey embraces Episcopal church (gay gov ousted for appointing lover as homeland czar), Star-Ledger, 12/06/2005
Recife Creates "North-American Archdeaconry" at its Synod, American Anglican Council, 12/06/2005
A Stool or a Tower?, Robert Munday, 12/06/2005
Bay State ECUSA Bishop Draws Conservative Anglican Condemnation, Jim Brown, Agape Press, 12/06/2005
Olympia's Peaceful Example, The Living Church, 12/04/2005
The Blasphemy of Open Communion, Alvin Kimel, 12/04/2005
Poetry - 815 Style, Uncle Dino's Observations in Black and White, 12/04/2005
Open Letter to Southern VA, Moving Mountains, 12/03/2005
Christ Church purchases land for future move (Midland, TX), Elise Marrion, 12/03/2005
Rector's "Fisherman" Letter (St. Andrew's Episcopal, Vestal NY), The Rev. Tony Seel, 12/02/2005
Priorities and Foundations, Laurie Swain, Moving Mountains, 12/02/2005
CANADA: Decline in Anglican membership quickening -- Extinction by 2061 Feared, VirtueOnline-News, 12/02/2005
The Blessing of Being, Ellis Anderson, Stand Firm [MS] 12/01/2005
Bush won't intercede on behalf of Episcopal Church, VirtueOnline-News, 12/01/2005
Archbishop tells warring Anglicans "cool it" , VirtueOnline-News, 12/01/2005
What is Anglicanism?, The Rev. J. I. Packer, 12/01/2005
Bishop J.C. Ryle: a Christmas tract , Prydain, 12/01-03/2005

November 2005:
Multiplicity [Grace Cathedral SF Dean's "Orthodoxy"], RatherNotBlog, 11/30/2005
Short Essays on the Nature of the Church, The Rev. Canon John Heidt, 11/30/2005
Scripture the Authors of the 1979 BCP Don't Want You To Read, Stand Firm [AL], 11/30/2005
The Rev. Samuel Edwards: Sermon for Advent 1, Prydain, 11/30/2005
Fr. Samuel Edwards' sermons on the Nicene Creed now available in PDF, Prydain, 11/30/2005
Downloaded 'choice' is no substitute for classic prayers [BCP], VirtueOnline-News, 11/30/2005
Archbishop opens English hearts to an African rhythm, Ruth Gledhill, 11/30/2005
That incredible shrinking Advent-Christmas season , George Weigel, 11/30/2005
First black (Anglican) Archbishop enthroned in England (check out his vestments!), BBC, 11/30/2005
The Rev. Benjamin Bernier: "The Duty of Love", Prydain, 11/29/2005
The Rebellion Spreads, Christopher Johnson, 11/29/2005
[AoC gets it] Coming and Going, Christopher Johnson, 11/29/2005
Super 9-Minute Narnia Trailer Available (Major spoilers), DaveLoneRanger at FreeRepublic.com, 11/29/2005
The Rev. Benjamin Bernier: "The Duty of Love" , Prydain, 11/29/2005
Another Day, Another Parish , Christopher Johnson, 11/28/2005
'Extinct' Episcopal Parish Refuses to Hand Over Keys to Property, AgapePress, 11/28/2005
Thanksgiving in the Pass [Pass Christian, MS], Stand Firm [MS], 11/28/2005
Lion Hunting Season, Captain Yips Secret Journal, 11/28/2005
A Homily for Thanksgiving... [Anglicans and Thanksgiving], The Rev. Lee Nelson, 11/27/2005
The Parting of Friends, The Kew Continuum, 11/27/2005
St. Gregory Nazianzen on the Incarnation, Prydain, 11/27/2005
Christ Church Midland [TX] update, MeanWestTexan at FreeRepublic.com, 11/27/2005
Mark Hare On Homosexuality And The Church, Drell's Descants, 11/27/2005
Believers must stay connected even amid discord,, Mark Hare, 11/27/2005
Advent, The Rev'd Dr. Peter Toon, 11/27/2005
Gay priest speaks out about Episcopal Church controversy, The CT 6, 11/27/2005
"Lent and Beyond": Advent devotionals, Prydain, 11/26/2005
The Rev. William Klock: "The Long Robe of Christ's Righteousness" , Prydain, 11/26/2005
Jerry Kramer: A Thanksgiving Day Sermon, titusonenine, 11/25/2005
Gay bishop says unity in Anglican Communion challenged by opponents of gay priests, The Connecticut Six, 11/25/2005
Women priests on world agenda, The Church of England Newspaper, 11/25/2005
Revealed: the ideal vicar [is a woman], The Church of England Newspaper, 11/25/2005
Reconciling the Jurisdictional Chaos, The Continuing Anglican Churchman, 11/25/2005
Anglican bishop criticizes Vatican over gays, Daniel Frykholm, 11/24/2005
Why Converts Choose Catholicism, CatholiCity, 11/24/2005
Catholics warn C of E over women bishops , Jonathan Petre, The Telegraph, 11/24/2005
Maysville [KY] Episcopal church leaders resign: Action Follows Dispute with Lexington Bishop, VirtueOnline-News, 11/24/2005
Prof. IRNS: "Ruminations" , Prydain, 11/25/2005
The Rev. Charles Camlin: "Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God" , Prydain, 11/24/2005
Prayer request for the Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, sionnsar, 11/24/2005
Gratitude Quotes For Thanksgiving, Drell's Descants, 11/24/2005
Called to Prayer: A Grace-filled Life, Jeff Steel, 11/24/2005
In Front of Their Faces, Christopher Johnson, 11/23/2005
“Priestesses in the Church?”, C.S. Lewis, All Too Common blog, 11/23/2005
Women Bishops in the Church of England?, Apostolicity, 11/23/2005
Church dissolved over homosexual issue (All Saints Irondequoit) , World Net Daily, 11/23/2005
Further from Bishop Ryle on counting the cost , Prydain, 11/23/2005
RFP for New Liturgy [ECUSA], Laurie Swain, Moving Mountains, 11/22/2005
How Far Are We Willing to Let Things Go???, a worker in the vineyard, 11/22/2005
Ruminations, RatherNotBlog, 11/22/2005
Thanksgiving Dinner [post-Katrina], Greg Griffith, 11/22/2005
Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink [Anglican left just going through the motions], Christopher Johnson, 11/22/2005
Don't Worry, Be Happy (news around ECUSA summed up), Christopher Johnson, 11/22/2005
Orthodox rector receives Pastoral Direction from Florida Bishop ("cease and desist"), VirtueOnline-News, 11/22/2005
Churches unlikely to pass motion adding primates to ACC, says chair, Marites N. Sison, The Anglican Journal, 11/22/2005
News From Changing Attitude Nigeria , Father Jake Stops the World, 11/22/2005
Hmong refugees received in first for Anglican Communion, Episcopal News Service, 11/21/2005
Virginia Parish Leaves ECUSA, Pastor Awaits Possible Reprisal (South Riding), Agape Press, 11/21/2005
Projection (Frank Griswold), Christopher Johnson, 11/21/2005
Have Cake -- Eat It Too! [Diocese of Rochester resolution fisked], Laurie Swain, Moving Mountains, 11/21/2005
Sunday Next Before Advent, Anglicans Online, 11/20/2005
An Episcopal Love Story (NYT now covering gay marriages), NYT, 11/20/2005
Dark Horse [for ECUSA Presiding Bishop], Christopher Johnson, 11/20/2005
St. Peter's Now 'Full Member in the Anglican Communion': "ECUSA's exclusive franchise... is over", VirtueOnline-News, 11/20/2005
Taskforce of lawyers ready for Anglican split, American Anglican Council, 11/20/2005
An extinct parish celebrates the Eucharist, Douglas LeBlanc, 11/20/2005
Bishop J.C. Ryle on "The Importance of Counting the Cost" , Prydain, 11/20/2005
The Episcopal Whisperer, Kudzu, Doug Marlette, 11/17-19/2005
Dispensing with the Branch Theory, Canon John H Heidt, 11/19/2005
Comes the Dawn [Anglican lines shifting], Christopher Johnson, 11/19/2005
The 39 Articles and Reformation Anglicanism, Ashley Null, Global South Institute, 11/19/2005
On Lancelot Andrewes, Arthur Middleton, 11/19/2005
Let Wo[men] be Wo[men], The Rev'd Dr. Peter Toon, 11/19/2005
Bishop Iker's Convention Sermon, Apostolicity, 11/19/2005
The Rev. William Klock: "Our Heavenly Hope" , Prydain, 11/19/2005
Archbishop of Canterbury urged to rethink stand, New Hampshire Union Leader/AP, 11/18/2005
La Trahison Des Archevêques? [Anglican rebellion started? no], Christopher Johnson, 11/18/2005
The Case For Disestablishing the Church of England, Simon Barrow, Jonathan Bartley and Ekklesia, 11/18/2005
England: Women Bishops, The Rev. David Phillips, Church Society, 11/18/2005
Anglicanism – what kind of future?, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 11/18/2005
Fort Worth Via Media Rips Anglo-Catholic Bishop, VirtueOnline-News, 11/17/2005
Endgame [ECUSA], Christopher Johnson, 11/17/2005
Forward in Faith welcomes Williams' Call for Structural Change, VirtueOnline-News, 11/17/2005
Women’s Ordination and the Church’s Order, Ephraim Radner, 11/17/2005
Church of England Synod Hears Warnings on Anglican Split Over Gay Priests, American Anglican Council, 11/17/2005
US conservatives told its time to decide, George Conger, 11/17/2005
Endtimes, Jack White, Captain Yips Secret Journal, 11/17/2005
Bishop J.C. Ryle on the cost of being a Christian , Prydain, 11/17/2005
A Covenant Between The Church of Nigeria and the REC and the APA, titusonenine, 11/16/2005
The miracle of CANA continues!, Archbishop Peter J. Akinola, 11/16/2005
Running Scared, Christopher Johnson, 11/16/2005
Average Sunday Attendance Falls for Third Straight Year [ECUSA], The Living Church Foundation, 11/16/2005
Network Bishops to Discuss Nigerian Archbishop's Call, Auburn Faber Traycik, 11/16/2005
Crisis Facing Communion is Crisis of Biblical Authority, Say Primates, VirtueOnline-News, 11/16/2005
"Hope and a Future" at Pittsburgh Reflections, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 11/16/2005
"Anglicans were Blind but now they see," Bishop Robinson Cavilcanti, VirtueOnline-News, 11/16/2005
The Rev. Benjamin Bernier: "Bound for Glory" , Prydain, 11/16/2005
Under Pressure [ECUSA Bishop Chane], Christopher Johnson, 11/15/2005
Put Not Your Trust in Windsor , The Rt. Rev. Prof. Stephen Noll, 11/15/2005
South Riding Church Disaffiliates from the Episcopal Church, Joins Anglican Province of Uganda, titusonenine, 11/15/2005
I am an Anglo-Catholic, The Rt. Revd K.L. Ackerman, SSC, 11/15/2005
Communiqué from The Anglican Old Catholic International Co-ordinating Council, Anglican Communion News Service, 11/15/2005
The Rev. Charles Camlin: a sermon on Rev. 7 for All Saints' , Prydain, 11/15/2005
When Anglicans, Catholics switch churches, what happens to dialogue?, Catholic News Service, 11/14/2005
The Peculiar Peculations of PECUSA, The American Spectator, 11/14/2005
Laodiceans [Desmond Tutu], Christopher Johnson, 11/14/2005
Another Episcopal priest swims the Tiber, James Cavanagh, 11/14/2005
Global South Anglican [blog], Meam Commemorationem, 11/14/2005
A Round-up of all the News from Pittsburgh, titusonenine, 11/13/2005
Priest, deacons ordained to serve Episcopal splitoffs, Ann Rodgers, 11/13/2005
Dr. Stephen Noll on Abp. Akinola's statement in Pittsburgh , Prydain, 11/13/2005
Hope & A Future Conference Wrap-Up, Uncle Dino's Observations in Black and White, 11/13/2005
Courting Divorce, 11/13/2005
Lecture 1 in Abp Jensen's Boyer Lectures on Jesus , Prydain, 11/13/2005
Split possible in U.S. Episcopal church, ScienceDaily, 11/12/2005
Ordination a skirmish in Anglican war, ScienceDaily, 11/12/2005
Home Stretch [analysis of ECUSA's future], Christopher Johnson, 11/12/2005
Conservative Episcopalians Warn Church That It Must Change Course or Face Split , VirtueOnline-News, 11/12/2005
Archbishop Gomez: Decision Will be Made by Primates, Greg Griffith, 11/12/2005
The Rev. Canon James T. Payne: sermon for Trinity 24 , Prydain, 11/12/2005
Gay marriage 'inquisition' looms (CofE), Ruth Gledhill, 11/11/2005
Spain's Anglicans Celebrate Milestone in Salamanca, Anglican Communion News Service, 11/11/2005
A Round-up of all the News from Pittsburgh, titusonenine, 11/11/2005
Oh, That Gay Agenda, Part II, Greg Griffith, 11/11/2005
'I can't be unmade a bishop,' says Robinson , VirtueOnline-News, 11/11/2005
Changes [Womens' Ordination], Christopher Johnson, 11/11/2005
Clergy cloak details of break with church, American Anglican Council, 11/11/2005
Anglican Bishops Urge Split, American Anglican Council, 11/11/2005
Antecedents of the Book of Common Prayer: Part III, The Rev. Alice C. Linsley, 11/11/2005
The Rev. William Klock: "Heavenly Colonists", Prydain, 11/11/2005
Gay Episcopal bishop denies encouraging Catholics to leave their church, NC Times, 11/10/2005
Four Ohio area parishes split from the national church, titusonenine, 11/10/2005
Episcopal traditionalists convene, titusonenine, 11/10/2005
Questions asked of the Archbishop of Canterbury at the Global South to South Encounter in Egypt, titusonenine, 11/10/2005
"This House believes that a homosexual lifestyle is no bar to becoming a Bishop", VirtueOnline-News, 11/09/2005
Yammering, Christopher Johnson, 11/09/2005
(Answers to the) Questions to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Global South Anglican, 11/09/2005
Central Florida Bishop Responds to Dr. Sanders, +John Howe, 11/08/2005
Bishop J. C. Ryle: "True Christianity is a fight." , Prydain, 11/08/2005
Via Media is "Final Solution" For Orthodox in ECUSA, +John-David Schofield, 11/07/2005
Antecedents of the Book of Common Prayer (I & II), The Rev. Alice Linsley, 11/07/2005
A Letter from a Former Episcopalian, The Rev. Canon Kendall Harmon, 11/07/2005
Red Banner (New Westminster), Christopher Johnson, 11/06/2005
The Pot-Kettle Dialogues, Christopher Johnson, 11/06/2005
My Way Or The Highway, Christopher Johnson, 11/06/2005
Protecting the Roots, The Rev. Hugh Edsall, 11/06/2005
Dr. Peter Toon on "High Church Evangelical" Anglicans , Prydain, 11/06/2005
Gay [ECUSA] bishop attacks Catholic stand, BBC News, 11/06/2005
Episcopals Avoid Vote on Same-Sex Blessings (MA), 11/05/2005
"The Blessed State of Being Forgiven" (sermon), The Rev. Charles Camlin, 11/05/2005
St. John’s, Bristol, Vestry Replaced, The Living Church Foundation, 11/04/2005
ECUSA Bishops Plan For Property Disputes, VirtueOnline-News, 11/04/2005
Should One Remain an Episcopalian? - A Personal Testimony, The Rev. Dr. Robert Sanders, 11/04/2005
No need to dumb down because we start from a low point, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 11/04/2005
What Has Become of the Daily Office?, The Rev. Alice Linsley,, 11/03/2005
IHS, The Rev. Dr. Leander Harding, 11/02/2005
The FCC/AFDV Conference, "The Affirmation of St. Louis: Seeking A Path To Reconciliation & Unity", The Christian Challenge, 11/2005

October 2005:
Conversion, Christopher Johnson, 10/31/2005
Conservative Anglicans rap liberal faction, 10/31/2005
The Third Anglican Global South to South Encounter Communique, The Christian Challenge, 10/30/2005
Sermon this Sunday at Christ the Victor Episcopal Church (Chicago), 10/30/2005
Top Of The Hill?, Christopher Johnson, 10/30/2005
Bishop J.C. Ryle on the evidence of sanctification , Prydain, 10/30/2005
Unity Meeting, The Continuing Anglican Churchman, 10/29/2005
Comes The Dawn?, Christopher Johnson, 10/28/2005
Court Rules in Favor of Breakaway Episcopal Churches, American Anglican Council, 10/28/2005
Rowan urges split church to keep talking, American Anglican Council, 10/28/2005
Frank’s Other Blind Spot, Bill Boniface, 10/27/2005
Statistics of Provinces of the Anglican Communion. , Anglican Mainstream, 10/27/2005
Vicar of Calvary Anglican Church in Florida Writes to His Parish, The Rev. David Sandifer, 10/27/2005
Letter from Bishop Howard to His Diocese [and response], The Right Rev. Samuel Johnson Howard, 10/27/2005
J.C. Ryle on Sanctification , Prydain, 10/27/2005
Korea’s Anglicans welcome Presiding Bishop, collaboration on reunification [spin alert], titusonenine, 10/27/2005
The Anglican Alliance of North Florida Press Release, 10/27/2005
Nigerian Churches Tell West to Practice What It Preached on Gays, Craig Timberg, 10/27/2005
FurReel (ECUSA), Christopher Johnson, 10/27/2005
Proposed VT Diocese Resolution Supports Episcopal Coalition to Abolish Biblical Literalism (ECABL), titusonenine, 10/27/2005
A Look Back To 2003 - I Was In Hell - by a Gay Episcopalian Turned Orthodox, Drell's Descants, 10/27/2005
Panel of Reference Awaits Referral (crickets chirping...), The Living Church Foundation, 10/26/2005
Have we as Anglicans in the West lost confidence in The Anglican Way?, The Rev'd Dr. Peter Toon, 10/26/2005
The final hours of Bishops Latimer and Ridley, Andrew Atherstone, 10/26/2005
Unity Among Orthodox Anglicans: How Do We Get There From Here?, Auburn Faber Traycik, 10/25/2005
Sermons as Standards of Faith, The Rev'd Dr. Peter Toon, 10/25/2005
And now... Idiots (Korea -- warning: graphic!), Christopher Johnson, 10/25/2005
Gays and the Future of Anglicanism (book review), Chris Sugden, 10/26/2005
Minas Tirith (ECUSA's "Via 'Media'"), Christopher Johnson, 10/25/2005
Further from Bishop J.C. Ryle on "Holiness" , Prydain, 10/25/2005
And Now... Idiots (ECUSA's Griswold and North Korea - graphic), Christopher Johnson, 10/25/2005
Licking Their Chops (Via Media), Greg Griffith, Southern Anglican, 10/24/2005
[CT] Vestry of St. John's Bristol responds to Bishop Smith, David Thompson & William Witt, 10/24/2005
Episcopal bishop to resign as leader of Norfolk-based diocese, Virginian-Pilot, 10/23/2005
Episcopal group plots takeover, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 10/23/2005
(Episcopal) Diocese recommends priests be allowed to perform civil unions, Newsday, 10/22/2005
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Put Not Your Trust in Windsor, The Rev. Prof. Stephen Noll, 10/22/2005
P.B. Says Special Commission will Move Church Forward on Windsor Report, titusonenine, 10/22/2005
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Myers to aid priest conversions: His office helps Episcopal Clergy become Catholic, ncr news, 10/19/2005
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Anglican leader says praying like sunbathing, The Waffling Anglican, 10/18/2005
New [1928 BCP] Altar Book in Production, The Rev'd Dr. Peter Toon, 10/18/2005
Farewell song to ECUSA, The Waffling Anglican, 10/17/2005
Nigerian Archbishop To Address International Anglican Conference, The Connecticut 6, 10/17/2005
Nigeria and the Anglican Communion , VirtueOnline-News, 10/17/2005
Stones, Christopher Johnson, 10/17/2005
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An excerpt from "Holiness" by Bishop J.C. Ryle, Prydain, 10/16/2005
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450th Anniversary of the Oxford Martyrs , Anglican Mainstream, 10/16/2005
Broken Clocks, Christopher Johnson, 10/15/2005
Church Society blasts Griswold and ARCIC over Mary, David Virtue, 10/15/2005
Worldly word: New Bible texts translate the Bible away, World, 10/15/2005
Florida Episcopal Priest Nick Marziani departs for Rome, titusonenine, 10/14/2005
Packing Them In at the National Cathedral, Uncle Dino's Observations in Black and White, 10/14/2005
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A Call to Our Primates, Anglican Communion Institute, 10/14/2005
Bishop of Liverpool Cites The Disciple Who Jesus Loved and David and Jonathan to Justify Same Sex Relations Biblically, Drell's Descants, 10/14/2005
Anglican leaders in Central and Latin America create Global Center in opposition to Global South (+update), American Anglican Council, 10/14/2005
"Baptism as the Pattern for Christian Living" , The Rev. Charles Camlin, 10/14/2005
Traditionalists seek legal protection, The Church of England Newspaper, 10/14/2005
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La, La, La, I Can't Hear You (ECUSA to AC), Christopher Johnson, 10/13/2005
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While Rome Burns (Australia, Nigeria, and Panel of Reference), Christopher Johnson, 10/13/2005
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Executive Council Opposes Israel Divestment, The Living Church Foundation, 10/13/2005
Reform and be renewed from within? Or depart to be Reformed & Renewed outside?, The Rev'd Dr. Peter Toon, 10/13/2005
Church Mission Statements Reveal Hearts Of What They Believe, David W. Virtue, 10/13/2005
Sydney: Church in 'crisis' on gays: Constitutional change sought, Jill Rowbotham, The Australian, 10/13/2005
Nottingham Observers Report to Executive Council, The Living Church Foundation, 10/12/2005
Churches near last rites, says Carey, Andrew Carey, 10/12/2005
More on Ecclesiology: Truth Comes First, Mark Marshall, 10/12/2005
Is Frank [Griswold] a Mormon?, Captain Yips Secret Journal, 10/12/2005
Vatican Synod of Bishops - Presentations by Anglican and Lutheran Representatives, 10/11/2005
Where is the hold-up in the Panel of Reference?, David Ould, 10/11/2005
"Help your church grow" report now available (6+MB PDF, not good for dialup), Anglican Mainstream, 10/11/2005
We're So Sorry, So Sorry, Christopher Johnson, 10/11/2005
A journey to a far country, Mr. Robert Tong, 10/11/2005
Presidential Address Archbishop Peter Jensen 2005, 10/11/2005
Reform Ireland Statement on Nigeria and Realignment, 10/10/2005
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Staying together or walking together, Vinay Samuel and Chris Sugden, 10/08/2005
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The Insurrection of the Chieftains, Bishop Sergio Carranza, 10/07/2005
No Change in Marriage Teaching, Archbishop of Canterbury Pledges, The Living Church Foundation, 10/07/2005
Liberals launch bid to exercise control of new General Synod in national elections, The Church of England Newspaper, 10/07/2005
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Two online resources on the Thirty-Nine Articles , Prydain, 10/06/2005
Land Acquired for Church Center in Qatar, The Living Church Foundation, 10/05/2005
Eames delivers second lecture on Communion at Virginia seminary, titusonenine, 10/05/2005
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Well, It Ain’t Just Us - Catholics and Baptists Face Similar Problems To The Episcopal Church’s, Brad Drell, 10/05/2005
Catholic Church no longer swears by truth of the Bible, Ruth Gledhill, 10/04/2005
St. John's Episcopal splinters (Tallahassee FL), Gerald Ensley, 10/04/2005
Casuistry, Christopher Johnson, 10/04/2005
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California Diocese Lost Property Fight, Uncle Dino's Observations in Black and White, 10/01/2005

September 2005:
Inhibited Connecticut Priest Resigns, VirtueOnline-News, 9/30/2005
Where Your Treasure Is, Christopher Johnson, 9/30/2005
Bishops Form Property Task Force, American Anglican Council, 9/30/2005
Press Briefing by The Most Rev'd Peter Akinola, American Anglican Council, 9/30/2005
IRAQ: Anglican leadership in Iraq feared dead, VirtueOnline-News, 9/29/2005
House of Bishops Concludes Puerto Rico Meeting, American Anglican Council, 9/29/2005
Southern Cone Primate Accepts Rejected Brazilian Bishop and Clergy, VirtueOnline-News, 9/29/2005
Requiem for a Sentiment, RatherNotBlog, 9/28/2005
CT 5 File Lawsuit Against Bishops Smith and Griswold, VirtueOnline-News, 9/28/2005
13 Network Bishops urge Griswold to act against CT Bishop, VirtueOnline-News, 9/28/2005
Evangelical Alliance Condemns Ordination of Transsexual in Church of England, The CT 6, 9/28/2005
The Authority and Interpretation of Scripture in Anglican Tradition, Fr. John Heidt, 9/27/2005
The Rev. Samuel Edwards: third in a series on the Nicene Creed, The Rev. Samuel Edwards, 9/26/2005
Inclusivity, Fr. Christopher Cantrell, 9/24/2005
Traditional Anglican Communion seeks unity with Rome, VirtueOnline-News, 9/24/2005
The Bible Tells Me So [Biblical illiteracy is a shame], Adam Nicholson, 9/23/2005
Gay Bishop Predicts Anglican Church Split, titusonenine + VirtueOnline-News, 9/23/2005
Episcopalianism in the USA – cause for optimism in next decade?, The Rev'd Dr. Peter Toon , 9/23/2005
Nigeria wants a common faith, not a common leader, The Church of England Newspaper, 9/23/2005
The Living Church reports on the Special Commission, The Confessing Reader, 9/22/2005
Letter to Priests and Bishops in Diocese of CT from Bishop Andrew Smith, Bishop Andrew Smith, 9/22/2005
Proposed Resolutions in the Diocese of Connecticut,, titusonenine, 9/22/2005
The Rev. Samuel Edwards: second in a series on the Nicene Creed , Prydain, 9/22/2005
The Temple and the Presence, Greg Griffith, 9/22/2005
On Recovering Anglican Identity, The Rev'd Dr. Peter Toon, 9/22/2005
Presiding Bishop Stacks Special Commission, David Virtue, 9/21/2005
The Awful Scope of the Catastrophe Is Sinking In, The Rev'd Jerry and Stacy Kramer, 9/21/2005
Canada[sic] Anglicans won't change policy on gays, Randall Palmer, 9/21/2005
The Revenge of Conscience, Pontifications, 9/20/2005
A Prayer before Logging onto the Internet, GadgetVicar, 9/20/2005
Episcopal bishop rejects Nigerian criticism on gays, Ekklesia Society, 9/20/2005
Judge: Episcopal diocese must pay legal fees for defecting congregation , Layman Online, 9/20/2005
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Conflicting Court Rulings Muddy Recife Controversy, The Living Church Foundation, 9/20/2005
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Protection Racket, Christopher Johnson, 9/19/2005
Sauce for the Goose or, What a Difference a Year Makes, RatherNotBlog, 9/18/2005
Stench (Diocese of Central New York), Christopher Johnson, 9/18/2005
Nigerian Church breaks with Canterbury over gay rights, Ruth Gledhill, 9/17/2005
Clerics rally for same-sex marriages, Makeba Scott Hunter, 9/17/2005
Global South won't split Communion, says ++Venables , The Church Times, 9/16/2005
Light of Christ Anglican Church Lights Up Atlanta Suburb, David W. Virtue, 9/16/2005
Anglican church is not splitting - Nigerian archbishop , VirtueOnline-News, 9/15/2005
Todd Wilken: "Bible-Believing Liberals" , Prydain, 9/15/2005
The Rev. William Klock: "The God of Comfort" , Prydain, 9/15/2005
Blueprint of Belief: The Nicene Creed, Sermon I: To believe in one God, Prydain, 9/14/2005
Boom Goes The Dynamite, Christopher Johnson, 9/13/2005
Texas: Coalition formed to fight revisionist bishop, VirtueOnline-News, 9/13/2005
An Open Letter to the Episcopal Church from the Bishop of Quincy, The Rt. Revd Keith L. Ackerman , 9/12/2005
Frankie Does Recon, Christopher Johnson, 9/12/2005
Fr. George Conger Weighs In On "Africans set to found rival Anglican church", Drell's Descants, 9/12/2005
Showdown?, Christopher Johnson , 9/12/2005
Os Guinness on the Episcopal Church - “Kissing Judases”, Drell's Descants, 9/12/2005
A Reflection on Forgiveness, The Rt. Rev. Jack Leo Iker, 9/11/2005
Tick, Tick, Tick..., Christopher Johnson, 9/11/2005
Anglican Church of Nigeria Synod Commences with 'The Body of Christ', Christian Today, 9/10/2005
FL Priest Responds to Bishop's Refusal of AEO (warning -- formatting lost, long), VirtueOnline-News, 9/10/2005
Africans set to found rival Anglican church , VirtueOnline-News, 9/10/2005
On the Sunny Side of the (Flooded) Street, Christopher Johnson, 9/10/2005
Loyalty --- is it a good thing for ECUSA clergy & laity?, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 9/09/2005
Orthodox Anglican Archbishops Affirm Communion Is "Broken And Fragmented", David Virtue, 9/09/2005
Akinola blocks Brazil from Global South meeting, Church Times, 9/09/2005
Politicization of the Gospel – is it only the progressives who do it!, The Rev'd Dr. Peter Toon, 9/09/2005
Peter Toon’s AVAILABILITY, The Rev'd Dr. Peter Toon, 9/09/2005
What Was He Thinking? (bad taste), Apostolicity, 9/09/2005
Anglican Archbishops honoured, American Anglican Council, 9/09/2005
Statement by the Bishop of Bolivia on Holy Apostles’ Church (Elizabethtown, KY), American Anglican Council, 9/09/2005
Jerry and Stacy Kramer: Louisiana 9 September 2005 AD, titusonenine, 9/09/2005
The Pirates of Penance, Father Jake Stops the World , 9/09/2005
Storm Should Spur Church Unity, Presiding Bishop Says, The Living Church Foundation, 9/09/2005
Former Senator Danforth: Same-Sex Blessings Not Marriages, The Living Church Foundation, 9/09/2005
Sermon for Trinity 15 - Our Godly Devotion, The Rev. William Klock, Prydain, 9/08/2005
African archbishops fault church on gays, Richard N. Ostling, 9/08/2005
Drama Queen, Greg Griffith, 9/08/2005
Out of Deep Waters: Louisiana church provides radical hospitality to evacuees, titusonenine, 9/07/2005
Most New Orleans Parishes Spared Destruction, The Living Church Foundation, 9/07/2005
Devastated Mississippi Parishes Regroup in Faith, The Living Church Foundation, 9/07/2005
A light in the darkness, Melanie Phillips' Diary, 9/07/2005
Best Anglican Blogs (vote!), All Too Common, 9/06/2005
HOUSTON: My Experience at the Astrodome, Howard Castleberry, 9/06/2005
Jim Jordan on Louie Crew’s move to cancel GC2006, Drell's Descants, 9/06/2005
Jerry and Stacy Kramer: Paddling in New Orleans, titusonenine, 9/06/2005
The Corrupted Church: A Comment on the Pragmatism of To Set Our Hope On Christ, Ephraim Radner, 9/06/2005
Resilient Mississippi Episcopalians determined to rebuild Gulf Coast congregations, VirtueOnline-News, 9/06/2005
Biloxi, MS: Services offering solace, fellowship and hope, VirtueOnline-News, 9/06/2005
The Rev. Samuel Edwards: sermon for Trinity 15 , Prydain, 9/06/2005
AAC Partners with Georgia Church to Deliver Relief Supplies, American Anglican Council, 9/06/2005
Archbishop of Canterbury - Elderly Deserve Protection, Rowan Williams, 9/06/2005
Home From USP Pollock [Kairos], Brad Drell, 9/06/2005
A True Hearing (2nd Edition) Launched, Anglican Mainstream, 9/06/2005
Durham Cathedral name change, Meam Commemorationem, 9/06/2005
Who will speak up for the Arab Christians?, Melanie Phillips' Diary, 9/05/2005
Katrina, 2 Corinthians, and Giving, Richard Kew, 9/05/2005
America's Pompeii, Peter Glover, 9/05/2005
Dueling Deities [diversions], The Living Church Foundation, 9/04/2005
The church building, Anglicans Online, 9/04/2005
You are inhuman, Akinola tells [Nigerian president] Obasanjo, Segun Adeleye, 9/04/2005
Christ Episcopal Church Hit By Hurricane Katrina [Bay St. Louis MS: before & after pictures], Christ Episcopal Church website, 9/04/2005
Captions Contest Runoff [Anglican, humor], All Too Common, 9/04/2005
Classical Anglicanism and Me, Randall Foster, 9/03/2005
New report identifies British church on 'road to doom', Peter C. Glover, 9/03/2005
Thoughts on Surviving Katrina, Jennie Olbrych , 9/03/2005
Faith Survives the Storm, Kat Bergeron, 9/03/2005
New Orleans: 29 Parish Families still Missing says Episcopal Priest, The Rev. Jerry Kramer, 9/03/2005
The Rev. William Klock: "The Godly Virtue of Purity" , Prydain, 9/03/2005
[Episcopal] Hurricane Message Center Up and Running, Greg Griffith, 9/03/2005
Incense and Insensibility (cont.), The Connecticut Six, 9/03/2005
Moving Mountains Conference Sept. 17th [ECUSA WV orthodox], Moving Mountains (Stand Firm WV), 9/02/2005
Charles Leggett is Safe (don't ask, just read), Stand Firm [MS], 9/02/2005
Facilitator for Listening Process on Human Sexuality Sought, The Living Church Foundation, 9/02/2005
Diocese of Louisiana: Little to No Word on Damages, The Living Church Foundation, 9/02/2005
Katrina and How Others See Us, Richard Kew, 9/02/2005
Former REC Clergyman Murdered, Meam Commemorationem, 9/02/2005
Skoda ad agency gives the Church a push [CofE], VirtueOnline-News, 9/02/2005
Recessional (C of E), Midwest Conservative Journal, 9/02/2005
The Rev. Paul Howden: "The Catholicity of the Reformation" , Prydain, 9/02/2005
Thoughts from a Deposed Recife Priest, The Reverend Marcus O. Throup, 9/02/2005
Donate a Bible, titusonenine, 9/01/2005
Hurricane Katrina: The Anglican and Middle Eastern Approach to Refugees, Clueless Christian, 9/01/2005
Statement of the Recife32 So That The World May Know, American Anglican Council , 9/01/2005
Cupcakes and Puppy Dogs [Gene Robinson's sunny disposition], Christopher Johnson, 9/01/2005
Western Louisiana Responds to Katrina (a witness to a Muslim), The Living Church Foundation, 9/01/2005
Is this what defines a Christian?, The Confessing Reader, 9/01/2005
New Orleans: Episcopal Priest tells horror story of riots and more, The Rev. Jerry Kramer, 9/01/2005
Louie Crew - Thinking Outside the Flooded Box, Drell's Descants, 9/01/2005
Approaching Christ through Liturgy, Bryan Findlayson, 9/01/2005
UK: Farewell, Church of England?, Peter Mullen, 9/2005

August 2005:
The AAC Launches Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort, American Anglican Council, 8/31/2005
A Prayer for Saint Aidan’s Day, titusonenine, 8/31/2005
St. Aidan of Lindisfarne, Bishop, TexAnglican, 8/31/2005
Prayer Alert - Hurricane Katrina Aftermath, The Presidential Prayer Team, 8/31/2005
St. Gabriel’s Angel Food Ministry supporting Katrina Victims, Episcoblog, 8/31/2005
Six Coastal Mississippi Churches Demolished (ECUSA, all but 2 clergy confirmed okay), The Living Church Foundation, 8/31/2005
Special Appeal as Northwest Texas Faces Funding Crunch, The Living Church Foundation, 8/31/2005
Article Links on Hurricane Katrina's Aftermath, multiple sources, 8/31/2005
”Hear what the Spirit is saying to the Churches.”, Mark Marshall, 8/31/2005
A Matter of Righteousness (ECUSA and Israel), Brig. Gen. Geoffrey Cheadle, USAF (ret.), 8/30/2005
Aidan Nichols,OP: Shadow Theology, titusonenine, 8/30/2005
Episcopal High School Promotes Gay Sex Book , David Virtue, 8/30/2005
Shall We Still Protest? (Turning Romeward? Not an Option), The Very Rev. Dr.theol. Paul F.M. Zahl, 8/30/2005
Touch 'Em All (on universalist tendencies), Christopher Johnson, 8/30/2005
Episcopal Bishop Facing Charges from Subordinate Congregations, AgapePress, 8/30/2005
Information from Deacon Gene: Is Homosexuality Curable?, Drell's Descants, 8/30/2005
Sacred Agenda (homosexual), Waterbury Republican-American, 8/30/2005
As We Forgive Others, Ted Schroder, 8/29/2005
The way to empty pews, The Telegraph, 8/29/2005
LONDON: Black bishop attacks Church racism , Jonathan Petre, 8/29/2005
Private Judgement, Christopher Johnson, 8/29/2005
The Fifth Jack (Malawi consecration postponed), Christopher Johnson, 8/29/2005
The Plight of African Christians, Drell's Descants, 8/29/2005
The [Roman] Catholic Church, AllTooCommon, 8/29/2005
Bishops Support Evolution Petition, The Living Church Foundation, 8/29/2005
“Godcasting”, RatherNotBlog, 8/29/2005
Bible, Tradition, Reason and....., GadgetVicar, 8/29/2005
The Antinomian Episcopal Church, Al Kimel, 8/28/2005
Prayer for those in Hurricane Katrina’s path, Lent & Beyond, 8/28/2005
Episcopal Cleric has ecological sermon: Save the earth as well as souls, Colleen Diskin, 8/28/2005
The Anglican Communion: Progress To Regress?, The Christian Challenge, 8/27/2005
Pan-American, Pan-Anglican, The Christian Challenge, 8/27/2005
News of the Weird, Focus, and Bonus Material, The Christian Challenge, 8/27/2005
Integrity: Let's Support Cindy Sheehan, Stand Firm [MS], 8/27/2005
Feeling the Inclusive Love at the NatCat in October 2005, Uncle Dino's Observations in Black and White, 8/27/2005
Declining numbers challenge Episcopalians, Julie Birkedal, 8/27/2005
Big Brother, Catholic Theologian, RatherNotBlog, 8/27/2005
(Anglican) Church aims to reverse 'exclusivist' tendencies , Charles Enman, 8/28/2005
A Christian Case for Gay Marriage?, Albert Mohler, 8/26/2005
The Revisionist Nightmare, Alvin Kimel, 8/26/2005
Western Attempt To Drive Pansexuality Into Africa Stalls, David Virtue, 8/26/2005
Revisionist Mindsets, The Waffling Anglican, 8/26/2005
Diocesan Council in Springfield Approves Relationship With Recife, The Living Church Foundation, 8/26/2005
Trial of Harare bishop collapses in farce, Peta Thornycroft, The Telegraph, 8/26/2005
San Antonio Conference announced, The Anglican Communion Institute, 8/26/2005
Continuing Anglican Smackdown!, Mark Marshall, 8/25/2005
FiF North America National Assembly announced, FiFNA, 8/25/2005
Heresy, Christopher Johnson, 8/25/2005
Baby Bunnies and Chocolate Chip Cookies (Anglican strife), Christopher Johnson, 8/25/2005
You and Me, John (are responsible), Greg Griffith, 8/25/2005
Michael Green's US mission, The Rev. George Conger, 8/25/2005
A Response to Michael Russell (on "A Plea to All ECUSA Members..."), Ephraim Radner, 8/25/2005
Formal Charges Lodged Against Connecticut Bishop, The Living Church Foundation/ Drell's Descants , 8/25/2005
What if the Future is Different than we Think?, The Very Rev. Dr. Paul Zahl, 8/25/2005
The High Life of Florida Bishop Samuel Johnson Howard, David Virtue, 8/25/2005
Action Against Clergy in Recife, The Rev. Estevao Menezes Chiappetta, 8/25/2005
We’re All Crusty, Now (on "tolerance"), CaNN News Editor, 8/25/2005
Group: Bishop Broke Church Law (Fr. Ron Gauss on Connecticut Assessments), American Anglican Council/Drell's Descants, 8/25/2005
The Western Front (CT), Christopher Johnson, 8/24/2005
Connecticut Six file formal charges against bishop (Review Committee particulars), via Thinking Anglicans, 8/24/2005
Introducing....the Freaky Frontal Contest!, Anglo-Catholic Ruminations, 8/24/2005
Can anything good come out of nazareth? come and see. (Bartholomew), whitehall, 8/24/2005
Read the Charges against Bishop Smith [a lawyer's take], Brad Drell, 8/24/2005
Clergy and Church Members in ECUSA Diocese of CT File Formal Charges Against Bishop, Cynthia P. Brust, (titusonenine + VirtueOnline-News), 8/24/2005
Church court puts Anglican bishop of Harare on trial, Peta Thornycroft, The Telegraph, 8/24/2005
Anglican Glory Days?, Meam Commemorationem, 8/24/2005
Feast of St. Bartholomew, Meam Commemorationem, 8/24/2005
Reality Check [TLC interview w/+Howe], Christopher Johnson, 8/23/2005
News on GC2006 [new committee], Brad Drell, 8/23/2005
WV Anglicans join AAC, Laurie Swain, 8/23/2005
Bishop Howard’s “Letter of Agreement” illustrates the problem of staying in ECUSA, Mark Marshall, 8/23/2005
Whatever Happened to Charismatic Renewal?, Richard Kew, 8/23/2005
Inclusive Church: Pay Up or Shut Up, Stand Firm (MS), 8/23/2005
Border Reivers , Christopher Johnson, 8/22/2005
A Plea to All ECUSA Members: "We are at a Crossroads", The Anglican Communion Institute, 8/22/2005
ZZZZZZ... [Florida Episcopal parishes appeal to the Panel of Reference], Christopher Johnson, 8/22/2005
New "Letter of Agreement" for Clergy and Vestries in Diocese of Florida [Warning], American Anglican Council, 8/22/2005
Strange, but true: the lack of Scripture reading in evangelical worship , Mark Marshall, 8/22/2005
No Drive-Thru Eucharist Here, The Living Church Foundation, 8/22/2005
We've Had Dessert [a pamphlet specifically for Episcopalians], Brad Drell, 8/21/2005
Blog Rodent on the AMIA - Tasty Bread and Tradition, Brad Drell, 8/21/2005
An Ordination Sermon by Canon John Heidt, a worker in the vineyard, 8/21/2005
Father Lee Nelson Ordained, Randall Foster, TexAnglican, 8/21/2005
Conference on North American Anglicanism: "Hope and a Future" , Prydain, 8/21/2005
Gerry O’Brien: Synod Insider, titusonenine, 8/21/2005
There's a meetin' there, in a tent, to set down Episcopalian tenets, Kat Bergeron, 8/19/2005
Ithilien’s Contarini on Protestantism, The Confessing Reader, 8/19/2005
Millennium Development Goals: Episcopalians note progress, Episcopal News Service, 8/19/2005
Civil Partnerships, Andrew Carey, 8/19/2005
Differences Exposed, The Rev. Kevin Bond Allen, 8/19/2005
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Episcopal Diocese of L. A. has self-inflicted egg on face, Mark Marshall, 8/15/2005
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Bishop-Controlled Church Wants Control of Reins Again, Jim Brown, 8/15/2005
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Native Anglicans to see national indigenous bishop, Anglican Journal [Canada] , 8/12/2005
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6 churches await decision on oversight, Jeff Brumley, 8/12/2005
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July 2005:
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The Best Defense, Captain Yips Secret Journal, 7/29/2005
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Council Authorizes Legal Aid to Dioceses [against parishes], The Living Church Foundation, 7/29/2005
Father Mark Hansen Formally Denies Inhibition Charges, American Anglican Council, 7/29/2005
Noose Tightens Around ECUSA And Revisionist Diocesan Bishop, David Virtue, 7/29/2005
From Anglican to married Catholic priest, Gregory Elder, 7/28/2005
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C of E Bishops on Women Bishops, 7/02/2005
Proof that I really am an "Evangelical Catholic" (online quiz), Randall Foster, 7/02/2005
Inclusive Church comment on the ACC, 7/02/2005
Now global warming is a mortal sin, Linda Morris, 7/02/2005
Former Archbishop of Canterbury to be D.C. Curate, 7/02/2005
Kenyan Anglicans cut links with US church, Samwel Rambaya, 7/02/2005
Now global warming is a mortal sin, Linda Morris, 7/02/2005
FiF UK reacts to Bishops' letter [Consecrating women bishops], Geoffrey Kirk, 7/01/2005
N.T. Wrights and Wrongs, Douglas Wilson, 7/01/2005
Women Bishops and the C of E, Meam Commemorationem, 7/01/2005
Excuse Me While I Rant..., Jackie Bruchi [Stand Firm LA], 7/01/2005
Israel brings out the stupid in the ACC, Mark Marshall, 7/01/2005
What is Anglicanism? , The Rev. Charles Erlandson, 7/01/2005
Bishop warns of global climate crisis [Useful Fool alert], The Church of England Newspaper, 7/01/2005
Plight of Iraqi Christians 'more precarious than ever', The Church of England Newspaper, 7/01/2005
Decoding The Da Vinci Code: The Challenge of Historic Christianity to Post-Modern Fantasy, N.T. Wright, Summer 2005

June 2005:
The Future of Tradition (and marriage), Lee Harris, 6/2005
Just Who Are the Anglican Peace and Justice Network?, Greg Griffith, 6/30/2005
ACC’s Sanctimonious Claptrap, Andrew Carey, 6/30/2005
Archbishop Carey to serve U.S. parish, Julia Duin, 6/30/2005
Cause Whores [Anglicans, Israel and Palestinians], Christopher Johnson, 6/30/2005
Episcopal Church loses another flagship congregation, Kelli Cottrell, 6/30/2005
Enough support? [on Anglicans and Israel], The Confessing Reader, 6/30/2005
Salvete, Sorores et Fratres Christiani Anglicani, RatherNotBlog, 6/30/2005
REC and APA Meet In Historic Encounter..., David Virtue, 6/30/2005
England: Church urged to refrain from allowing women bishops, 6/30/2005
Reflections on Worship [what Anglicans can bring (back) to Rome], Randall Foster, 6/30/2005
Recifé - Cavalcanti writes to Canterbury , 6/29/2005
Shipwreck and Kingdom: Acts and the Anglican Communion (closing address to the ACC - Must Read!), The Rt. Rev. Dr. N. T. Wright, 6/29/2005
A Decent Churchman Speaks, Melanie Phillips, 6/29/2005
A mixed bag from the ACC, Andrew Carey, 6/29/2005
Episcopal Bishops Hit Anti-Israel Divestment Campaign , 6/29/2005
A church that seems beyond healing (a liberal's perspective) , Muriel Porter, 6/29/2005
"God Is Doing A New Thing", Postmodern Anglican Orthodoxy - Underground, 6/28/2005
The Parable of the Canine and the Carpet, Postmodern Anglican Orthodoxy - Underground, 6/28/2005
The Anti-S Word, Christopher Johnson, 6/28/2005
The Gift That Keeps On Giving, Christopher Johnson, 6/28/2005
African Anglicans Make New Push to Split Over Homosexuality Issue, CNSNews.com , 6/28/2005
'To Set our Hope on Christ': "It Stinks," says orthodox ECUSA theologian, The Rev. Dr. Stephen Noll, 6/28/2005
I Implore You, Please Stop [the ACC on North Korea], Christopher Johnson , 6/28/2005
The Rev. Charles Erlandson: "We have met the enemy...and he is us." , Prydain, 6/28/2005
What the Episcopal Church is offering to the world [Toon on "To Set Our Hope on Christ"], The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 6/27/2005
Experts Warn Houses of Worship at Risk After Court Ruling , Yogita Patel, 6/27/2005
Blowback [Jewish groups and the Anglican Communion], Christopher Johnson, 6/27/2005
David Virtue Responds to AAC President Anderson, 6/27/2005
Gays seen as part of Anglican power struggle, Michael Valpy, 6/27/2005
Anglican council hardens its stance on investment in Israel , Ruth Gledhill, 6/27/2005
Anglican Communion Institute: What Has Happened?, 6/27/2005
The Anglicans lose their way, Melanie Phillips, 6/27/2005 (see also A profile of Melanie Phillips)
The Protestant Left in Lockstep, CaNN News Editor, 6/27/2005
Two missing verses [ECUSA lectionary], Karen B., 6/27/2005
Australian Submission To Panel Of Reference Exposes Promises Unkept To Orthodox, The Rt. Rev. David Moyer, 6/27/2005
Archbishop of Canterbury’s Sermon at the Anglican Consultative Council (A Must Read) , 6/26/2005
Done Deal [ACC disinvestment], Christopher Johnson, 6/26/2005
Touch 'em All [ECUSA and Israel], Christopher Johnson, 6/26/2005
A Position Paper on Scripture, Authority, and Human Sexuality, The Church of Uganda, 6/26/2005
Retain the Bible’s authority in church, Archbishop Peter Jensen, 6/25/2005
Hopes Shattered - A response to ECUSA's "To Set Our Hope on Christ", Reform Ireland, 6/25/2005
Special Message from the President of the AAC (Response to David Virtue), The Rev. Canon David C. Anderson, 6/25/2005
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Dewey, Darwin and Deafness, The Rev. Alice C. Linsley, 6/25/2005
From the Jaws of Victory, Christopher Johnson, 6/25/2004
Reformed Episcopal General Council days 2 and 3, Mark Marshall, 6/25/2004
Kenya: "We have been Disappointed and felt Betrayed", The Rev Dr Samson M Mwaluda, Amos Kiriro, 6/24/2005
More Responses to the North American Presentations, Fr. Christopher Cantrell, 6/24/2005
Shocker -- Local ECUSA Church Does Whatever It Wants, The Penitent Blogger, 6/24/2005
"CAPA Bishops will decide Anglican future. Talk is over.", David Virtue, 6/24/2005
Anglicans Love Terrorists [my disclaimer: not all], Greg Griffiths, 6/24/2005
David Virtue’s Interview with ++Bernard Malango, Brad Drell, 6/24/2005
Whose Name Is It Anyway?, Fr. Leo Michael, 6/23/2005
Day 1 of the REC General Council, tat, infamy, and Dr. Strangelove, Mark Marshall, 6/23/2005
Turning a Red Herring on its Tail... [liberals and AIDS in Africa], Lee, 6/23/2005
Council Somber After Vote to Exclude North Americans, The Rev. George Conger, 6/23/2005
Just a Flesh Wound [Hutchinson on ACC], Christopher Johnson, 6/23/2005
Anglicans target Israel, The Telegraph, 6/23/2005
The Silenced Majority, The Rev. Dr. Leander Harding, 6/23/2005
Province of South East Asia speaks out, 6/23/2005
Anglicans 'expel' Canada, Bob Harvey, 6/23/2005
Author Renounces Anarchist Cookbook [he's Anglican Christian now], WorldNetDaily, 6/23/2005
SE Asia Delegate Says Sexuality Issue Is Dragging Church To Slow Death, David Virtue, 6/23/2005
ECUSA Shameless In Its Defence of a New Gospel, AAC, 6/22/2005
Episcopal Church Delegates Argue Against Scripture, Not From It, Erik Nelson, 6/22/2005
Cleric tells of concerns at same-sex marriages (Northern Ireland), Belfast Telegraph, 6/22/2005
Slug Nutty [liberal take on Nottingham], Christopher Johnson, 6/22/2005
The ACC. A Cartoon View, Dave Walker, 6/22/2005
ACC Suspends North American Churches, The Rev. George Conger, 6/22/2005
Square One [The ACC vote and ECUSA], Christopher Johnson, 6/22/2005
Adding the Primates to the ACC, Prydain, 6/22/2005
hmmm, guess it's not the economy, ECUSA Dollars, 6/21/2005
When GRWS's Attack, Christopher Johnson, 6/21/2005
Christians Are Working-Class Zeroes, Says the New York Times, Dawn Eden, 6/21/2005
Liveblogging the American Team Presentation to the ACC in Nottingham, Kendall Harmon, 6/21/2005
“‘Key messages’ for the Anglican Consultative Council” [Canada], 6/21/2005
CofE's Two Choices re "Civil Partnerships" [Canon Jim Wellington Chimes In], 6/21/2005
To Set Our Hope In Christ [ECUSA presentation to ACC, PDF 622k], 6/21/2005
Theologians offer response to Windsor Report request, ENS, 6/21/2005
US Church Leaders Justify Ordination of Gay Bishop, 6/20/2005
A True Hearing: materials for the ACC, Anglican Mainstream, 6/20/2005
Comes the Dawn [Rowan Williams at the ACC], Christopher Johnson, 6/20/2005
Status Quo at ACC Holds on Second Day (Well, yes, but...), The Rev. George Conger, 6/20/2005
The St Andrew’s Day Statement - not a shred of an answer?, Confessing Reader, 6/20/2005
Rowan Williams’ Presidential Address to the ACC, Archbishop Rowan Williams, 6/20/2005
That discussion on "Fleeing from the ECUSA: a moral duty?" , Prydain, 6/20/2005
This Just In ["ACC is a fraud"], Christopher Johnson, 6/19/2005
Death Spiral [Rowan Williams] Christopher Johnson, 6/19/2005
Episcopal Church’s “Unofficial” Delegation Defies Primates’ Instructions, Cynthia P. Brust, 6/19/2005
US church leaders justify ordination of gay bishop, Ruth Gledhill, 6/19/2005
Another Gospel? Anglican Revisionism: a comparison with the Protestant Churches of Nazi Germany, The Rev'd Canon David Doveton, 6/19/2005
Anglican Consultative Council opens Nottingham meeting under theme 'Living Communion', Canon Robert Williams, 6/19/2005
ACC Meeting Opens with Dinner and Orientation, The Living Church Foundation, 6/19/2005
Viewpoints: Canadian faithful will stay...Recife Bishop deposed...diocesan news...more, David Virtue, 6/18/2005
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Death of a Church, The Modesto Bee,6/18/2005
Editorial: Equal religious rights, The Church of England Newspaper, 6/18/2005
Arguments for same-sex behavior: outlines and inadequacies, Dr. William G. Witt, 6/17/2005
Recife Update: A statement by the Most Revd Gregory J. Venables, 6/17/2005
Lapping the Field [Delusional Ingham], Christopher Johnson, 6/17/2005
Laodiceans [CofE], Christopher Johnson, 6/17/2005
View from Fleet Street [Nottingham ACC meeting, liberal take], Stephen Bates, 6/17/2005
Statement of Counsel for St. James Anglican Church, Newport Beach, CA, Eric C. Sohlgren, 6/17/2005
Orthodox theologians weigh in on Anglican divisions, David Virtue, 6/17/2005
Bishop Cavalanti Deposed By Liberal Primate of Brazil, CaNN WebElves, 6/17/2005
Ugandan-born Bishop Named Archbishop of York, Randall Foster, 6/17/2005
Archbishop of Uganda’s Statement on Appointment of the Rt. Rev. John Sentamu as Archbishop of York, 6/17/2005
The Rt Rev’d John Sentamu appointed Archbishop of York, The Confessing Reader, 6/17/2005
Archbishop of Canterbury Reads Stand Firm, Greg Griffith, 6/16/2005
Orthodox Canadian Anglicans Launch New Organizations, David Virtue, 6/16/2005
Archbishop Ludd, Christopher Johnson, 6/16/2005
Pregame Show [Anglican Consultative Council], Christopher Johnson, 6/16/2005
Seven Florida Churches to Request Alternative Episcopal Oversight from their Bishop, 6/16/2005
Fleeing from the ECUSA – a moral duty?, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 6/16/2005
Communiqué from The International Commission of the Anglican-Orthodox Theological Dialogue, 6/16/2005
The Books and Authors That Have Most Influenced Pastors, Prydain, 6/16/2005
Ordinands 'should study homosexuality', The Church of England Newspaper, 6/16/2005
What’s your theological worldview?, [light entertainment] 6/16/2005
APA and REC Synod Next Week, The Continuing Anglican Churchman, 6/15/2005
Piskie Death Watch, Christopher Johnson, 6/15/2005
CANADA: Anglican evangelist and author Marney Patterson quits church, The Rev. Dr. Marney Patterson, 6/15/2005
Comments... about a strange unsourced Document [AGI], Peter Frank of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, 6/15/2005
Conservative Anglicans' church plan revealed [Anglican Global Initiative], Stephen Bates, 6/15/2005
Turning Up the Heat? [AGI], Christopher Johnson, 6/15/2005
Anglican Global Initiative, Simon Sarmiento, 6/15/2005
Orthodox Canadian Anglicans [to] Hold Press Conference to Announce New Organization, Michael Daley, 6/14/2005
ECUSA Membership Plummets as Clergy Numbers Soar, David Virtue, 6/14/2005
Was Jesus an “individual”?, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 6/14/2005
The British Inquisition, Melanie Phillips, 6/13/2005
Episcopal Executive Council Hides Behind Closed Doors, Erik Nelson, 6/13/2005
Compare and Contrast, Christopher Johnson, 6/13/2005
Our Anglican Roots: Vicars' Daughters, Greg Griffith, 6/13/2005
'Why They Call Me Muslim Archbishop' , 6/13/2005
borderlands, Fr. Andy Griffiths, 6/13/2005
On 'Canon', Cynthia McFarland and Brian Reid, 6/12/2005
ACC Meeting Could Bring Clarity, The Living Church Foundation, 6/12/2005
Gay advocates fight churches' charity status, Alex Hutchinson, 6/12/2005
Brad Drell on the Dennis Canon (and more), Brad Drell, 6/12/2005
The Stimulus of Silence, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 6/11/2005
Liturgy Commission Ponders Racism, Rites of Transition, Douglas LeBlanc, 6/11/2005
Flee Into The Mountains [Diocese of New Westminster], Christopher Johnson, 6/11/2005
Anglicans Spurn Gay Church Cash, Derek Otieno, 6/11/2005
Reality Check [ECUSA], Christopher Johnson, 6/11/2005
Carnley role to alleviate `difficulties', Holly Nott, 6/11/2005
Spiritual OCD (obsessive compulsive disorders), "St. James the Average", 6/10/2005
Do loose canons mean Dennis de minimis? [The Dennis canon], Louie Crew, 6/10/2005
Chutzpah, Christopher Johnson, 6/10/2005
Why are we getting thrown out of the Anglican Communion?, The Rev. Peter T. Manzo, 6/10/2005
Arctic Diocese Denounces Gay Relationships (and grows), Marites N. Sison, 6/10/2005
Primate Akinola issues criticism, 6/10/2005
Say WHAT? [ECUSA delegation to ACC won't represent ECUSA?], Christopher Johnson, 6/10/2005
On Fear: Sermon for the Second Sunday after Trinity, The Rev. Samuel Edwards, 6/10/2005
Why not Eastern Orthodoxy?, Pontifications, 6/09/2005
Clear Choice, Clear Message, Clear Command (Martin Minns' sermon), Fr. Don, 6/09/2005
Warring Anglicans talk 'divorce' [LA meeting], Julia Duin, 6/09/2005
Undiluted Anglicanism, The Rev. Roger Salter, 6/09/2005
The effect of civil partnerships, Andrew Carey, 6/08/2005
Viewpoints : Dennis Canon...Gallup...New Hampshire...Panel of Reference...more news..., David Virtue, 6/08/2005
Marriage -- A "Relationship" not an Institution?, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 6/08/2005
African bishops reject aid, Julia Duin, 6/08/2005
The Panel of Reference: Review and Analysis, David Virtue, 6/08/2005
George P. Atwater: "The Episcopal Church: Its Message for Men of Today", Will, 6/08/2005
Official Announcement of the Panel of Reference Members [and functions], 6/08/2005
When Faith, State and State-Inspired Homosexuality Clash, Martin Ssempa, 6/07/2005
New West[minster] gains possession of contested church properties, Marites N. Sison, 6/07/2005
Pot? Kettle, Christopher Johnson, 6/07/2005
Panel of Reference named, Andrew Carey, 6/07/2005
Keep the Champagne Corked (LA meeting), Greg Griffith, 6/07/2005
More on the L.A. bishops meeting, Mark Marshall, 6/07/2005
God-Lite Doesn’t Cut It, Dave Shiflett, 6/07/2005
Bishops Eye 'Final Settlement', The Living Church Foundation, 6/06/2005
U.S. Christian leaders contemplate formation of Christian Churches Together, 6/06/2005
End of the Tunnel?, Christopher Johnson, 6/06/2005
Three Observations on Love, Marriage, and the Future of Anglicanism, The Rev. Prof. Stephen Noll, 6/06/2005
A Communion on the Edge, Auburn Faber Traycik, 6/06/2005
White Flag, Christopher Johnson, 6/06/2005
Evangelical, Broad and Catholic Anglicans Working Together for an Inclusive Future [Left Alert!], Simon Sarmiento, 6/06/2005
Members focus on 'God's mission' (Christ Church, Midland TX), Stephanie Miller, 6/06/2005
Building Continuing Community [among Continuing churches], The Continuing Anglican Churchman, 6/05/2005
Is the End in Sight? (Dennis Canon never ratified?), David Virtue, 6/05/2005
Dropping the Mask (and stomping on it), Christopher Johnson, 6/05/2005
“Why I can’t be Episcopalian”, Anonymous, 6/05/2005
Bishops discussing a division of assets [in case ECUSA divides!?], Mark Marshall + others, 6/04/2005
Dropping the Mask, Christopher Johnson, 6/04/2005
Matthew Fox's 95 Theses, Randall Foster, 6/04/2005
St. Paul's Vision, Fr. Ronald Drummond, 6/04/2005
Same-Sex Marriage and the Integrity of Language, Albert Mohler, 6/03/2005
Understanding Akinola, Canon Dr Stephen Fagbemi, 6/03/2005
Communion & Protest (Orthodox), Fr. Joseph, 6/03/2005
The Theology of Heresy in Central New York, Raymond J. Dague, 6/03/2005
Martyrs of Uganda, Karen B., 6/03/2005
New 'Panel of Reference' role to be limited, says Carnley, 6/03/2005
A quote from "Patience and Confidence the Strength of the Church", Will, 6/02/2005
It’s the End of the World as We Know It, Brad Drell, 6/02/2005
Kyriakon & Ecclesia; & Ecclesia Anglicana, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 6/02/2005
It's the Matthew Fox Show!!, Christopher Johnson, 6/02/2005
Wash.National Cathedral Had A Reading From the KORAN, Donna Danna, 6/02/2005
Vatican Influence in the Anglican Crisis: A Wary Welcome is in Order, Erik Nelson, 6/01/2005
The Meaning of Is, Christopher Johnson, 6/01/2005
Arctic Anglicans to reject same-sex unions, 6/01/2005
The Wrong Direction Leading Nowhere, Contact Online: An Anglican website for Christians in Southern Africa, 6/2005
Insurrection in the Making [the ECUSA Left speaks], Bishop Sergio Carranza, 6/2005

May 2005:

ACC Nottingham Details Posted, CaNN Webelves (for Kendall Harmon), 5/31/2005
Fleeing the Madhouse [ECUSA], The Rev. Al Kimel, 5/31/2005
Arise, Let Us Go Hence, [on Panel of Reference] Christopher Johnson, 5/31/2005
Conscience, God, ECUSA, stay or leave?, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 5/31/2005
Anglican Church installs Wi-FI access, 5/31/2005
1979 Catechism Exposed (Conclusion) [ECUSA], The Rev. Alice C. Linsley, 5/30/2005
Church worships together for last time, Elise Rambaud, 5/30/2005
Kiss the Anglican Communion good-bye, Mark Marshall, 5/30/2005
A Troubling Retention Rate, The Rev. Bob Flanagan, 5/29/2005
Civil partnerships and the clergy [Church of England], Simon Sarmiento, 5/29/2005
Canon Law and Civil Law Increasingly Dominate ECUSA News, David Virtue, 5/28/2005
Liturgical Reform [Anglican], The Continuing Anglican Churchman, 5/27/2005
Church doors closing, John Chadwick, 5/27/2005
"Our quarrel is concerning the things that have been added." [Statement on Mary], Mark Marshall, 5/27/2005
A Statement by the Connecticut Six, The CT 6, 5/27/2005
An Open Letter to the Archbishops and Bishops of the Church of England, Church Society, 5/27/2005
Congregation of St. Nicholas' to worship together one last time (Midland, TX), David Virtue, 5/27/2005
Attack of the Clowns [original title: Trinity], Jack White, 5/27/2005
I keep hearing about Unity - what about I Corinthians, Chapter 5?, Brad Drell, 5/27/2005
An Open Letter to the Anglican Communion, The Rev. Canon David C. Anderson, 5/27/2005
The Wealthiest Parish's Patronal [Clown Mass], Fr. Christopher Cantrell, 5/26/2005
So, if you think your Liturgy is bad, [Clown Mass pictures & video] Musings of an ExPagan, 5/26/2005
Nottingham church looks for tolerance from ACC, Bill Bowder, 5/26/2005
Team Canada, Christopher Johnson, 5/26/2005
Diocese of Florida Convention Swings to the Left under New Bishop: Analysis [Excellent], The Rev. Dr. Robert Sanders, 5/25/2005
Growing Anglican Parishes for Jesus' Glory, St. James the Average, 5/25/2005
On Philip Turner's "An Unworkable Theology", The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 5/25/2005
Dr Radner and Dr Adams on honesty and disorientation, Confessing Reader, 5/25/2005
On Representing the Episcopal Church [plus Peter Toon's comments], Ephraim Radner plus Peter Toon, 5/25/2005
Church cuts Episcopal affiliation [Tulsa OK], 5/25/2005
David Chislett Removed from All Saints Wickham Terrace in Brisbane, 5/24/2005
Dumbing-Down by the Orthodox: Where are the 'God-fearing'?, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 5/24/2005
Diocese Of Florida: Orthodox [were?] rolled over at Annual Convention, David Virtue, 5/24/2005
Panel of Reference Announces Discount Airline, (humor), 5/24/2005
Pope Benedict XVI and Orthodox / Anglican Reunification, Mgr Anthony Chadwick, 5/24/2005
Taking Stock [ECUSA Bishop Robinson alert], V. Gene Robinson, 5/24/2005
More on Departures [re Rev. Kimel aka Pontificator], Mark Marshall + Pontificator's Daughter, 5/23/2005
Episcopal Clueless Watch, Christopher Johnson, 5/23/2005
Anglican Foundations? have we forgotten them?, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 5/23/2005
You Want To WHAT With the WHAT Now?, Christopher Johnson, 5/23/2005
Laodiceans [Florida] (see next article), Christopher Johnson, 5/22/2005
Working Theology: Out to Lunch, Greg Griffith, 5/21/2005
Endgame? (ECUSA delegation to ACC named), Christopher Johnson, 5/21/2005
The Three-Legged Stool, Multiple, 5/21/2005
Why I am a Reformation Christian, and Anglican in the classic sense of the 39 Articles, The Rt. Rev. John Rodgers [AMiA], 5/21/2005
Diocese of Florida: Episcopal bishop done with gay feud, Jeff Brumley, 5/21/2005
On "Who Speaks For Religious Folks" (Dennis Canon never passed?), The Rev. Lawrence Thompson, 5/20/2005
An Unworkable Theology, Philip Turner, 5/20/2005
Kneel Before Zod! ["Anglicanism is worth fighting for"], Christopher Johnson, 5/20/2005
Departures should give pause [and "The Pontificator crosses the Tiber"], Mark Marshall, 5/20/2005
Two articles from the Church of England newspaper about ARCIC, Will, 5/20/2005
A Rector Resigns [Pontificator], The Rev. Alvin Kimel, 5/19/2005
Send in the Episcopalians, Christopher Johnson, 5/19/2005
Trinity Sunday (and the Trinity season), The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 5/19/2005
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1997), The Rev. George Byron Koch, 5/18/2005
Excerpts from Harry Blamires' "The Post-Christian Mind", Harry Blamire / Jill Woodliff, 5/18/2005
Scottish Anglicans Remain at an Impasse, 5/18/2005
The Straight Skinny about the Panel of Reference, For All The Saints blog, 5/18/2005
Laodiceans [Panel of Reference], Christopher Johnson, 5/17/2005
A Journey of a Thousand Miles, Christopher Johnson, 5/16/2005
Chips Ahoy drove me to Anglicanism, Mark Marshall, 5/16/2005
Going the Extra Mile (Diocese of New Westminster), Christopher Johnson, 5/16/2005
Choice of Carnley Shows Contempt for Communion, David Virtue, 5/16/2005
Fight for the faith: Two Anglican parishes form opposing camps, Diane Reynolds, 5/15/2005
Who really are we? And what truly is our Name?, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 5/15/2005
Vatican Praises Steps by Anglicans, Nicole Winfield, 5/12/2005
VENABLES TO GRISWOLD: "You fiddle while Rome burns" (An exchange of letters), Venables & Griswold, 5/12/2005
Nashotah Dean Speaks on Issues on Sexuality, Very Rev'd Robert S. Munday, PhD, 5/12/2005
Is Protestant England on its last legs?, Ruth Gledhill, 5/12/2005
Church addresses same-sex matters, Tara Reilly, 5/11/2005
The Archbishop of Canterbury is botching the Panel of Reference, Mark Marshall, 5/11/2005
This Mutiny Will Fail; the Church Will Abide, William Swing, 5/11/2005
Bishop Ohl Reverses Himself: Now Condemns AAC and Network, David Virtue, 5/10/2005
Resolutions before the Diocese of Florida Convention, Various, 5/10/2005
Breaking News on the Panel of Reference, ACNS, 5/10/2005
One Hit Wonder (Griswoldian Redundancy), Christopher Johnson, 5/10/2005
Episcopalians rally behind parishioners being exiled from St. Nicholas Church (More from Midland TX), Shanna Sissom, 5/10/2005
Splitting church members say they will keep peace (More on Midland TX), Shanna Sissom, 5/09/2005
Anglicans Meet Rome's Big Ben , Terry Mattingly, 5/09/2005
Laodiceans [Unqualified universalism], Christopher Johnson, 5/08/2005
"Except Through Me"... and Many Others (Wash. Cathedral goings-on), Greg Griffith, 5/07/2005
"Except Through Me"... and Many Others, Greg Griffith, 5/07/2005
". . . but by the grace of God, they . . ." (on the APLM Statement), IRNS, 5/06/2005
Nigerian Priest Loses License in Diocese of Long Island (for speaking out), David W. Virtue, 5/06/2005
CPSA Statement on Marriage and Same Sex Relationships (South Africa), Anglican Church of South Africa, 5/06/2005
A Personal View of Anglican Uniatism, Fr. Aidan Nichols, O.P., 5/06/2005
Tasty Breakfast, The CaNN Webelves, 5/05/2005
If Elected, I Will Not Serve, Christopher Johnson, 5/05/2005
Sarah Exposes the Reappraisers' Strategy, Sarah Hey, 5/05/2005
International body will respect Canadian decision, Marites N. Sison / Anglican Journal, 5/05/2005
Take my advice, please! [on bishops], The Rev. Kevin Martin, 5/05/2005
Dear Sir (the Letters section of Episcopal Life), Christopher Johnson, 5/05/2005
It Is Being Gotten Jiggy By With Us, Christopher Johnson, 5/04/2005
Tradition and truth, Edwin Tait, 5/04/2005
"The days of so-called 'Pluriform Truth' are over", The Right Reverend John-David Mercer Schofield, 5/04/2005
Griswold Sees ECUSA Schism Coming From Within: diverse center is not holding, he says, David Virtue, 5/04/2005
Robbie or the World, Christopher Johnson, 5/04/2005
Begging Bishops Part II - Upper South Carolina, Robert, 5/04/2005
Presiding Bishop to Attend ARCIC Launch, 5/03/2005
Raleigh church leaves diocese: Episcopal parish turns Anglican, Yonat Shimron, 5/03/2005
Dog Bites Man, Man Thinks He Had It Coming ["Piskie PETA"], Christopher Johnson, 5/03/2005
Anglican Essentials Canada Responds to Canadian House of Bishops Statement, 5/03/2005
Stipites Mundi (the abysmal intellectual state of contemporary northern Anglicanism), IRNS, 5/03/2005
When Bishops Become Fruits, Al Kimel, 5/02/2005
Continuing Celibacy, St. James the Average, 5/02/2005
'How terribly unfortunate' ...but we had to withdraw pro-gay Bishop's invitation, Abby De Four, 5/01/2005
Things To Come, AKMA, 5/01/2005
TAC Sees New Pope As Sign Of Hope For Ties With Holy See, Auburn Faber Traycik, 5/01/2005
1979 Catechism Exposed (3 of 4), The Rev. Alice C. Linsley, 5/01/2005
The Bishop's Letter: 'It Is Time To Face Reality', David C. Bane, Jr., 5/2005

April 2005:

The Joy of Eviction, The Rev. Ed Hird, 4/30/2005
Episcopal Church Cannot Survive Conflicting Doctrines , Joe Bell, 4/30/2005
Departing priest sees Anglican church hurt by compromises (goes Orthodox), Don Retson, 4/30/2005
Are the Revisionists & Progressives of ECUSA the consistent ones?, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 4/29/2005
1979 Catechism Exposed, (2 of 4), The Rev. Alice C. Linsley, 4/28/2005
The "Estes Park Statement", Prydain, 4/28/2005
Liberation, not excommunication: Separation from Anglican Communion would mean new opportunities, James Bradberry, 4/28/2005
Civil Unions in Auckland Diocese?, Malcolm Falloon Warden, 4/27/2005
Anglican rebel looks for Vatican pact, Tom Richardson, 4/27/2005
The Estes Park Statement, 4/27/2005
1979 Catechism Exposed (1 of 4), The Rev. Alice C. Linsley, 4/27/2005
Intellectual Trends that Brought ECUSA to this Place, The Rev. Alice C. Linsley, 4/27/2005
The Traditional Anglican Communion "Messenger", Will, 4/26/2005
Don't let Primates monkey around with Anglicanism, Neale Adams, 4/26/2005
The Changeless, the Changeable, and the Changing: Thoughts on the Future of Anglicanism(s), Grant LeMarquand, 4/25/2005
Plots (ECUSA), Christopher Johnson , 4/25/2005
Pope in talks with rebel Anglicans, Christopher Morgan and John Follain, 4/24/2005
Evensong for the Anglican Communion ("The Bible and the Church have both been wrong"), Michael W Hopkins, 4/24/2005
End Run (ECUSA), Christopher Johnson, 4/24/2005
Upside the Head (Benedict XVI & The Anglican Communion), Christopher Johnson, 4/24/2005
An insight into the mind of the new Pope, and an Anglican parallel?, Will, 4/24/2005
Revisionism? who is involved in and promoting it in the ECUSA?, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 4/24/2005
The Progressives and Orthodox (Anglican), The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 4/24/2005
"Interpreting Christ in a Pluralistic World" (National Cathedral Sermon), Rev. Dr. George F. Regas, 4/24/2005
New Pontiff is Wake Up Call to Anglican Communion, David Virtue, 4/23/2005
Rowan Williams to hold talks with the Pope (Gomez invited, Griswold not), Ruth Gledhill, 4/22/2005
Losing One for the Gipper, Sarah Hey, 4/22/2005
Meeting of Clergy in CT Fails to Produce Mandate for Bishop to Inhibit CT 6, Kendall Harmon, 4/21/2005
ACN Council Meeting Looks with Hope to the Future, Issues Communiqu\'82 and Windsor Action Covenant, Kendall Harmon, 4/21/2005
Olympic Games (Parish giving down in Diocese of Olympia), Robert, 4/21/2005
Observations On CT Clergy Meeting Today [CT6], The Rev. Dr. Leander Harding, 4/21/2005
And Now... Idiots (commentary on stupid attack on the Pope), Christopher Johnson, 4/21/2005
Anglican Primate to Attend Papal Inauguration, 4/20/2005
Comes the Dawn (ECUSA), Christopher Johnson, 4/20/2005
What's Happening To Episcopal Tolerance?, Barbara S. Sherman , 4/20/2005
More trouble in Alabama> (ECUSA), Will, 4/20/2005
Statement from the CT Six, The Connecticut Six, 4/19/2005
Say WHAT?!! (ECUSA Bishop Sauls), Christopher Johnson, 4/19/2005
Links to articles on the Connecticut 6, sionnsar, 4/18/2005
Still more from Robert Munday, The Rt. Rev Robert Munday, 4/18/2005
A Parish Chancellor Writes Bishop Smith of Connecticut, Mr. Raymond J. Dague, 4/18/2005
Homosexual Episcopal Bishop Out to Claim Bible for Abortion-Rights Activists, db, 4/18/2005
Robert Munday (Nashotah House Dean) offers some Thoughts, The Rev. Dr. Robert Munday, 4/17/2005
AAC to ACC: Deny ECUSA's Request to attend. If not we will attend., American Anglican Council, 4/16/2005
Surrender (ECUSA, Connecticut 6), Christopher Johnson, 4/16/2005
Thoughts On The CT Six, The Rev. Dr. Leander Harding, 4/16/2005
Louisiana: Circling the Wagons, Greg Griffith, 4/15/2005
Statement by the Rt. Rev. Andrew D. Smith (Connecticut 6), The Rt. Rev. Andrew D. Smith, 4/15/2005
A Statement from Six Episcopal Clergy in Connecticut (+more), Multiple, 4/15/2005
Bristol church may leave over gay bishop, Mark Zaretsky, 4/14/2005
What Next? Appreciations and concerns regarding the Primates Communique..., The Rt. Rev. John H. Rodgers , 4/14/2005
Like the House of Bishops, Setting Christian Living on Their Own Terms, Kendall Harmon, 4/14/2005
R. Scott Purdy on the ECUSA Executive Council Meeting, R. Scott Purdy, 4/14/2005
Statement from ACN Moderator on Executive Council's Letter, The Rt. Rev. Robert Duncan, 4/14/2005
Christ Episcopal members to vote on church schism (Overland Park, KS), Emily Willson, 4/14/2005
Escalation (ECUSA orthodox bishops speak out), Christopher Johnson , 4/14/2005
Viewpoints: Asian Christianity...Akinola Blasts Ecusa...Parish Flees...More..., David W. Virtue, 4/13/2005
Strategic Withdrawal, Christopher Johnson , 4/13/2005
Executive Committee Does the Right Thing; ++Akinola Chimes In, Brad Drell, 4/13/2005
Connecticut: Six Rectors to Receive out of State Support, David W. Virtue, 4/13/2005
The Dominant Motif Of Our Age is Denial, Richard Kew, 4/12/2005
Liberal (Pittsburgh Diocese) church gets new bishop, 4/12/2005
A house divided, Andrew Carey, 4/12/2005
Southern Cone Primate Venables to Attend Synod, Mother Jean , 4/12/2005
On the Issue of Abandonment of Communion, Robert C. Royce, 4/12/2005
Church of the Ascension Parishioners To Start New Anglican Parish [AL], SFA Staff, 4/11/2005
New Website for The Connecticut Six: Episcopal priest could lose his pulpit, Marrecca Fiore, 4/11/2005
Statements from Connecticut (Both sides the CT 6 Issue), Multiple, 4/11/2005
I'll Talk My Stand, Christopher Johnson, 4/11/2005
Louie Crew - about his Father's business, Confessing Reader, 4/11/2005
Nutmeg Nutcase, Christopher Johnson, 4/10/2005
Has New Hampshire's Homosexual Episcopal Bishop Betrayed The Sodomy Lobby?, Les Kinsolving , 4/10/2005
The Only Thing Necessary..., Vital Church Ministries, 4/09/2005
Grave Concerns over the Diocese of Connecticut, The Anglican Communion Institute, 4/09/2005
Gene Robinson's Sin, Mark Marshall, 4/09/2005
Traditional Anglicans Grow in Influence, Pauline J. Chang, 4/09/2005
Bishop Griswold Should Resign, Diane Knippers, 4/09/2005
A Layperson's View (ACN Meeting + "What A Layperson Can Do: A Baker's Dozen"), Jan Welch, 4/09/2005
A letter from the Primate of all Nigeria, The Most Rev. Peter J. Akinola, 4/08/2005
A Word to Nigerian Anglicans in North America, The Most Rev. Peter J. Akinola, 4/08/2005
Dead on Arrival, Christopher Johnson, 4/08/2005
BRAZIL: Orthodox diocese looks to Williams' Panel of Reference for help, David W. Virtue, 4/08/2005
Hope Amid the Sign of Jonah: Tales from Diocesan Convention, Chapter 3, SFA Staff, 4/07/2005
What is Happening in Connecticut? (CT 6), Martyn Minns, 4/07/2005
"Why Catholic? The Bottom Line", Phil A. Webb Jr., 4/06/2005
Straight Talk to a Troubled Laity, Bill Boniface, 4/05/2005
"Why Orthodoxy, not Rome" (for Anglicans), Mark Harrison, 4/05/2005
"Why Orthodoxy, not Rome" (for Anglicans), Mark Harrison, 4/05/2005
News : Anglican Communion Network Officially Recognized by Williams , David W. Virtue, 4/04/2005
Connecticut 6: Attorney writes open letter to Rowan Williams, David W. Virtue, 4/04/2005
Bishop Parsley Censors Sunday School Class, SFA Staff, 4/04/2005
Episcopalians told to suffer for beliefs, Julia Duin, 4/02/2005
AAC to Bishop Chane: You have failed to understand gravity of ECUSA's plight, AAC, 4/01/2005
Uniformity of belief and practice?, Confessing Reader, 4/01/2005
Diocese of Alabama on Course to Walk Apart from Anglican Communion, SFA Staff, 4/01/2005
A little Scottish Episcopal history, Simon Sarmiento, 4/01/2005
Conspiracy Theory, Andrew Carey, 4/01/2005
Colin Coward on the Anglican crisis, Andrew Carey, 4/01/2005
Divorce Episcopal Style, The Rev. Alice C. Linsley, 4/01/2005
From the PB to the HoB: Grisobabble Anyone?, Fr. Christopher Cantrell SSC, 4/01/2005
"Proud to be an Episcopalian", Bishop Jack McKelvey, 4/2005

March 2005:

Anglican Popes?, St. James the Average, 3/31/2005
Denial and Closings Stalk Revisionist Dioceses, David W. Virtue, 3/30/2005
Interstellar Overdrive (on "A Catechism of Creation: An Episcopal Understanding"), Christopher Johnson, 3/30/2005
R. R. Reno , R. R. Reno, 3/29/2005
[New Westminster Bishop] Michael Ingham's Easter Sermon, The Rt. Rev. Michael Ingham, 3/29/2005
As Eye See It -- Realignment and the Episcopal Church, The Very Rev. Dr. Theol. Paul F. M. Zahl, 3/28/2005
SCOTLAND: Church divides over gay priests, David Virtue, 3/28/2005
Vancouver: Two Evicted Parishes Will Vacate Their Properties, David W. Virtue, 3/28/2005
Abusing the Fathers, Will, 3/26/2005
Dry Rot, Christopher Johnson, 3/26/2005
Scottish Episcopal Church Issues Attempted Denial [& a response], 3/24/2005
++Greg Venables: Behind the Lines at Dromantine, The Most Rev. Gregory Venables, 3/24/2005
First Unit Director's Cut [The Left and the African Bishops], Christopher Johnson, 3/24/2005
Plainspoken (+Jack Iker), Christopher Johnson, 3/24/2005
End of the Line? (Anglican Church of Canada], Christopher Johnson, 3/24/2005
One New [Continuing Anglican] Province, Bishop Paul Hewett, 3/23/2005
Uganda Bishop to Central PA bishop 'keep your $352,941', Jackson Nzerebende Tembo, 3/23/2005
More from Archbishop Henry Orombi, Kendall Harmon, 3/22/2005
The Pelagian Captivity of the Church, R.C. Sproul, 3/22/2005
Bishop Griswold Should Resign, Diane Knippers, 3/22/2005
Schism threat after Episcopalians accept gays as priests (Scotland), Raymond Duncan, 3/21/2005
Executive Council to Have Special Session April 13 [ECUSA on ACC], 3/21/2005
"Communique is childish defiance...American power politics", David Roseberry, 3/21/2005
The Bishops' Covenant: An Analysis and Evaluation, The Anglican Communion Institute, 3/19/2005
HOB meeting aftermath: clearer talk of a split, Mark Marshall, 3/18/2005
"These are apostolic leaders behaving like lawyers", Ruth Gledhill, 3/18/2005
AAC Leader Rips HOB: "Covenant is insulting to Primates" Griswold must apologize, Canon David C Anderson, 3/18/2005
AAC Responds to the House of Bishops, The Rev. Canon David Anderson, 3/17/2005
More thoughts on Griswold's Tantrum, Mark Marshall, 3/17/2005
Integrity: Walking Apart, Greg Griffith, 3/17/2005
Griswold's Meltdown, Greg Griffith, 3/16/2005
The Covenant and the Communique: Letter and Critique, Peter Toon, 3/16/2005
Stand Firm Presents: The Very Rev. Dr. Paul Zahl (Part 1 of 3), Greg Griffith (Part 2, 3/21/2005), 3/16/2005
Those Exceptional Americans, Andrew Carey, 3/15/2005
Meanwhile in Another part of the Anglican Communion, Kendall Harmon, 3/15/2005
Thanks But No Thanks [no to withdrawal from the ACC], Christopher Johnson, 3/15/2005
Episcopal Bishops consider gutting confirmation, Mark Marshall, 3/15/2005
Warfare [ECUSA], Christopher Johnson, 3/15/2005
Warfare II>/a> [Anglican Church of Canada], Christopher Johnson, 3/15/2005
House of Bishops adopts "Covenant Statement", Kendall harmon, 3/15/2005
African Bishops Break From West Seminaries, Dulue Mbachu, 3/15/2005
Questions On Walking Apart - A Statement from Postmodern Anglican Orthodoxy: Underground [pdf], 3/15/2005
Will GC2006 be GC2003 All Over Again?, Brad Drell, 3/14/2005
Liberals say ECUSA and Canada should send delegation to June meeting, David Virtue, 3/14/2005
Out of the Depths We Cry, A sermon by Robinson Cavalcanti, Diocesan Bishop of Recife, Brazil, 3/13/2005
Clergymen refuse communion with bishop in row over gays (CofE), Jonathan Petre, Religion Correspondent and Jonathan Wynne-Jones, 3/12/2005
A house of cards; Anglican bishops meeting on issues that still threaten fragile Communion, Richard Vara, 3/12/2005
Is The Episcopal Church A Sect?: Reflections On 'Episcopalianism', Michael Petty, 3/12/2005
Ugley Puritans>/a> (Anglican Left), Simon Sarmiento, 3/12/2005
Why I am an Episcopalian and Why that Frightens Me, Eric Dudley, 3/11/2005
New Hampshire Bishop Implies Jesus Might Have Been Gay, David Virtue, 3/11/2005
Os Guinness Looks Evil in the Eye, Stan Guthrie, 3/11/2005
Primates: more news and views (a view from the Left), Simon Sarmiento, 3/11/2005
An Episcobabble Dictionary, [FR] Ka'ehu Rowing, 3/10/2005
A Fatal Disorder, Robbie Low, 3/10/2005
House of Bishops Could Change Disciplinary Canons [Episcopal Inquisition], David Virtue & Brad Drell, 3/10/2005
The Big Lie, The Rev. Canon Bradley T. Page, Stand Firm [AL], 3/10/2005
Gordon Gritter: Eucharist (reappraiser take), 3/09/2005
Now What?, Stand Firm [AL], 3/09/2005
Experience, Experience and more Experience? a major & dangerous source of modern doctrine, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 3/09/2005
I believe...in the communion of saints, The Rev. Jeffrey W. Moore, 3/09/2005
Changing the Rules in the Middle of the Game, The Penitent Blogger, 3/09/2005
Duncan to Network: "Primates refuted revisionist theology and innovations", David Virtue, 3/08/2005
I'll Have the Beefcake, Greg Griffith, Stand Firm [MS], 3/08/2005
Liberal and weak clergy blamed for empty pews (U.K.), Ruth Gledhill, 3/07/2005
A Helpful Set of Links for Responses to the Primates Communique, Karen B., 3/07/2005
Break-away bishops could undermine truce on gays, Ruth Gledhill, 3/07/2005
Anglican Fever Revisited; Every once in a while I get it right, The Rev. Kevin Martin, 3/07/2005
Earth to Hutch, Christopher Johnson, 3/07/2005
A bishop who knows how to bishop, Catholic World News, 3/06/2005
Those wedding bells are breaking up that old Anglican Communion of mine, John Gibson, 3/06/2005
A Liberal's Lament [Anglican: Strong language warning], 3/05/2005
Anglican compromise defied, 3/05/2005
Addleshaw: The High Church Tradition, Jeff, 3/05/2005
Anglican Church of Canada Told to Make a Choice [Venables lays down the law], Cheryl Change, 3/05/2005
There's the Door, Christopher Johnson, 3/05/2005
Wild About Harry?: Tales from Diocesan Convention, Chapter 2, Ted Sluis, 3/04/2005
Bishop Duncan reports to his diocese: ECUSA to Decide Whether to "Walk Apart", Lionel Deimel, 3/04/2005
Behind the scenes at the Primates? Meeting, George Conger, The Church of England Newspaper, 3/03/2005
Walk-Off [Anglican liberals think Anglican game about over], Christopher Johnson, 3/02/2005
The Truth of Our Experience: Tales from Diocesan Convention, Chapter 1, Ted Sluis (Stand Firm AL), 3/02/2005
Woes of Anglicans; Dances of Ecstasy, David Rutledge, 3/02/2005
Anglicans must accept moral diversity to protect universality (!), Chris McGillion, 3/01/2005
AMiA: Two Archbishops Issue Pastoral Letter Following Primates' Meeting, ++Yong and ++Kolini, 3/01/2005
"If ECUSA walks away from Anglican Communion it walks from me", Bishop John W. Howe, 3/01/2005
How to read a Communique from a Primates Meeting, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 3/01/2005

February 2005:

The ACC, ECUSA, Money and Timelines, David Virtue, 2/28/2005
Gay Advocacy Group: We'd Rather Walk Apart, Stand Firm [MS], 2/28/2005
The Bishop of Quincy: A Reflection on the Primates' Communique\'82 of St. Matthias Day, 2005,The Right Reverend Keith L. Ackerman, SSC, DD , 2/27/2005
The Primates Meeting at Dromantine, February 2005 [Analysis], Simon Sarmiento, 2/27/2005
Move to Halt Delegations Is Challenging Episcopalians, NY Times, 2/26/2005
Church remains at risk of schism on homosexuality, warns Williams, Jonathan Petre, 2/26/2005
North American Anglicans Defend Gay Policies, Reuters, 2/26/2005
Ecclesial Neurosurgery: Separating individuals joined at the head, Shari deSilva, MD, 2/26/2005
The Anglican Communion Primates' Meeting Communique, February 2005 (full text in comment 12), 2/24/2005
Primates' Statement-American Anglican Council and the Anglican Communion Network Response, 2/24/2005
Flogging the Sheep, Sarah Hey, 2/23/2005
Be Fair to the Liberals: How Worldview Affects Communion, David Mills, (orig 3/10/1999), 2/21/2005
The Suicide of Altering the Faith in the Liturgy, Fr. Paul Kramer, (orig 1/2005), 2/19/2005
Retracing Our Steps (ECUSA), The Very Rev'd G. Richard Lobs III, 2/19/2005
A Grief Observed -- On Being a Priest in a Dying Church, Folke T. Olofsson, 2/16/2005
Clergy who deny doctrine may face trial for heresy, Jonathan Petre, 2/15/2005
A Senior Warden's Lament: "Why I left my liberal parish" (a warning to ECUSA), Bill Boniface, 2/12/2005
The Windsor Report: A Liberal Response, Jonathan Clatworthy & David Bruce Taylor, 2/11/2005
Nine Anglican Entities Unite for "Common Cause" (ACN, AAC, ACiC, APA, AMiA, AEFiC, FIFNA, ANiC, REC), David Virtue, 2/11/2005
ECUSA Has Chosen to Walk Apart , David W. Virtue, 2/09/2005
On Pancakes (Shrove Tuesday related), Cynthia McFarland and Brian Reid, 2/08/2005
The Truth Comes Out (ECUSA revisionists), Wannabe Newbie Anglican, 2/03/2005
Anglican Primates' Patience With ECUSA's "Delaying Tactics" Limited, Gomez Warns, Auburn Faber Traycik, 2/03/2005
From Australia: "The Faith Once For All Delivered" (downloadable 152 page response to the Windsor Report), Will, 2/02/2005
How big is the Anglican Communion?, 2/01/2005

January 2005:

On Womens' Ordination, The Rev. Greg McComas, 1/31/2005
A Clash of Cultures, Fr. John Julian (the Left's view of the Africans), 1/28/2005
Homosexuality And The American Religion, The Rev. Dr. Leander Harding, 1/19/2005
Fruits of Repentance, Andrew Goddard (The Anglican Communion Institute), 1/18/2005
True Worship and True Morality, The Rev. Louis Tarsitano (R.I.P.), 1/18/2005
ECUSA'S GOD; A Descriptive Comment on the "Working Theology" of the Episcopal Church U.S.A., The Rev. Dr. Philip Turner, 1/18/2005
The "Greener Grass" of other Churches, The Rev. Ronald Drummond, 1/17/2005
Os Guinness on how the Episcopal leaders have betrayed their own faith, Will at Prydain, 1/16/2005
Anglican Angst, Timothy Larsen, 1/15/2005
October 7, 1977 Pastoral Letter Calls For Unity in Christ\fs20 [the more things change...], Kendall Harmon, 1/14/2005
A Statement of Acceptance of and Submission to the Windsor Report 2004, (plus the pastoral letter "A Word to the Church"), 1/13/2005
"It Was Horrible, Horrible!" (First-hand account of an abortion clinic -- very graphic!), Miguel Vazquez, 1/05/2005
On Facing East, The Rev. Andrew Archie, 1/02/2005


Episcopal Church, I Weep for Thee (very sad), Red Crabtree, 11/20/2004
Why Should an Episcopalian Become Orthodox?, Fr. Stephen Freeman, 11/10/2004
Fly, you fools! [flee ECUSA!], The Rev. Al Kimel, 11/08/2004
From the Jaws of Victory, Christopher Johnson, 6/25/2004
Reformed Episcopal General Council days 2 and 3, Mark Marshall, 6/25/2004
Holy is as Holy Does (on same-sex marriage), Dr. Edith M. Humphrey, 6/11/2004
Different Gods, Douglas Farrow, 6/10/2004
Some Of My Best Friends Are Gay (A Traditional Exegesis On Homosexuality And Same Sex Marriage), Samuel Silver, 3/2004
Episcopal Church Funding Down 12 Percent (in 2004), 2/11/2004
What is the Anglican Communion For? (PDF, see more), 02/2004
Bahamas Primate says Communion at Critical Crossroad , by The Most Rev. Drexel W. Gomez, 1/31/2004
A Perspective on What Happened in the Diocese of New Hampshire ("Theistic Humanism"), JoAnn Samson, 1/28/2004
What is the Network? (Network of Anglican Communion Diocese and Parishes), The Rev. Canon Martyn Minns, 1/11/2004
Rediscovering Christian Orthodoxy in Episcopal Anglicanism, The Rev. George F. Woodliff, III (PDF, 754 kB), 2004


Open letter from the Church of Uganda to ECUSA Presiding Bishop Griswold, Rev. Canon Stanley Ntagali, 12/17/2003
A New Federation for Anglican Ministry in America Emerges, Rev. Todd H. Wetzel, 12/06/2003
Anglican Province of S.E. Asia breaks communion with ECUSA, Most Revd Datuk Yong Ping Chung, 11/24/2003
When Homosexuals Take Over A Church, Bill Fishburne, 11/18/2003
The Episcopalian Preference (history & relevance of ECUSA crisis), The Rev. Dr. Philip Turner, 11/2003
Reason vs. openness and the impending Episcopal schism, Ross Mackenzie, 10/23/2003
Homosexual Advocacy in the Church: Perspective from a Fifth-Generation Episcopalian, Mark Alexander, 10/21/2003
What caused Minneapolis?, Les Fairfield, 10/21/2003
Synod Address (what ECUSA crisis is really about), Bishop Keith Ackerman, 10/17/2003
Baptist Leader Reflects on Primates Meeting (An Alarm Sounds in London: Will It Matter?), Albert Mohler, 10/17/2003
Crystal Ball, Pontifications, 9/26/2004
A Belly Flop into Apostasy, The Rev. Jeffrey Black, 9/11/2003
Why I Walked: Sometimes loving a denomination requires you to fight, J. I. Packer, 1/21/2003

2002 and older:

Truth or Tolerance?, Scott Scruggs, 7/14/2002
The Thirty-Nine Articles - A Faith For Today, Donald Allister, 2000
The Measure of A Bishop (an evaluation of the Anglican "Continuing Church" movement), 9/1998
[Project Canterbury] My People of the Plains, The Rt. Rev. Ethelbert Talbot, 1906