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Last updated: 2/20/2007 Note: The articles following are (mostly) an archive of those posted to Free Republic for discussion by FR's traditional Anglicans and others.
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February 2007:
Primates Choose Bigotry Over Baptized, Integrity, 2/20/2007
Catholics and Anglicans discuss reuniting, Reuters, 2/20/2007
Denouement [The Primates' meeting communique], Midwest Conservative Journal, 2/19/2007
Primates draw back from sanctions for liberal Anglican dioceses, VirtueOnline-News, 2/19/2007
Roundup: Commentary on the Communique, titusonenine, 2/19/2007
Kendall Harmon: Early Reaction to the Communique, titusonenine, 2/19/2007
The Communiqué Of the Primates’ Meeting in Dar es Salaam, CaNN:Tk, 2/20/2007
The [Communique] Schedule, Captain Yips Secret Journal, 2/19/2007
The Rev. William Klock: "The Supreme Priority", Prydain, 2/19/2007
Anglican-Catholic committee explains unification , Spero, 2/19/2007
Anglican bishop denies merger with Catholics, AM Australia, 2/19/2007
Churches back plan to unite under Pope - ANGLICAN, Ruth Gledhill, 2/18/2007
DAR2007: "She Who Has Ears to Hear, Let Her...Listen?", Canon Gary L'Hommedieu, 2/18/2007
Table Fellowship & Communion, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 2/18/2007
The Split Widens: Bishop of Maryland Uninvites Archbishop of Ghana, Stand Firm, 2/18/2007
Living Church: Amid Lowered Tensions, Primates Review Draft Covenant, Romans 12:2, 2/18/2007
Dealing With Stress In The Anglican World And At Work, Drell's Descants, 2/18/2007
The Anglican Reformation Undone, An Anglican Cleric, 2/17/2007
Inside 'Ring of Steel,' Primates Under Intense Pressure to Reach Agreement, The Rev. George Conger, 2/17/2007
The long-term Problem with Two Provinces, Peter Ould, 2/17/2007
Sitting on the Porch, Captain Yips Secret Journal, 2/17/2007
Reason #8756 That The Report Of the Gang Of 4 Is Incorrect In Its Conclusions Regarding TEC, Drells' Descants, 2/17/2007
Crossing The Windsor Line: the Truth about Consequences, Matt Kennedy, 2/17/2007
Faith & Values: Bishop, breakaway church at odds over property, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 2/17/2007
DAR2007: Seven Global South Primates Break with Schori and Refuse Eucharist, VirtueOnline-News, 2/17/2007
Pre-Lenten Days -- Family activities-Shrove Tuesday, Women of Faith and Family, 2/17/2007
Anglican Report Episode 20, Stand Firm, 2/16/2007
Dar Es Salaami , Midwest Conservative Journal, 2/16/2007
Ersatz Anglicanism, Dean William Mckeachie, 2/16/2007
Janani Luwum, Archbishop of Uganda, Martyr (16 Feb 1977), James Kiefer, 2/16/2007
The Rich Uncle, Captain Yip's Secret Journal, 2/16/2007
Pyrrhic Victory [Anglican], Midwest Conservative Journal, 2/16/2007
DAR2007: Day Three of the Primates Conference, David Virtue and Gary L'Hommedieu, 2/16/2007
Anglican leaders avoid church split over homosexuals, Guardian Unlimited, 2/16/2007
Staring Into The Light [Tanzania], Captain Yip's Secret Journal, 2/15/2007
Dear ol’ alma mater [TEC], RatherNotBlog, 2/15/2007
Is it time for the “continuing” Anglican Churches to unify?, The Retro-Episcopalian, 2/15/2007
A Statement by the AAC on the Communion Sub-Group Report, American Anglican Council, 2/15/2007
Victories and Defeats on the Fields of "Process", Sarah Hey, 2/15/2007
ACC-APCK Unity, The Continuum, 2/15/2007
Response to and Refutation of the Wholly Inadequate Communion Sub-Group Report, Matt Kennedy, 2/15/2007
DAR2007: Primates Miss An Historic Opportunity, The Rev. Canon J. Gary L'Hommedieu, 2/15/2007
Catholics set to pass Anglicans as leading UK church Times Online, 2/15/2007
Kevin Kallsen Reports From Tanzania At 300 Baud, Drell's Descants, 2/15/2007
Hot off the Press - Report from Primates Thursday Press Conference, Peter Ould, 2/15/2007
TEC 'regret' ok, says Gang of Four, Ruth Gledhill, 2/15/2007
Fudge, Anyone?, Christopher S. Johnson, 2/15/2007
Muscle [Global South primates], Christopher S. Johnson, 2/15/2007
[Episcopal] Church split involves beliefs, property Fayette Citizen News, 2/14/2007
Archbishop faces boycott at gay summit, Ruth Gledhill (maybe?), 2/14/2007
Auckland's 'agnostic' bishop to retire, NZ Herald, 2/14/2007
Trial Separation [a temporary Episcopal split is apparently on the table] Midwest Conservative Journal, 2/14/2007
Fool Me Once... [Anglican] Midwest Conservative Journal, 2/14/2007
Williams considering delaying Lambeth? Midwest Conservative Journal, 2/14/2007
Primates' Official Opening Session Likely to Be Contentious [+ more links on the Primates meeting] The Rev. George Conger, 2/14/2007
Anglican Crisis Reaches African Summit -- Pray for this Church to Stand Firm in Truth Albert Mohler, 2/14/2007
Dr. Os Guinness: "The Confrontations of Jeremiah" Prydain, 2/14/2007
Lies They Love to Tell About Akinola - Part One Alice Linsley, 2/14/2007
Light Switches [TECleft on Tanzania], Midwest Conservative Journal, 2/12/2007
The Episcopal Church Sues You, Drell's Descants, 2/12/2007
New Archbishop of Hong Kong elected, Anglican Communion News Service, 2/12/2007
News & Events in ECUSA & Around the Anglican Globe, Sarah Hey, 2/12/2007
Lodi church rejects Episcopal schism , SF Chronicle, 2/12/2007
Piskie PR, Midwest Conservative Journal, 2/12/2007
Graveyard Ahead [Commence whistling, TEC], Midwest Conservative Journal, 2/11/2007
Comes the Dawn [Ruth Gledhill pessimistic about Dar es Salaam], Midwest Conservative Journal, 2/11/2007
Mrs. Schori and Mr. Spong...Perfect Together, VirtueOnline-News, 2/11/2007
NYT: New Episcopal Leader Braces for Gay-Rights Test, VirtueOnline-News, 2/11/2007
Sexagesima, Fr. Robert Hart, 2/11/2007
Bishops-but what kind?, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 2/11/2007
The latest news about Resurrection - are we leaving the Episcopal Church? [many links], Church of the Resurrection - Chicago, 2/11/2007
Catholic vs. Protestant [Anglican?] Heaven [YouTube: Simpsons], Anglican Philosopher, 2/10/2007
Anglican Report, Episode 18, Stand Firm, 2/10/2007
Breaking News - 815 files more lawsuits against all "VA churches" days before Tanzania, BabyBlueOnline, 2/10/2007
Paranoia [The Episcopal liberal meltdown continues], Midwest Conservative Journal, 2/10/2007
Who owns the property? [TEC], VirtueOnline-News, 2/10/2007
Virginia Episcopal Bishop Sues Exiting Churches, Citizenlink, 2/10/2007
Anglican split goes far deeper than gay dispute , VirtueOnline-News, 2/10/2007
Atlanta: Bishop to St. Andrews in the Pines: "I am in charge now...", VirtueOnline-News, 2/09/2007
Two Strands of Faith? No, Two Different Religions , Albert Mohler, 2/10/2007
Among Episcopalians, division is prevailing topic, VirtueOnline-News, 2/10/2007
Church of the Resurrection In Chicago; Following The Bible, Drell's Descants, 2/09/2007
Both Barrels [Bishop of Winchester on next week's Primates Meeting], Midwest Conservative Journal, 2/09/2007
Nigeria: Anglican Church Synod Says U.S. Must Repent or Depart, VirtueOnline-News, 2/09/2007
Primates' Meeting Feb 14th, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 2/09/2007
Scenarios For The Anglican Communion, All Too Common, 2/09/2007
The Case For Discipline (3 parts), Matt Kennedy, 2/06-09/2007
Miserable Offenders, RatherNotBlog, 2/08/2007
The Train Has Left The Station [Lord Carey on the Current Unpleasantness[, Midwest Conservative Journal, 2/08/2007
Heathsville, VA: Who Gets Episcopal Property?, VirtueOnline-News, 2/08/2007
To Cleave or To Cleave? The Primates' Meeting in Tanzania , VirtueOnline-News, 2/08/2007
Lord Carey's Speech: The Blackness Just Got Much Much Darker and Thicker, Sarah Hey, 2/08/2007
False Teachers [recommended blog], The Age To Come, 2/07/2007
Post Script, Septuagesima -- High and Low [Anglican], The Continuum, 2/07/2007
ACC Discussion Group, The Continuum, 2/07/2007
Episcopal Missionary Church joins FACA, The Continuing Anglican Churchman, 2/07/2007
St. Andrew's Academy, Lake Almanor, CA [Anglican], The Continuing Anglican Churchman, 2/07/2007
The Road to Tanzania, Captain Yips Secret Journal, 2/07/2007
[Episcopal] Schismatics to be "pruned from the branch" - Tom Wright, VirtueOnline-News, 2/07/2007
TN: Episcopalians spend 40 days praying about Hendersonville parish's future, VirtueOnline-News, 2/07/2007
Cuban Anglicans hail appointment of woman bishop, VirtueOnline-News, 2/07/2007
More Novocaine!! [TECleft sound off], Midwest Conseervative Journal, 2/07/2007
My Predictions. My Warnings. My Call to You. [Tanzania], Stand Firm, 2/06/2007
Tanzania: Expectations, Promises, and the Danger of Impotence, Stand Firm, 2/06/2007
Tanzania Predictions, Stand Firm, 2/06/2007
A Few Notes on the Mere Anglicanism Conference, Stand Firm, 2/06/2007
Preparing for Lent: Ash Wednesday – Why no Collect on Fasting?, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 2/06/2007
'Province-in-Waiting' proposed to Primates by U.S. orthodox lay group, VirtueOnline-News, 2/06/2007
Seattle: A new bishop for a troubled diocese, VirtueOnline-News, 2/06/2007
Ousted from church, Anglicans celebrate / 'New beginning' at divided city church, VirtueOnline-News, 2/06/2007
Bottom Line [The Bishop of Durham gets down to basics], Midwest Conservatice Journal, 2/06/2007
Prediction Time [TEC], Christopher Johnson, 2/04/2007
LA Times mangles the Anglican timeline, GetReligion, 2/04/2007
Anglican Report 17, Drell's Descants , 2/04/2007
Anglican Customs, etc, Texanglican, 2/04/2007
Anglo-Orthodox Relations, All Too Common, 2/03/2007
Anglican Agenda Laid Out for Upcoming Meeting, Lillian Kwon, The Christian Post, 2/03/2007
San Diego: St. Anne's Church votes to quit Episcopal Diocese , VirtueOnline-News, 2/02/2007
Revenge of the Episco-Clueless, Midwest Conservative Journal, 2/02/2007
Episcopal Diocese Files More Motions in its Lawsuit Against Syracuse Parish, Raymond J. Dague, 2/01/2007
Conniption [TEC], Midwest Conservative Journal, 2/01/2007
Sometimes You Get The Bear... [TEC], Midwest Conservative Journal, 2/01/2007
What Sort of Realignment?, titusonenine, 2/01/2007
A Roundup of Legal Links re: Virginia, titusonenine, 2/02/2007

January 2007:
Doug Marlette Gets It (Same-Self Marriage), Stand Firm, 1/31/2007
Fairfax City (VA) Police Arrest Suspect in Truro Vandalism Case, Uncle Dino's Observations in Black and White, 1/31/2007
Diocese of Virginia Files Suit Against Departing Congregations, The Living Church Foundation, 1/31/2007
Court tells diocese to turn over documents by January 31, Episcopal News Service, 1/31/2007
Western Michigan Episcopal Cathedral’s fate could be decided soon, titusonenine, 1/31/2007
A Timeline of the Path of the Episcopal Church: A New Online "Wiki", Stand Firm, 1/30/2007
Anglican Church Leader Discusses Homosexuality, Women, Scripture, Duke News, 1/30/2007
Divisons Wrack Communion As Primates Meeting Nears, David Virtue, 1/30/2007
Documentary Featuring G. Robinson Purports the Truth re: What the Bible Says re: Homosexuality, The Christian Post, 1/30/2007
Which Lambeth?, Sydney Anglicans, 1/30/2007
Inclusive Episcopalians Glad to Be Rid of Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Stand Firm, 1/29/2007
Nigerian Primate: Consensus on Sexuality Necessary Before Lambeth Conference, The living Church Foundation, 1/29/2007
Hymns replaced by Bono lyrics at church, The Telegraph, 1/29/2007
Episcopal Church Figures Prominently on Primates' Agenda , The Rev. George Conger, 1/29/2007
Finish Line, Midwest Conservative Journal, 1/29/2007
Pilgrimage, Midwest Conservative Journal, 1/29/2007
On The Care And Feeding Of Seminarians, The Anglican Fisherman , 1/29/2007
The Bishop of Durham Criticizes the Government’s new Adoption Policy, titusonenine, 1/29/2007
Episcopal diocese may abandon U.S. church , VirtueOnline-News, 1/28/2007
Under Fire, San Joaquin Diocese Seeks to Stay Loyal to the Anglican Communion, titusonenine, 1/28/2007
A Pastoral Letter from Bishop Robert Duncan, Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh , 1/28/2007
Eppie's going to Africa, Midwest Conservative Journal, 1/28/2007
Foster mother lauds Archbishop of Canterbury (gay pedophile rings in UK social services), Daily Mail, 1/27/2007
A foster mother pays tribute to the Archbishop of Canterbury's compassion, The Daily Mail, 1/27/2007
The Bishop of Central Florida’s Address to Convention Yesterday, The Right Rev. John W. Howe, 1/27/2007
My People [western Kansas], Midwest Conservative Journal, 1/27/2007
Endgame?, Midwest Conservative Journal, 1/27/2007
Church supports apology to gays, news-record, 1/27/2007
Dr. Os Guinness: "The Call of Jeremiah" (Jeremiah 1:1-19), Prydain, 1/27/2007
You Can't Fire Me Because I Quit!!, Midwest Conservative Journal, 1/27/2007
Christ Church Plano Joins The AMiA, Christ Church Plano, 1/27/2007
The Presumption of Gene Robinson , VirtueOnline, 1/27/2007
Euntes Docete Omnes: The Journey of Christ Church Plano: Part VI, David Roseberry, 1/26/2007
Traditional Anglo-Catholic vs. Anglo-Papalist, Texanglican, 1/26/2007
MERE ANGLICANISM Day Two: "Something Old, Something New...", The Rev. Canon J. Gary L'Hommedieu, 1/26/2007
Mere Anglicanism Day Two: "Something Old, Something New...", VirtueOnline-News, 1/26/2007
Details on Tanzania Meeting Few For Western Louisiana Bishop, The Living Church Foundation, 1/26/2007
Mere Anglicanism opens, The Rev. Canon J. Gary L'Hommedieu, 1/25/2007
Church of England supports Catholic position on homosexual adoption , CNA, 1/25/2007
Archbishop of Canterbury - Holocaust needs to be remembered as ‘real event’, titusonenine, 1/25/2007
Chutzpah [Schori], Midwest Conservative Journal, 1/25/2007
Church of England supports Catholic position on homosexual adoption , CNA, 1/25/2007
Bishop Duncan, Another Bishop Will Attend Primates’ Meeting, titusonenine, 1/25/2007
Anglican Converts Have Helped Christian Unity, titusonenine, 1/25/2007
Churches unite over adoption row, BBC News, 1/24/2007
Churches unite over adoption row, BBC News, 1/24/2007
Christian Initiation - recovering The Anglican Way for Renewal, Peter Toon, 1/24/2007
Changes In AMiA’s Structure Raise Concerns about Ordination Policy, The Christian Challenge, 1/23/2007
Episcopalians begin legal property battle over gay clergy, Presbyterian News Service, 1/23/2007
A Letter from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to the Prime Minister, The Church of England, 1/23/2007
Bishop Lee Inhibits 21 Priests, The Living Church Foundation, 1/23/2007
New doctrine may lead to empty pews, Bakersfield.com, 1/23/2007
Churches fear bill may ban ceremonies, The Concord Monitor, 1/23/2007
Forward [TEC], The Rev. Patrick Allen, 1/22/2007
Retropalian: A Cradle Episcopalian Sums It All Up, Drell's Descants, 1/22/2007
American Episcopalians face searching questions in Cairo - Press release, Diocese of Egypt, Global South Anglican, 1/22/2007
Anglican Mission in the Americas Takes Wing and Flies, David W. Virtue, 1/22/2007
Ecumenism [TEC in Egypt], Midwest Conservative Journal, 1/22/2007
Crabcakes [Episcopal rebellion spread to Maryland?], Midwest Conservative Journal, 1/22/2007
Kenyan bishop’s conservative message [Anglican], VirtueOnline-News, 1/22/2007
Virginia Congregations Give Warning On Property, VirtueOnline-News, 1/22/2007
The Virginia Exodus, The Rev. Ted Lewis, 1/21/2007
Maryland Episcopalians riled over national church posture, G.M. Corrigan, The Examiner, 1/21/2007
But . . . : Court Precedents Side With Diocese of Virginia, William Etherington, 1/21/2007
Suits as Punishment?: Truro, Others Stand on Solid Legal Ground, Jim Oakes, 1/21/2007
Anglican TV Episode 15, Drell's Descants, 1/21/2007
The 815 Creed [satire], Captain Yips Secret Journal, 1/20/2007
Central African Primate will resist pro-gay cleric's bid for bishopric, VirtueOnline-News, 1/20/2007
Bishop Beisner Spins the Illegal Defrocking Of Fr. Miller, Drell's Descants, 1/19/2007
Bonnie Anderson: 'Women's Ordination is Settled", The Living Church Foundation, 1/19/2007
The Language of Liturgy, Captain Yips Secret Journal, 1/19/2007
Liturgies, Captain Yips Secret Journal, 1/19/2007
Way Back in History [Episcopal], Captain Yips Secret Journal, 1/19/2007
TEC to AC: Kiss Off, Midwest Conservative Journal, 1/19/2007
Legal Fiction [TEC], Midwest Conservative Journal, 1/19/2007
Hardball [Schori, TEC], Midwest Conservative Journal, 1/19/2007
Conservative [Anglican] Primates Will "Act Together" In Tanzania, VirtueOnline-News, 1/19/2007
Mark Harris' Manifesto For Walking Apart [Part Three], Gary L'Hommedieu, 1/19/2007
"Introduction to the [39] Articles" by Alfred Barry , Prydain, 1/19/2007
The AMiA Publishes new BCP for Trial Use, Stand Firm, 1/19/2007
VA: Presiding Bishop's Statement on Truro, Falls Church Property Dispute, Katharine Jefferts Schori, 1/19/2007
VA Churches Respond, Urge Return to Negotiating Table, Jim Pierobon, for The Falls Church & Truro Church, 1/19/2007
VA: Truro Church Vandalized, VirtueOnline-News, 1/18/2007
Where Your Treasure Is [DioVA officially declares war], Midwest Conservative Journal, 1/18/2007
Not Familiar to Everyone [Book of Common Prayer], The Rev. Robert M. Ross, 1/18/2007
An excerpt from "Holiness" by Ryle, Prydain, 1/18/2007
AMiA Winter Conference Draws Largest Turnout Ever, David W. Virtue and Auburn Traycik, 1/17/2007
Is it Anglican well-being or willful amnesia?, Bishop FitzSimons Allison and Dean William McKeachie, 1/17/2007
(Memphis) Churches request Anglican diocese, bishop, Stand Firm, 1/17/2007
Susan Russell: We're Right, You're Wrong, So There, Stand Firm, 1/17/2007
Saint Gene?, Stand Firm, 1/17/2007
"The Subway Canaries": Time to Set the Record Straight on Akinola, Stand Firm, 1/17/2007
Va. churches' dispute with Episcopal diocese come to a boil, VirtueOnline-News, 1/17/2007
Pastoral Letter from Bishop Henry Louttit concerning Christ Church, Savannah, VirtueOnline-News, 1/17/2007
Mark Harris' Manifesto For Walking Apart [Part Two], Gary L'Hommedieu, 1/16/2007
Nigerian Bishops Warn of Schism in Anglican Church, Lillian Kwon, The Christian Post, 1/16/2007
"Let This Day Be Remembered" , The Rev. David Baumann, 1/16/2007
Roll the Jefferts Schori tape, once again, The Connecticut Six, 1/16/2007
Lambeth 2008 Must Not Be A Jamboree, Peter Onwubuariri, Agbarha-Otor, 1/16/2007
Friendly Fire [liberal Episcopal knives continue to come out], Midwest Conservative Journal, 1/16/2007
Anglican Church At Crossroads Over Gay Bishop, The Bahama Journal, 1/16/2007
Legal Defense Fund for Orthodox [Episcopal] Parishes, Stand Firm, 1/16/2007
North American Reunification: Danger and Hope [TEC], Matt Kennedy, 1/16/2007
+John Hepworth [TAC], on TEC and Departing Parishes, The Continuum, 1/16/2007
Anglicanism Part II: The Validity of the Anglican Episcopate, An Anglican Cleric, 1/15/2007
Two More Parishes Disaffiliate from ECUSA and Dio VA, Uncle Dino's Observations in Black and White, 1/15/2007
[What it means to be] In Communion, Anglican Philosopher, 1/15/2007
Nigeria House of Bishops issue warning to Anglican Communion Leaders, VirtueOnline-News, 1/15/2007
Churches request [Kenyan] Anglican diocese, bishop, VirtueOnline-News, 1/15/20077
If the Pope can go to Turkey, Can the ABC go to Texas? , Bishop Paul Marshall, 1/14/2007
Reflections on Moving Forward [TEC], The Rev'd Canon David C. Anderson, 1/14/2007
Integrity Interviews the Presiding Bishop, titusonenine, 1/14/2007
Post-Christian Liturgies for Secular Saints [TEC], Stand Firm, 1/14/2007
Thinking Anglicans: Round-Up of American Revisionist Scorn for the Anglican Communion, Stand Firm, 1/14/2007
Traditionalist! Figure Out Where You Stand! Speak up! Come Out! [a lesson here], Manny Publius, 1/14/2007
Mark Harris' Manifesto For Walking Apart [Part One], Gary L'Hommedieu, 1/13/2007
New head of Episcopal diocese sees need for change, VirtueOnline-News, 1/13/2007
Dropping the mask [TEC], Midwest Conservative Journal, 1/13/2007
New head of Episcopal diocese sees need for change, VirtueOnline-News, 1/13/2007
Another Reporter Doesn't Get It [Susan Russell and the TECleft], Greg Griffith, 1/13/2007
UT: St. John's alliance with AMiA 'fit the bill' , VirtueOnline-News, 1/13/2007
'I'm no wishy-washy non-believer', New Zealand Herald, 1/13/2007
AAC President Transfers Canonical Residency to Anglican Church of Nigeria, VirtueOnline-News, 1/12/2007
Cooties [TECleft], Midwest Conservative Journal, 1/12/2007
"Dear Friends at St. Paul's": Bishop-elect Lawrence [SC] writes his parish, Bishop-elect Mark Lawrence, 1/12/2007
Women's Ordination, an Eastern Orthodox View, Frederica Mathewes-Green/The Continuum, 1/12/2007
Northern California Bishop Warned: Statements Could be Libelous, The Living Church Foundation, 1/12/2007
Nigerian Primate Explains Scriptural Basis For Opposition To Homosexuality, David W. Virtue, 1/11/2007
Long Time Coming [Schori, TEC], Midwest Conservative Journal, 1/11/2007
First Out The Door? [TECleft], Midwest Conservative Journal, 1/11/2007
Color-Coded Maps Reveal Religious Adherents of U.S. Citizens, VirtueOnline-News, 1/11/2007
Out of Africa [NYT's spin on Akinola], Faith McDonnell, 1/11/2007
African Anglicans to snub pro-gay rights US bishop, VirtueOnline-News, 1/11/2007
Bigotry or Obedience? The Media and the Episcopal Church, Chuck Colson, 1/10/2007
Superstar [Schori], Midwest Conservative Journal, 1/10/2007
And Now...Idiots [liberal Anglican "Mad Priest"], Midwest Conservative Journal, 1/10/2007
Hide the Women and Children [Kate Schori's giving interviews again], Midwest Conservative Journal, 1/10/2007
LONDON: Peers back gay rights laws despite protest ["charter for suing Christians"], VirtueOnline-News, 1/10/2007
Potomac Falls Splits from The Episcopal Church, VirtueOnline-News, 1/10/2007
NorCal: Attorney Releases Documents Alleging Diocesan Duplicity, VirtueOnline-News, 1/10/2007
VA: Diocese May Pursue Litigation Against The Falls Church, Truro, Other Churches, Free Republic, 1/10/2007
Where Your Treasure Is [VA and TEC get ready to open fire], Midwest Conservative Journal, 1/09/2007
Dog Bites Man [Episcopal Women's Caucus on Panel of Reference's Fort Worth decision], Christopher Johnson, 1/09/2007
Anglicans "can reject women priests", Titusonenine, 1/09/2007
William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury, Wannabe/Newbie Anglican, 1/08/2007
Anglican Communion : Ancient & Future: Church Planting for the 21st Century, Bishop Chuck Murphy, 1/08/2007
Northern California parish's ad about conflict in Episcopal Church garners much reaction, The Rev. Mary Frances Schjonberg, 1/08/2007
Why We Left the Episcopal Church, The Rev. John Yates and Os Guinness, 1/08/2007
Man Bites Dog [Decision from Panel of Reference, Anglican], Christopher Johnson, 1/08/2007
Episcopal Church Seeks to Join Lawsuit to Seize Syracuse Parish, Raymond J. Dague, 1/08/2007
Priests reject Petaluma church's move [CA, TEC], VirtueOnline-News, 1/08/2007
RI: Bishop Wolf to marry N.Y. businessman, VirtueOnline-News, 1/08/2007
Big Big Big Day On The Anglican News Front, Drell's Descants, 1/08/2007
The Articles of Religion of the Church of England: Article XXIX. Of the Wicked..., An Anglican Cleric, 1/07/2007
CT State Is Front Line In Episcopalian War, VirtueOnline-News, 1/07/2007
News & Events in ECUSA & Abroad, Sarah Hey, 1/07/2007
Playing the Hate Card, Gary L'Hommedieu, 1/07/2007
Anglican TV Episode 14, Drell's Descants, 1/07/2007
Comes The Dawn [Williams admits being close to losing control of Anglican affairs], Christopher Johnson, 1/06/2007
Anglican Orders are Alive and Well!, An Anglican Cleric, 1/04/2007
A Covenant for a Confused Church, VirtueOnline-News, 1/04/2007
This is My Church. This is My Church Slimed By the Washington Post, Mary Katharine Ham, 1/04/2007
Hong Kong Anglican leader says Anglicans can co-exist over homosexuality, Ekklesia UK, 1/04/2007
Worldwide Anglicans to meet in Bahamas, VirtueOnline-News, 1/04/2007
The unspoken tragedy of the Episcopal Church's sudden self-destruction, episcopalchurch.org, 1/04/2007
The Rev. Daniel McGrath: "The Son of God Incarnate" , Prydain, 1/04/2007
Episcopal Churches' Breakaway in Va. Evolved Over 30 Years, VirtueOnline-News, 1/04/2007
Surprise! Washington Post misrepresents truth, Les Kinsolving, 1/03/2007
Second meeting of self-styled 'Windsor Bishops' begins [ENS gets snarky], The Rev. Mary Frances Schjonberg, 1/03/2007
Report: 51 priests in same-sex civil partnerships , WorldNetDaily, 1/03/2007
Funding Deceptive Philosophies: Bishop NT Wright and Assessments, Matt Kennedy, 1/03/2007
Comes The Dawn, Christopher Johnson, 1/02/2007
Queen petitioned by Church [against "gay rights" laws], VirtueOnline-News, 1/02/2007
Anglicanism Part I: The Foundations of Reformed Catholicsm, An Anglican Cleric, 1/02/2007
Scripture Slicing at the Gerald Ford Funeral, The Rev. Canon Kendall Harmon, 1/02/2007
Bishop Lamb of Northern CA Interprets Request For Letters Dimissory As Renunciation Of Holy Orders, Drell's Descants, 1/02/2007
What's New from Oxford? The 1928 Book of Common Prayer [rebound!], The Prayer Book Society , 1/02/2007
The Anglican Way in 2007. Is OPTIMISM appropriate? , The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 1/01/2007
Episcopal leaders fear 'permanent split': Bishop issues ultimatum to conservative congregation , South Coast Today, 1/01/2007
Our Worthy Opponents: Learning from the Best, Sarah Hey, 1/01/2007
Question 13: What is CANA's position on Women's Ordination?, An Anglican Cleric, 1/01/2007