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Older Articles Archive (2006, Jan-Jun)

Last updated: 2/20/2007 Note: The articles following are (mostly) an archive of those posted to Free Republic for discussion by FR's traditional Anglicans and others.
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June 2006:
"815 Second Ave": New Episcopal satire blog, Captain Yips Secret Journal, 6/30/2006
Episcopal rift over gay bishops widens, AP, 6/30/2006
Bakersfield, CA: Local churches may face schism, VirtueOnline-News, 6/30/2006
Australia: Crises of faith, VirtueOnline-News, 6/30/2006
A Confederation? E Unus Constituent or Associated?, The Rev. Christopher Cantrell, 6/30/2006
PB-elect Schori on NPR, TexAnglican, 6/30/2006
John Danforth on Gay Marriage and Episcopal Church Issues, Lee Penn, 6/30/2006
Gay Lobby Owns General Convention 2009 [TEC], anthills, 6/30/2006
Two Reflections on the “Reflection” [Anglican], RatherNotBlog, 6/30/2006
Anthony Scramone on the Anglican predicament, The Confessing Reader, 6/30/2006
Alternative Primatial Oversight – a novel development for Anglicans, The Rev'd Dr. Peter Toon, 6/30/2006
The MedicoTheological Ethics of Separating Ecclesial and Biological “Conjoined Twins”, Clueless Christian, 6/29/2006
Anglican Identity, according to Dr Rowan Williams, The Rev'd Dr. Peter Toon MA, 6/29/2006
4 Episcopal dioceses want out of church -- Opposition to gays in clergy, San Francisco Chronicle, 6/29/2006
Falls Church, Truro deny Washington Times Story, 6/29/2006
Virginia churches plan diocese exit [Truro and Falls Church], Julia Duin, 6/29/2006
The Episcopal Church is Splintering, Mike McManus, 6/29/2006
Moral Imperialism: The Episcopal Church Of The United States, Bill Gnade, 6/29/2006
On "Ruth Gledhill: Newark Re-enters Anglican Fray", Matt Kennedy, 6/29/2006
Hardball, Midwest Conservative Journal, 6/29/2006
Newark re-enters Anglican fray, Ruth Gledhill, 6/28/2006
"The State of the Church": Letter from Fr. Clifford, Faith Episcopal, Allen TX, FreeRepublic, 6/28/2006
Flipping the Bird [TEC Newark], Christopher Johnson, 6/28/2006
Meltdown [TEC], Christopher Johnson, 6/28/2006
Sydney: Church is split, declares Archbishop Jensen, 6/28/2006
Newark Sticks Finger In Archbishop's Eye, anthills, 6/28/2006
Rowan Finally Speaks - But What About Those In The US Who Want Full Communion, Brad Drell, 6/28/2006
Anglican Identity, according to Dr Rowan Williams: A call to Common Prayer, The Rev'd Dr. Peter Toon , 6/28/2006
Abp. Peter Jensen's response to Abp. Rowan Williams' "Reflections" , Prydain, 6/28/2006
TEC: More Weird Liturgy? - "Our Lady" Rite Author Inspired By Labyrinth Walk, The Christian Challenge, 6/27/2006
The Lambeth walk: The Archbishop of Canterbury shows true leadership, TimesOnlineUK, 6/27/2006
Pioneer’s all aglow, still afire [TEC: love it or leave it], titusonenine, 6/27/2006
Archbishop - 'Challenge and hope' for the Anglican Communion, The Church of England Website , 6/27/2006
Ants are chewing on it [on Rowan Williams' statement], anthills, 6/27/2006
Some Reactions to Rowan Williams’ Statement this Morning, titusonenine and several others, 6/27/2006
More Salt in the Episcopalian Wound, Mark Driscoll, 6/27/2006
Episcopal Church and United Methodists Gang Up on Catholics, The Boston Globe, 6/27/2006
“Our Mother Jesus”: What has the Episcopal Church become?, R. Andrew Newman, 6/27/2006
GC ’06 Fallout: The Archbishop of Canterbury Reflects, Mark Marshall, 6/27/2006
Cantuar Dicit, Captain Yips Secret Journal, 6/27/2006
Worldwide Anglican church facing split over gay bishop, titusonenine, 6/27/2006
God and the Bible in the New Episcopal Religion, The Rev'd Dr. Peter Toon, 6/26/2006
The Rev. Robert Hart: "Lazarus and Dives", Prydain, 6/26/2006
Fallout [The Episcopal crack-up begins], Midwest Conservative Journal, 6/26/2006
A reporter's take on the Anglican battles (Ruth Gledhill), Scripps Howard News Service, 6/26/2006
Fallout II , Christopher Johnson, 6/26/2006
"TEC" - Poised To Become A Rival Anglican Communion?, David Virtue and Auburn Traycik, 6/26/2006
APA Provincial Synod Report [compare/contrast with TEC GC2006!], The Continuing Anglican Churchman, 6/26/2006
What Is God Doing?, Richard Kew, 6/26/2006
AKMA on the aftermath of General Convention, The Confessing Reader, 6/26/2006
Purity (on the Left), Captain Yips Secret Journal, 6/26/2006
FL: Bishop Spins GC2006: "We have complied with Windsor Report", Bishop John Howard, 6/26/2006
Cathedral Dean Pleads for Mercy, David W. Virtue, 6/26/2006
Happy Place, Christopher Johnson, 6/26/2006
Truth should be more important than unity, The Rt. Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, 6/25/2006
Sticks and Stones - Virginia Style (On "Bishop Lee: 'The Center has Held'”), Uncle Dino's Observations in Black and White, 6/25/2006
Countdown: Newark Bishop Nominees In Three Days [TEC], anthills, 6/25/2006
ECUSA/TEC GenCon 2006 Wrap-up -- the blogging continues, sionnsar, 6/25/2006
Baptism into the New Episcopal Religion. But is it baptism into the real Kingdom of God?, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 6/25/2006
An Open Letter to my Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered, V. Gene Robinson, 6/25/2006
How to Make Your Very Own Jesus, Daniel J. Phillips, 6/25/2006
What to do now?, John Rodgers, VirtueOnline-News 6/25/2006
The Landscape Has Change: One Pastor's Reflection, Greg Brewer, VirtueOnline-News, 6/25/2006
GC ’06 Fallout: Bishop Duncan’s Letter Revisited, Wannabe/Newbie Anglican, 6/24/2006
Episcopalians curb anti-Israel rhetoric, Jerusalem Post, 6/24/2006
Protesting on behalf of the Gospel & Orthodoxy inside and outside the ECUSA, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 6/24/2006
Bishop Iker's Interview with "Stand Firm", TexAngican, 6/24/2006
The Oasis/Integrity Folks On The Compromise, Drell's Descants, 6/24/2006
New bishop has feeble following, The Toronto Sun, 6/24/2006
Looking backward from year 2015 (fiction, written - date unknown), Lee Penn, 6/24/2006 (posted)
Ft. Worth: +Iker plans to stay in church , VirtueOnline-news, 6/24/2006
“What new thing is the Spirit doing?”, Dr. Edith Humphrey, 6/24/2006
“A new day is dawning” - letter to be read in Churches, AllTooCommon, 6/24/2006
Anglican Communion Institute Analyzes GC 2006, Uncle Dino's Observations in Black and White, 6/24/2006
Traditional Anglicans Mourn Episcopal Church [ACiA/TAC], The Christian Challenge, 6/24/2006
Reflections on Episcopalianism, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 6/23/2006
AAC President, "The Episcopal Church did not deliver", The Rev. Canon David C. Anderson, 6/23/2006
The Flat Church - What Happens When the Church is Run by the Hoi Polloi..., Fr. Lee Nelson, 6/23/2006
women as clergy... do they contribute to the advance of progressive liberalism (revisionism)?, The Revd. Dr. Peter Toon, 6/23/2006
The Rev. Earle Fox: "The Episcopal Tragedy and the Coming of Clarity" , Prydain, 6/23/2006
LA Times Accuses Traditional Christians of 'Fixation on Sex and Gender', Mark Finkelstein, 6/23/2006
How Did The Catholic Church Avoid The Dire Situation That Looms For The Episcopal Church?, Catholic Report , 6/23/2006
Reflections on The Episcopal Church Convention, The Rt. Rev. Chuck Murphy (AMiA), 6/23/2006
Damn the Windsor Resolutions, Full Speed Ahead [TEC hypocrisy], Christopher Johnson, 6/23/2006
Picking Up The Pace [+Duncan writes orthodox Episcopalians], Christopher Johnson, 6/23/2006 The New Episcopate of the New Episcopal Religion, The Rev'd Dr. Peter Toon , 6/23/2006
The Choice is Clear, Labarum, 6/23/2006
GC2006 End + 1: Links, sionnsar, 6/22/2006
Little Stone Bridges & Why We Fight for Them, Sarah Hey, 6/22/2006
Aftermath [TEC GC 2006], Christopher Johnson, 6/22/2006
A sign of hope for Episcopalians, The Seattle Times, 6/22/2006
Church lite, Cal Thomas, 6/22/2006
Closed Out Of Town, Midwest Conservative Journal , 6/22/2006
The New Episcopal Religion is here to stay, The Rev'd Dr. Peter Toon, 6/22/2006
Liberal Bishops sign 'Statement of Conscience', VirtueOnline-News, 6/22/2006
Birthing Conjoined Twins? [TEC], titusonenine, 6/22/2006
Thoughts on "Another Cry of the Orthodox" and GC2006 , Prydain, 6/21/2006
Episcopals agree to curb consecration of gay bishops (reverses yesterday's vote), Yahoo, 6/21/2006
Our Mother Jesus . . . a sermon by US church's new head , Ruth Gledhill , 6/21/2006
Growth measures seek to build membership (what's wrong with this picture?), Episcopal News Service, 6/21/2006
Bishop Katherine celebrates transgender Jesus, Hans Zeiger, 6/21/2006
Liberals to Lambeth: Bite Us, Midwest Conservative Journal, 6/21/2006
June 21: An attempt at a round up, titusonenine, 6/21/2006
Uncle Dino on GC 2006, Uncle Dino's Observations in Black and White 6/21/2006
Full Corrected Transcript (Live Blog) of Today’s Events, Matt Kennedy, 6/21/2006
Episcopalians refuse affirmation of Christ , Hans Zeiger, 6/20/2006
Church regrets, won't repent for gay bishop, Julia Duin, 6/20/2006
Two More Dioceses Will Consider Alternative Oversight, The Living Church Foundation, 6/20/2006
Breaking: Resolution A161 voted down, Midwest Conservative Journal, 6/20/2006
People dealing with same-sex attraction by being faithful to Scripture called 'heroes..., The Layman Online , 6/20/2006
Episcopalians reject ban on gay bishops, Rachel Zoll, 6/20/2006
The triumph of the New Episcopal Religion; TEC chooses to walk apart, The Rev'd Dr. Peter Toon, 6/20/2006
Deputies Reject Windsor Call For Restraint, Hans Zeiger and Auburn Traycik, 6/20/2006
Anglicans 'are close to anarchy' in dispute over female bishop , Ruth Gledhill and James Bone, 6/20/2006
Who has done the departing?, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 6/19/2006
Episcopal boredom, Hans Zeiger, 6/19/2006
The Rev. Samuel Edwards: On Fathers and Fathering , Prydain, 6/19/2006
The New Episcopal Church -- Wardens of the Global Underclass, Gary L'Hommedieu, 6/19/2006
A Statement from Bishop Jack Iker on the Election of the New Presiding Bishop, VirtueOnline-News, 6/19/2006
Breakdown [the Anglican split has officially begun?], Midwest Conservative Journal, 6/19/2006
Anglican bishop sees schism over US church head, ABC News & Reuters, 6/19/2006
Episcopalians get ready for gay ban vote, Rachel Zoll, 6/19/2006
New US church leader says homosexuality no sin, Reuters, 6/19/2006
John Neuhaus & Get Religion on the Episcopal Church's Female Bishop head, American Papist, 6/19/2006
Anglican split 'has become necessary', BBC News, 6/19/2006
Episcopalians elect 1st female leader, Rachel Zoll, 6/18/2006
ACN and FIF Respond to Schori Election, Virtueonline-News, 6/18/2006
Election of Woman Presiding Bishop is Slap in Face at Global South, David Virtue, 6/18/2006
The Episcopal Church intends to walk alone, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 6/18/2006
On Schori, Christopher Johnson, 6/18/2006
What is prayed is what is believed: one way to get sin made into holiness!, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 6/18/2006
Gay Eucharist attracts 1000+, Hans Zeiger, 6/17/2006
Deadlock reached on women bishops [CofE], The Church of England Newspaper, 6/16/2006
To Anglicans on Episcopal Ordination of Women - "Where Does the Anglican Communion Stand?" , Zenit News Agency, 6/16/2006
A note to sionnsar's ping lists, sionnsar, 6/15/2006
GC2006 Day 3: Daily Thread [ECUSA], sionnsar, 6/15/2006
The Other Is Never Wrong, The American Spectator, 6/15/2006
Pittsburgh bishop calls for split in Episcopal Church , Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/15/2006
Williams appeals for gay compromise as US dioceses plan split, Jonathan Petre, Telegraph, 6/15/2006
Opening Salvo?, Midwest Conservative Journal, 6/15/2006
Women bishops in the CofE: The impasse has arrived, Roland Morant, 6/15/2006
Continuing Anglicanism given a bad write-up: Shame on Oxford University Press, The Revd. Dr. Peter Toon, 6/15/2006
Demolition [+Wright on ECUSA], Christopher Johnson, 6/14/2006
GC2006 Day 2: Daily Thread [ECUSA], sionnsar, 6/14/2006
Gay Episcopalian Bishop Urges Tolerance, AP, 6/14/2006
To ECUSA's Homosexual Party there is one measure of morality and only one, Christopher Johnson, 6/14/2006
The Bishop of Durham finds ECUSA's Special Commission report severely wanting, Christopher Johnson, 6/14/2006
+Tom Wright on what ECUSA is Facing, meam commemorationem, 6/14/2006
ugh, Whitehall, 6/14/2006
Columbus, OH: The gospel of Liberality, Hans Zeiger, 6/13/2006
It is midnight -- do you know where your prayer book is?, The Connecticut Six, 6/13/2006
Adventures In Episcopal Liturgy ECUSA Commission Offers Mixed Bag Of New Rites , Lee Penn, 6/13/2006
General Convention and the Misuse of Motorcycles, Richard Kew, 6/13/2006
GC2006 Day 1: Daily Thread [ECUSA], sionnsar, 6/13/2006
The Rev. William Klock: "Lessons from Lot" , Prydain, 6/13/2006
Statement by Lord Carey, VirtueOnline-News, 6/13/2006
Frank Lang Syne, Christopher Johnson, 6/13/2006
GC2006 - 1: Daily Thread [ECUSA], sionnsar, 6/12/2006
London Times: Anglicans face rift over gay clergy, Ruth Gledhill, 6/12/2006
Fuse, Burning [ECUSA], Captain Yips Secret Journal , 6/12/2006
Every Man a Theologian (on ECUSA), Drell's Descants, 6/12/2006
On Female Bishops, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 6/12/2006
The Babel of [Spong's] Anglicanism, meam commemorationem, 6/12/2006
The Rev. Samuel Edwards: Sermon for Trinity Sunday , Prydain, 6/12/2006
Church to Address Fallout Over Gay Bishop, Rachel Zoll, 6/12/2006
[CofE] Church leaders 'back to square one' as talks on women bishops fail, VirtueOnline-News, 6/11/2006
A majority of the leadership of ECUSA has abandoned the apostolic teachings, The Rt. Rev. Stephen H. Jecko, 6/11/2006
Episcopalians pondering leaving fold, Gary Elerling, 6/11/2006
In Columbus, Andy Figueroa, 6/11/2006
GC2006 - 2: Daily Thread [ECUSA], sionnsar, 6/11/2006
Excerpt from "Needs of the Times" by J.C. Ryle , Prydain, 6/11/2006
”I will not elevate the Unity of the Church above the Truth of the Gospel.”, Wannabe/Newbie Anglican, 6/10/2006
Church 'could be forced to bless gay weddings' (United Kingdom), UK Telegraph, 6/10/2006
Home Stretch [GC2006 - 3 and counting], Christopher Johnson, 6/10/2006
Griswold Agonistes (Part II), David W. Virtue, 6/10/2006
"Forgetting" Dromantine, Matt Kennedy, 6/10/2006
Where Your Treasure Is: The Decline and Fall of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania, Labarum, 6/10/2006
GC2006 - 3: Daily Thread [ECUSA], 6/10/2006
Bishop Spong On GC2006, Drell's Descants, 6/09/2006
Persecuted Priests: A Growing Problem in US, Mary Ann Kreitzer - Catholic Media Coalition, 6/09/2006
Making the Call [ECUSA GC2006], Christopher Johnson, 6/09/2006
The Episcopal Confusion: A Review of the 2006 Blue Book , Hans Zeiger, 6/09/2006
In Pittsburgh, conservative bishop hews to tradition , American Anglican Council, 6/09/2006
Bishop Sauls and Anglicanism, The Rev. Dr. Leander Harding, 6/09/2006
The Three Rs Key to General Convention 2006, The Rev. Martyn Minns, 6/08/2006
Episcopal Madness, Hans Zeiger, 6/08/2006
Paul Zahl on the Ethics of Blogging, titusonenine, 6/08/2006
The Barbarian Bloggers Dr. Zahl is right... and wrong, Greg Griffith, 6/08/2006
After General Convention, Andy Figueroa, 6/08/2006
ECUSA: I'll cast a spell on you [ECUSA still selling pagan book], Ruth Gledhill, 6/08/2006
Anglican Church in America: An Apostolic Call to Unity, The Christian Challenge, 6/08/2006
2006 Anglican Use Conference Report, Canterbury Tales, 6/08/2006
The 1979 ECUSA Prayer Book & "The TRINITY", The Rev'd Dr. Peter Toon, 6/08/2006
A Response to Fr. Timothy Fountain (Parts 1&2) [on "The Broad Church, The Orthodox, and GLBTs], Matt Kennedy, 6/07/2006
General Convention and Autonomy, Fr. Tony Clavier, 6/07/2006
All In, Christopher Johnson, 6/07/2006
Vatican official to Anglicans: Women bishops would destroy unity, Catholic News Service, 6/07/2006
The Consistency of Bishop Warner of Olympia, The Rev. Dr Peter Toon, 6/06/2006
Vicar of All Souls Episcopal Regarding GC2006, The Rev. V. Creighton Evans, 6/06/2006
Cardinal Kasper speaks to the English House of Bishops, meam commemorationem, 6/06/2006
'Prepare for Crucifixion,' Bishop Duncan Tells Fort Worth Clergy , The Living Church Foundation, 6/06/2006
FRANKAPALOOZA! [Mass in honor of Griswold], Christopher Johnson, 6/05/2006
A Listing of General Convention Resources, titusonenine, 6/05/2006
A Communion In Crisis–A reflection offered by Lord Carey, titusonenine, 6/05/2006
The Fifth Scenario: Anglican Futures II, Matt Kennedy, 6/05/2006
Comparison of Windsor, Dromantine and ECUSA on certain requests, anthills, 6/05/2006
Can A Phoenix Fly? -- Part Two, Richard Kew, 6/05/2006
Sermon for Pentecost: “Love and Obedience”, St. Joseph's Anglican Church, 6/04/2006
Heresy and Schism, The Right Reverend Robinson Cavalcanti, 6/04/2006
Baptism & Ministry – a major error within Northern/Western Anglicanism, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 6/04/2006
One Chapter of One Book, then let it be this…., The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 6/04/2006
Round Two [Bennison situation], Captain Yips Secret Journal, 6/03/2006
Anglican Futures, Matt Kennedy, 6/03/2006
Pentecost Was A Surprise, The Rev. Canon Dr. Kendall S. Harmon, 6/03/2006
The Episcopal Church - An Historical Reflection, Bruce A. Flickinger, 6/03/2006
An introduction to icons, RatherNotBlog, 6/03/2006
Finding a Calling in the Episcopal Church, Labarum, 6/03/2006
The Martyrs of Uganda , Kendall Harmon, 6/03/2006
Uganda Martyrs Day - June 3, GadgetVicar, 6/03/2006
New Primus toes line on gays [Scottish Episcopal Church], Bill Bowder, 6/02/2006
The Rt. Rev. Ashton Oxenden: "Helps by the Way: The Bible" , Prydain, 6/02/2006
Dancing on Air, Captain Yips Secret Journal, 6/02/2006
Marriage and Ordination Liturgies – are they connected?, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 6/02/2006
In Your Anger Do Not Sin, Alice C. Linsley, 6/02/2006
New England Apostles: Bringing the Gospel Home [AMiA], VirtueOnline-News, 6/02/2006
View from the 8th grade: Division in the Episcopal Church, Andy Figueroa, 6/02/2006
Laodiceans: The Rev. Haller hopes Anglican marriage saveable, Midwest Conservative Journal, 6/01/2006
Upside the Head [Swing asks Bennison to resign], Midwest Conservative Journal, 6/01/2006
Another One Takes the Plunge [swims the Tiber], TexAnglican, 6/01/2006
The Need for Discipline, The Rev. Oliver R. Vietor, 6/01/2006
Bishops – focus of unity or cause of disorder?, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 6/01/2006
PA: Suppressed Management Letters Revealed, David W. Virtue, 6/01/2006
A Tale of Two Bishops: clarity on homosexuality could lead to schism, David W. Virtue, 6/01/2006
Can the Episcopal Church Survive?, Hans Zeiger, 6/01/2006

May 2006:
"Biblical" Values for Gnostic "Families", Matt Kennedy, 5/31/2006
On the Anglican Crisis, David Scott, 5/31/2006
The Law of Doctrinal Discipline in the Church of England, Norman Doe, VirtueOnline-news, 5/31/2006
Fred Butler: Questions to Ask When Evaluating Ministries and Teachers , Prydain, 5/31/2006
Panel of Reference: Statement concerning the Diocese of Connecticut, VirtueOnline-News, 5/31/2006
Emanations and Penumbras, Christopher Johnson, 5/31/2006
End of the Line, Christopher Johnson, 5/30/2006
Earning the Right to Lead, Alice C. Linsley, 5/30/2006
Communion in Crisis: the Way Forward for Evangelicals (I), The Most Rev. Dr. Peter Jensen, 5/30/2006
Crisis in the Communion: the Way Forward for Evangelicals (II), The Most Rev. Dr. Peter Jensen, 5/30/2006
Paying the Piper, Christopher Johnson, 5/29/2006
Authority, or the lack thereof, RatherNotBlog, 5/29/2006
Scholars Ponder Same-Sex 'Marriage' Issues, The Connecticut Six, 5/29/2006
Other Interesting Anglican/Church-Related Music, The Continuing Anglican Churchman, 5/29/2006 (Part 1)
Bible supports homosexual partnerships, says bishop, Telegraph, 5/28/2006
Doubting the Ascension, Matt Kennedy, 5/28/2006
Missional – is orthodox Liturgy intended to be “missional”? , The Rev'd Dr. Peter Toon, 5/28/2006
Prince (Charles the weak) 'cannot defend all faiths', BBC, 5/27/2006
Diocese of CA Bishop-Elect Hides Past, David W. Virtue, 5/27/2006
Giant Fudge Sunday, Andy Figueroa, 5/27/2006
Bishop Duncan on “The Windsor Report”, The Rev'd Dr. Peter Toon, 5/27/2006
A sturdy and theological robust Anglo-Catholic tradition, Rev'd Dr. Leander Harding, 5/27/2006 (quote)
Take a Deep Breath [Bennison and coverup], Captain Yips Secret Journal, 5/27/2006
Windsor Report: It's not enough for healing, The Rt Revd Robert Duncan, 5/27/2006
Bishop Howard Confirms Death Row Inmates, Drell's Descants, 5/26/2006
No Same-Sex Stuff in the Blue Book: "Report to the 75th General Convention" , The Rev'd Dr. Peter Toon, 5/26/2006
Andrew Carey on the Anglican Covenant Concept/Developments, American Angliclan Council, 5/26/2006
Gay agenda means less freedom for all, VirtueOnline-News, 5/26/2006
Reminding ourselves of what the Windsor Report requires of ECUSA, The Rev'd Dr. Peter Toon, 5/26/2006
Depravity [in the ECUSA Diocese of California], Midwest Conservative Journal, 5/26/2006
Anglicans At Prayer - A Call to Pray for the Church and GC2006, VirtueOnline-News, 5/26/2006
LONDON: Bishops are urged to repel advance of multifaith society , Ruth Gledhill, 5/26/2006
The Rev. Peter Toon: On "The Great Forty Days" (Easter to Ascension) , Prydain, 5/26/2006
Two ECUSA bishops join opposition to marriage amendment on Capitol Hill, VirtueOnline-News, 5/26/2006
Kool-Aid Anyone?, Matt Kennedy, 5/26/2006
No Same-Sex Stuff In the Blue Book "Report to the 75th General Convention", The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 5/26/2006
Same-sex unions a matter of spiritual life and death, Garth George, 5/26/2006
Covenant hope for Anglican unity, Andrew Carey, 5/26/2006
Contenders, Midwest Conservative Journal, 5/26/2006
ECUSA to consider letting bishops take action against laity, John H. Adams, 5/25/2006
GC2006 : Presiding Bishop Nominees Interviewed By Louie Crew, VirtueOnline-News, 5/25/2006
Top Episcopal bishop is mum on gay rights, NJ.com, 5/25/2006
Why 2003 Matters, Midwest Conservative Journal, 5/25/2006
Are the Orthodox in ECUSA Ready to Follow Through?, Bruce A. Flickinger, 5/25/2006
What it will take [ECUSA GC2006], Anglican Communion Institute, 5/25/2006
Where Truth Resides: the Episcopal church and the least of our brethren [Part 1], Jill Woodliff, 5/25/2006
Words and Action, Wannabe/Newbie Anglican, 5/25/2006
Two Pre-GC2006 Items, anthills, 5/25/2006
A libel on the Continuing churches?, sionnsar, 5/25/2006
The Reformation: tragedy, bitterness, and necessity, The Confessing Reader, 5/25/2006
Moderation In All Things, Fr. Tony Clavier, 5/25/2006
Romeward Bound Anglicans, All Too Common, 5/25/2006
Are We Really Episcopalians?, Fr. Tony Clavier, 5/24/2006
Bishop is abandoned in deepest Africa (over gay views), Ruth Gledhill, 5/24/2006
Apparently [Anglican] Africans mean what they say, Christopher Johnson, 5/24/2006
Integrity Recommends: Gay Jesus in Love, Stand Firm, 5/24/2006
Who Should Lead ECUSA? Only the Proven, Alice C. Linsley, 5/24/2006
Anglican Pope, Dual Magisterium - Anything to Save the Comm-Union, The Connecticut Six, 5/24/2006
Integrity’s General Convention Resolution Scoreboard, anthills, 5/24/2006
Good Words, But . . . , Wannabe/Newbie Anglican, 5/24/2006
Is Sola Scriptura Anglican?, Matt Kennedy, 5/24/2006
Do not be surprised... [ECUSA GC2006], The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 5/23/2006
When Anglicans Got Spirituality Right, Peter Moore, 5/23/2006
Orthodox [Episcopalians] Must Summon the Will to Survive, Gary L'Hommedieu,VirtueOnline-News, 5/23/2006
The Network Bishops Speak, Matt Kennedy, 5/23/2006
Network Bishops Issue Position Statement, Anglican Communion Network, 5/23/2006
From Common Prayer then to Instruments then to Covenant and to what next?, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 5/23/2006
What Does It Mean?, Labarum, 5/22/2006
Two of Us Gathered Together, The Continuum, 5/23/2006
Like...Totally [from hippies to Episcopal nuns], Christopher Johnson, 5/22/2006
The Rev. Samuel Edwards: Sermon for the Fifth Sunday after Easter , Prydain, 5/22/2006
Towards an Anglican Covenant, titusonenine, 5/22/2006
Network Bishops Issue Position Statement, titusonenine, 5/22/2006
Bishop James Mote, 84, led split over Episcopal women's ordination, Plain Dealer, 5/22/2006
Before the Battle , Christopher Johnson, 5/22/2006
Can A Phoenix Fly?, Richard Kew, 5/22/2006
Anglican Churches from 4 States Form Common Cause Appalachia Alliance, VirtueOnline-News, 5/22/2006
Bishop Spong says gay rights secure, titusonenine, 5/22/2006
The Proposal For An Anglican Covenant, Drell's Descants, 5/22/2006
Why Conservatives Will Lose At General Convention, anthills, 5/22/2006
Extinguish the Paschal Candle on the Feast of Ascension . . . or Else!, Wannabe/Newbie Anglican, 5/22/2006
How many Anglicans does it take to change a light bulb?, Midwest Conservative Journal, 5/21/2006
VirtueOnline announces team of reporters for GC2006, David W. Virtue , 5/21/2006
Coventry Rhode Island parish to vote on details of split from Episcopal Church, titusonenine, 5/21/2006
Sexual Orientation Regulations 2006 [UK -- here it comes], VirtueOnline-News, 5/21/2006
Binky’s Too Funny Cartoon [on ECUSA GC2006], Drell's Descants, 5/21/2006
The Shape of the Iceberg, Kendall Harmon, 5/21/2006
Marriage Protection Amendment: The Consequences of Failure, VirtueOnline-News, 5/21/2006
What are we fighting for?, Paul Zahl, 5/21/2006
What Witness Will We Make? A response, David W. Virtue , 5/21/2006
Interview with David Bentley Hart, The Continuum, 5/21/2006
Same-sex ceasefire ends for Anglican Church , VirtueOnline-News, 5/20/2006
Non-Starter [ECUSA], Christopher Johnson, 5/20/2006
Compliantousness, Christopher Johnson, 5/20/2006
Archbishop Henry Orombi: ‘We need to go to the foot of the Cross…’, Global South African, 5/20/2006
Renewed Controversy over Same Sex partnered priest in the Diocese of Ottawa, titusonenine, 5/20/2006
Additional books on the Thirty-Nine Articles, now available online, Prydain, 5/20/2006
Remembering B001 (failed), Andy Figueroa, 5/20/2006
Stand Firm: Your GC06 News Source, Matt Kennedy, 5/20/2006
London: That Petre 'covenant' story , Ruth Gledhill, 5/20/2006
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March 2006:
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January 2006:
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