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Last updated: 2/20/2007 Note: The articles following are (mostly) an archive of those posted to Free Republic for discussion by FR's traditional Anglicans and others.
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December 2006:
England: Archbishop faces clash over gay marriages of 50 priests, VirtueOnline-News, 12/31/2006
The Rev. John Piper: an interesting look at "heresy vs. schism" , Prydain, 12/31/2006
On Christmas, Anglicans Online, 12/31/2006
Coming Apart and Coming Together [Episcopal Church], The Rev. Dr. Leander Harding, 12/30/2006
Kansas Diocese will withhold consent to elected SC Bishop, VirtueOnline-News, 12/30/2006
Presiding Bishop's Credo/a>, Katharine Jefferts Schori, 12/30/2006
New Year's Resolution for Traditional ECUSAns: Learn from the Best -- the 2002 Integrity Handbook , Sarah Hey, 12/29/2006
Petaluma church severs relationship with Episcopal Church, SFGate, 12/29/2006
Shooting War Started In The Diocese of Northern California, Drell's Descants, 12/29/2006
". . .but is it a Catholic parish?" , An Anglican Cleric, 12/29/2006
Should we abandon Infant Baptism, Peter Toon, 12/29/2006
Liberal Parish Seeks to Reopen Property Dispute [TEC], David W. Virtue, 12/28/2006
No Safe Place: The Mafia Episcopal Church Welcomes You!, Wannabe/Newbie Anglican, 12/28/2006
An Episcopal Parable [for Evangelicals], Faith and Gender, 12/27/2006
Reflecting on the History of Truro Parish in Virginia, BabyBlueOnline, 12/28/2006
What�s Happening Now: Canterbury Letter Spooks Liberals, Brad Drell, 12/28/2006
The Baptismal Covenant, Peter Toon, 12/28/2006
That�s so 16th century: Rob Sanders on justification and the Catholic Church, Fr. Alvin Kinel, 12/28/2006
The Cat Out Of The Bag [TECleft], Midwest Conservative Journal, 12/28/2006
The Letter, Lambeth, and a Little Bit More [The Journey of Christ Church, Plano: Part V], The Rev. Canon David Roseberry, 12/28/2006
2006 - The Year In Review [TEC], David W. Virtue, 12/27/2006
Summer Season: Katharine Jefferts Schori, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 12/27/2007
Yankee Doodle [TECleft], Midwest Conservative Journal, 12/27/2006
Extortion, Midwest Conservative Journal, 12/27/2006
Bishop N.T. Wright's Christmas Sermon 2006, Meam Commemorationem, 12/27/2006
A Christmas Sermon [Continuing Anglican], The Continuum, 12/27/2006
Dec. 27 - St. John's Day (and Day III of Christmastide), The Rev. Dr. Daniel McGrath, 12/27/2006
Commentary on the Archbishop of Canterbury's Letter to the Primates, BabyBlueOnline, 12/26/2006
What ++Orombi and +++Williams Said, Drell's Descants, 12/26/2006
Bid a fond farewell to the English way of religion , Theo Hobson, 12/26/2006
Dec. 26 - St. Stephen's Day (and Day Two of Christmastide), The Rev. Dr. Daniel McGrath, 12/26/2006
Mother Church of [GA Diocese] told to pay up or get out by liberal bishop, David W. Virtue, 12/26/2006
Standing Committee [KS Diocese] Lowers Boom on Mark Lawrence , titusonenine, 12/26/2006
Yes, There Are Two Americas: A review of "Who Really Cares" by Arthur C. Brooks , Stand Firm, 12/26/2006
Justification, The Reformers, and Rome, The Rev. Robert J. Sanders, 12/25/2006
An "Anglican World" Christmas Special: St. Nicholas, a Saint For Today, 12/24/2006
The way we live now: Geoffrey Kirk looks at Katharine Jeffers Schori's agenda , VirtueOnline-News, 12/24/2006
The need for a new "Anglican Missal", An Anglican Cleric, 12/23/2006
Government slaps down Anglican leader for Middle East outburst, Yahoo, 12/23/2006
Bishop: Bureaucrats are writing Christ out of Christmas, Daily Mail, 12/23/2006
Sermon on the Third Sunday in Advent (2006) Last Things First: Hell, The Rev. Samuel Edwards, 12/23/2006
Ordination at "Fort Bennison", Ungodly Rant, 12/23/2006
Why Not Leave?, William G. Witt, 12/22/2006
Good Riddance: The Episcopal split promises a stronger church [TECleft], The Rev. Astrid Storm, 12/22/2006
Williams to invite Schori to Tanzania Primates Meeting, David W. Virtue, 12/22/2006
Considering AMiA [The Journey of Christ Church, Plano: Part IV], The Rev. Canon David Roseberry, 12/22/2006
Real moral courage, Jay Ambrose, 12/22/2006
Hubris, Midwest Conservative Journal, 12/22/2006
Colloquium for Anglicans on Orthodoxy, Religion News Service, 12/21/2006
The Real Schismatics and Bigots, Patrick Buchanan, 12/21/2006
Considering CANA [The Journey of Christ Church, Plano: Part III], The Rev. Canon David Roseberry, 12/21/2006
Analysis: The new Anglican �covenant� proposal , Andrew Carey, 12/21/2006
Analysis: Anglican �covenant� needs prudence , Andrew Goddard, 12/21/2006
KY: Two former Episcopal groups are prospering , VirtueOnline-News, 12/21/2006
The liberal (Episcopal) Church in meltdown , VirtueOnline-News, 12/21/2006
The Smallness of God and Anglican Struggles, Fr. Stephen Freeman, 12/21/2006
Bishop Reid (Diocese of Jamaica) speaks about Truro, etc., A South Florida Anglican thinks, 12/20/2006
Anglicans on verge of split over same-sex marriage (extreme media bias alert), Michael Vapy, 12/20/2006
Where will unhappy Episcopalians find a home?, Terry Mattingly, 12/20/2006
Episcopalians Against Equality (extreme media bias alert), Washington Post, 12/20/2006
Who owns the steeple? [TEC], Edward E. Plowman, 12/20/2006
Question 13: What is CANA's position on Womens' Ordination?, Apologetics Galore, 12/19/2006
'Large, viable remnant' wants to continue as Episcopal congregation, ENS, 12/19/2006
Desperation, Christopher Johnson, 12/19/2006
Firearms [Christopher Johnson on Anglicanism], Midwest Conservative Journal, 12/19/2006
Uppity [hysteria on the Episcopal left] , Midwest Conservative Journal, 12/19/2006
Reconciliation [TECleft], Midwest Conservative Journal, 12/19/2006
Are You My Mother? [The Journey of Christ Church, Plano: Part II], The Rev. Canon David Roseberry, 12/19/2006
Reading Between The Lines: Commentary on the latest Press Release from the Diocese of VA, BabyBlueOnline, 12/19/2006
Breaking [UK]: The Covenant signatories and a response to Fulcrum, +NT Wright, et al, Stand Firm, 12/19/2006
St. John�s Anglican Church, Petaluma CA, Makes a New Beginning, titusonenine, 12/19/2006
Katharine Jefferts Schori: �Reconciliation Is the Episcopal Mission�, titusonenine, 12/19/2006
Diocese of Virginia approves freeze on litigation, titusonenine, 12/19/2006
Breaking Up is Hard to Do [The Journey of Christ Church, Plano: Part I] The Rev. Canon David Roseberry, 12/19/2006
A Statement from St. Paul's Church, Haymarket [VA], Stand Firm, 12/19/2006
Why Virginia is SO important, Peter Ould, 12/19/2006
Randomly Reflected, Captain Yips Secret Journal, 12/19/2006
Virginia Diocese Will �Assert� Canonical and Legal Rights, The Living Church Foundation, 12/18/2006
Property Commission Established by Bishop Peter Lee , VirtueOnline-News, 12/18/2006
Anglicanisms, Amy Welborn, 12/18/2006
News Links on the Momentous Decisions of a Number of Virginia Parishes, titusonenine, 12/18/2006
Schism looming for Anglican Communion, BBC News, 12/18/2006
Feel The Love [from the TECleft], Midwest Conservative Journal, 12/18/2006
Vote Results: Church of the Word, Gainesville, VA, Church of the Word, 12/18/2006
VA: Thousands of Episcopalians declare their independence from The Episcopal Church, VirtueOnline-news, 12/18/2006
Is Membership In The Anglican Consultative Council A Prerequisite?, Drell's Descants, 12/18/2006
Motes, Beams And All That [TECleft revealed], Midwest Conservative Journal, 12/17/2006
Dining while gay, and other crimes, daily episcopalian, 12/17/2006
VA bishop vows to care for remaining Episcopalians, asserts rights to property, ENS, 12/17/2006
Colour, Pomp, didgeridoo and a New Archbishop Down Under, titusonenine, 12/17/2006
Archbishop�s Middle East host in �nepotism� row, titusonenine, 12/17/2006
VA: The Falls Church, Truro congregations overwhemingly vote to break away from TEC, The Washington Post plus more, 12/17/2006
VA: Statement from Bishop Lee on The Falls Church, Truro vote to leave TEC, The Diocese of Virginia, 12/17/2006
Va. parishes split from Episcopal church, Yahoo! News, 12/17/2006
VA: Message from the Rector of St. Margaret�s Church (after vote to leave TEC), St Margaret's Church, 12/17/2006
Virginia parishes secede from Episcopal Church, chron.com, 12/17/2006
Episcopalians Are Reaching Point of Revolt, NYT, 12/17/2006
The New York Times realizes that an Anglican split is close, Midwest Conservative Journal, 12/17/2006
Stage Set for Costly Legal Property Fight in Episcopal Church USA, Agape Press, 12/16/2006
Canuteling, Midwest Conservative Journal, 12/16/2006
Sheep-Stealing [Griswold to Roman Catholics], Christopher Johnson, 12/14/2006
Williams warned of Church anarchy [CofE], Jonathan Petre, 12/14/2006
Agreement Reached between Diocese [of Olympia] and Two Anglican Parishes, VirtueOnline-News, 12/14/2006
An innocent's guide to things Anglican in the US, Ruth Gledhill, 12/14/2006
A Pastoral Letter from the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, The Most Rev. Henry Luke Orombi, 12/14/2006
Courts avoiding church dispute, Waterbury Republican-American, 12/14/2006
Schori's Legal Doberman, David W. Virtue, 12/13/2006
"Unification of all Anglican churches in North America is the goal", Canon David C. Anderson, 12/13/2006
Attleboro, MA: Bishop eyes sanctions at All Saints, VirtueOnline-News, 12/13/2006
Blinkin� CaNN�. [humor, TEC, Schori], The Age To Come, 12/13/2006
[VA] Church faces issue of land in split from Episcopalians, VirtueOnline-News, 12/12/2006
Anglicanism is alive and well in Umbria, orvieto [via titusonenine], 12/12/2006
A Covenant for the Church of England, titusonenine, 12/12/2006
Clergy & Wardens of Church of the Apostles, Fairfax VA, write Bishop Lee, Stand Firm, 12/12/2006
Anglican Report No. 12, Drell's Descants, 12/12/2006
All of Episcopal Church's Problems Helpfully Summarized on Back of Hybrid Vehicle, Nasty, Brutish & Short, 12/11/2006
"We have not abandoned the Communion of the Church", The Rev'd Dr. Robert Sanders, 12/11/2006
God Among Us - Mrs Schori's Christmas Message, VirtueOnline-News, 12/11/2006
Disintegration [All Saints, Woodbridge, VA votes to leave], Midwest Conservative Journal, 12/11/2006
[SC] Bishop-elect responds to questions about his stand on the Church's future, VirtueOnline-News, 12/11/2006
Episcopal parishes split with diocese [San Joaquin], titusonenine, 12/10/2006
VA: National Church May �Retain Interest� in Virginia Church Properties, The Living Church Foundation, 12/10/2006
Edgehill [CofE conservative revolt], Midwest Conservative Journal, 12/10/2006
Smyrna, TN: Congregations vie for same church, VirtueOnline-News, 12/09/2006
Evil-minded parishioners making life hell for clergy , VirtueOnline-News, 12/09/2006
Rift over sexuality, gender could split Episcopal Church, Anna Kaplan, 12/09/2006
Tanzania HOB issues statements on TEC, Robinson, Windsor Report, VirtueOnline-News, 12/09/2006
Peter Lee's Letter to Truro Parishioners, Uncle Dino's Observations in Black and White, 12/09/2006
[The Rev. Dr.] Sam Pascoe to the Jacksonville Times-Union, Apostolicity, 12/09/2006
"I have not abandoned the communion of the church" - Rev. Sam Pascoe, VirtueOnline-News, 12/09/2006
The Rev. Samuel Edwards: "Last Things First: Death" , Prydain, 12/09/2006
[San Diego] Episcopal bishop bids goodbye to congregants , North County Times, 12/08/2006
Eight Northern Virginia congregations to vote this weekend, Julia Duin, 12/08/2006
New Episcopal bishop arrested in anti-war rally, NC TImes, 12/08/2006
Associations [Andrus' arrest], Midwest Conservativ Journal, 12/08/2006
Fredericksburg, VA: St. Stephen's Church Will Vote to leave TEC, VirtueOnline-News, 12/08/2006
+Sentamu attacks 'move to throw away crib', VirtueOnline-News, 12/08/2006
WORLD's 2006 Daniels of the Year: Peter Jasper Akinola and Henry Luke Orombi, VirtueOnline-News, 12/08/2006
Episcopalian leader arrested during SF antiwar protest ["leader"? bishop!], VirtueOnline-News, 12/08/2006
Backatcha, Bwana [Falls Church and Truro Episcopal to Bishop Lee], Midwest Conservativ Journal, 12/08/2006
Bishop Howard Attempts to Depose Six of �Florida Seven� Priests, titusonenine, 12/08/2006
Lawsuits Against Los Angeles Congregations Dismissed, The Living Church Foundation, 12/07/2006
Voting Begins Sunday on Pulling Out Of Denomination at Falls Church Episcopal , VirtueOnline-News, 12/07/2006
Judge: Breakaway Episcopal congregations can keep property, VirtueOnline-News, 12/07/2006
Diocese of Olympia Passes Resolution Endorsing Partnered Gays for Ministry, Stand Firm, 12/07/2006
Archbishop of Canterbury says he has no 'pre-cooked' agenda for resolving conflict, VirtueOnline-News, 12/06/2006
The PB's Mailbag: Bishop Peter Lee [Satire], Stand Firm, 12/06/2006
The Litany: an introduction, The Rev. Dr. Daniel McGrath, 12/05/2006
Kate's Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat [Schori and her book], Christopher Johnson, 12/05/2006
Fait Accompli [We live in interesting Anglican times], Christopher Johnson 12/05/2006
Archbishop Venables: Primates Will Request Alternative Oversight for America, Stand Firm, 12/05/2006
Advent: a season for scrooges and spoil-sports? [Adventide], Anglican Parish Priest, 12/05/2006
The Sources of Division: A Statement by the Vestry of Truro Church , VirtueOnline-News, 12/04/2006
Once and Future Priest, The Rev. James Gordon Anderson, 12/04/2006
Crocodile Tears [Anglican Left], Christopher Johnson, 12/04/2006
Check's In The Mail [The TECleft gets turned down], Christopher Johnson, 12/04/2006
Presiding Bishop Laments actions of San Joaquin diocese, ENS, 12/04/2006
VA: Episcopal Churches To Vote on Departure, VirtueOnline-News, 12/04/2006
Stealing A Religion -- When the Faithful Become Trustees, The Rev. Gary L'Hommedieu, 12/04/2006
"I Will Welcome You": Finding a New Home in the Anglican Communion [Falls Church PDF], VirtueOnline-News, 12/04/2006
San Diego Diocese: 2 Episcopal clergymen, members exit diocese, American Anglican Council, 12/04/2006
Bishop Schofield Admitted to Hospital, Stand Firm, 12/04/2006
++Venables Speaks to Diocese of San Joaquin [video], Stand Firm, 12/04/2006
Report: Diocese of San Joaquin 47th Annual Convention, FR member "MooseDung - Lay Delegate to Convention", 12/03/2006
Episcopal Diocese Votes to Secede From Church (NYT gets headline wrong), NY Times, 12/03/2006
Bishop Ed Salmon speaks at San Joaquin Bishop's Dinner, AnglicanTV, 12/03/2006
Advent One, Fr. Robert Hart, 12/03/2006
Only One Parish Opposed San Joaquin Move, TexAnglican, 12/02/2006
Advent: What are [we] waiting for?, Episcoblog, 12/02/2006
Diocese Takes First Step to Leaving The Episcopal Church, David W. Virtue, 12/02/2006
Calif. Diocese Snubs Episcopal Church, Garance Burke, 12/02/2006
VA: Bishop Lee Threatens Civil Action against Fleeing Parishes, VirtueOnline-News, 12/02/2006
After Further Review [Has Peter Lee heard from headquarters?], Christopher Johnson, 12/02/2006
STATEMENT from The Falls Church and Truro Church in response to Bishop Lee's Letter of Dec. 1, BabyBlueOnline, 12/02/2006
Advent and Beyond, Lent and Beyond/The Continuum, 12/02/2006
Winner Take Nothing [Address to Diocese of Los Angeles Convention], The Rev. David Baumann, 12/01/2006
Diocese of LA Passes Resolution Defying B033, Stand Firm, 12/01/2006
With Faint Praise [AoC and "Primatial Oversight"], Christopher Johnson, 12/01/2006
The Danger to our Church, Bill Boniface, 12/01/2006
Alice [Linsley] Speaks to Anthony Paul [Smith] - Women in the priesthood, The Continuum, 12/01/2006
Bishop Schofield's Address to Convention of San Joaquin (Video), The Connecticut Six, 12/01/2006

November 2006:
The Feast of Saint Andrew [November 30th], conjectures of a guilty seminarian, 11/30/2006
[DEPO] Dead On Arrival, Midwest Conservative Journal, 11/30/2006
Rift matter of faithfulness, says Pittsburgh Bishop, VirtueOnline-News, 11/30/2006
Episcopal leaders make concessions to conservatives, Rachel Zoll, 11/30/2006
Anglican Communion Network responds to latest ECUSA proposal re: �Primatial Vicar�, titusonenine, 11/30/2006
Bishops develop proposal responding to �Appeal to the Archbishop of Canterbury�, titusonenine, 11/30/2006
Bishop Iker Writes His Clergy about TEC's Proposal, Stand Firm, 11/30/2006
Why Canterbury matters: You do have to go through Lambeth to remain Anglican, Doublas LeBlanc, 11/30/2006
Episcopal Majority Mulls Name Change, Greg Griffith, 11/29/2006
[+Schofield] Returning Fire, Midwest Conservative Journal, 11/29/2006
Burning Bridges [Schori], Midwest Conservative Journal, 11/28/2006
Anglican Communion Network Launches Parish Locator, VirtueOnline-News, 11/28/2006
Anglican bishop threatens to close youth clubs in protest at gay rights, Steve Doughty, The Evening Standard, 11/28/2006
The Rev. William Klock: "Where sin increased, grace abounded" , Prydain, 11/28/2006
The Panic Continues: "We are down to the end game", Stand Firm, 11/28/2006
Elves and Grinches for 2006, The Waffling Anglican, 11/28/2006
Anglican leaders launch robust defense of faith, Reuters, 11/27/2006
Sometimes a parish has to cut ties, Raymond J. Keating , 11/27/2006
Bishops Decline Invitation to Second Summit, ACN Press Release, 11/27/2006
Cold Deck, Christopher Johnson, 11/27/2006
Jordan Hylden Continues His Analysis of the Unfolding Future of ECUSA & the Communion, Sarah Hey, 11/27/2006
Curiouser, Captain Yips Secret Journal, 11/27/2006
Another Take On ++Schori�s Interview, Drell's Descants, 11/27/2006
The Very Rev. Peter Cook: St. Michael * All Angels, Lake Charles� Rationale For Joining The ACN, Drell's Descants, 11/27/2006
Anglican Report Episode 11, Stand Firm, 11/26/2006
Anglican Dream-Church Syndrome, Anglicans Online, 11/26/2006
The Collect, The Continuum, 11/26/2006
Casualties [Archbishop of Canterbury to resign, Christopher Johnson, 11/25/2006
The Falls Church and Truro have acted within the scope of the Dromantine Communique, Matt Kennedy, 11/25/2006
The Anglicanism of C. S. Lewis, Glad to be Anglican, 11/25/2006
Cross to bear -- Rowan Williams intervenes, VirtueOnline-News, 11/25/2006
SCHORI VS. SCHOFIELD -- "Big Sister Is Watching You", Gary L'Hommedieu, 11/25/2006
Raymond Dague: Episcopal Bishop Subverts Judicial Ethics, Transfigurations, 11/25/2006
San Joaquin Diocese could ask for a radically different Future, titusonenine, 11/25/2006
If Jesus was Anglican, The Age To Come, 11/25/2006
A Congregation Divided, Douglas R. Page, 11/25/2006
"Why I am an Anglican", The Revd. Dr Simon Vibert, 11/25/2006
Rebel diocese threatens to quit Episcopal Church , Daniel Burke, Religion News Service, 11/24/2006
Is the Episcopal Church Growing (or Declining)?, C. Kirk Hadaway, Director of Research, The Episcopal Church Center, 11/24/2006
13 bishops join the chorus against BA's ban on cross, Daily Mail, 11/24/2006
Carey, bishops, educators blast university intolerance [+ BA boycotted by cross travellers], VirtueOnline-News, 11/24/2006
Coming and Going [Pope Benedict XVI to Rowan Williams], Christopher Johnson, 11/24/2006
Papal Address to Archbishop of Canterbury , VirtueOnline-News, 11/24/2006
Los Angeles: Episcopal diocese may defy national edict, VirtueOnline-News, 11/24/2006
The archbishop's days are numbered, VirtueOnline-News, 11/24/2006
'Benedict and the future of Europe' by Rowan Williams, VirtueOnline-News, 11/23/2006
THANKSGIVING - A Reflection, Paul Taylor, 11/23/2006
Schori -- Death Wish With A Positive Face , Gary L'Hommedieu , 11/23/2006
Pope, Anglican leader commit to dialogue , Yahoo News, 11/23/2006
New Bishop show bankrupcy of 'religious left', Michael Medved, 11/23/2006
Human Rights, Homosexuality and the Anglican Communion: Reflections in Light of Nigeria, Ephraim Radner and Andrew Goddard, 11/22/2006
Into The Mud [TECleft], Christopher Johnson, 11/22/2006
Orthodox, Moderate, Liberal, Revisionist approaches to property disputes, David W. Virtue, 11/22/2006
Diocese of Fort Worth withdraws from Province VII, VirtueOnline-News, 11/21/2006
The Rev. William Klock: "Finding God in our Suffering" , Prydain, 11/22/2006
CA Diocese Lays Groundwork to Secede from TEC [San Joaquin], Daniel Burke, Religion News Service, 11/22/2006
Primates Pledge Solidarity After Meeting APO Diocese Leaders, The Rev. George Conger, 11/22/2006
The Presiding Bishop's Top Five, Matt Kennedy, 11/22/2006
Who said that the youth don't care for their soul?, Episcoblog, 11/22/2006
The Roman and Anglican Way contrasted. Liturgy expressing doctrine, but, which doctrine?, Peter Toon, 11/22/2006
Give Me Liberty [Schori, TEC and Neuhaus� Law], Christopher Johnson, 11/21/2006
London: Vicars could be sued for refusing to bless gay weddings, fears Church, Steve Doughty - The Daily Mail, 11/21/2006
Passive Believe is Active Unbelief, Gary L'Hommedieu, 11/21/2006
We need to exist in the wilderness, says theologian president, Paul Zahl, 11/21/2006
The Falls Church: "Can Two Walk Together, Except They Be Agreed?" , Prydain, 11/20/2006
A shot across the bow?, Captain Yips Secret Journal, 11/20/2006
Foot'n Mouth Disease, Captain Yips Secret Journal, 11/20/2006
Some Initial Comments from the Global South, TexAnglican, 11/20/2006
Bishop Sauls: Not All APO Requests Violate Canons, The Living Church Foundation, 11/20/2006
No to Rome's advances and Yes to the Anglican Way!, Peter Toon, 11/20/2006
Threats [Purple Haze polishes the TEC shotgun], Midwest Conservative Journal, 11/20/2006
El Paso: St. Francis to leave Episcopal Church USA, VirtueOnline-News, 11/20/2006
There Will Your Heart Be [Jack Iker lays it on the line], Midwest Conservative Journal, 11/19/2006
Episcopal split reaches Mass. diocese, Boston Globe, 11/19/2006
Anglican Report, Episode 10, Stand Firm, 11/19/2006
Preggers [Kate Schori gets all ecumenical], Christopher Johnson, 11/19/2006
When Rowan goes to Rome, R. William Franklin, 11/19/2006
Pope plans recruitment drive among disaffected Anglicans, TimesOnline, 11/19/2006
Secede: the only option?, Tracey Smith, 11/19/2006
A tragic necessity, The Age To Come, 11/18/2006
Major Resolutions Pass by Wide Margin at Fort Worth Convention, TexAnglican, 11/18/2006
Called to conservative Episcopal ministry, The Free Lance-Star, 11/18/2006
The Rev. Daniel McGrath: "Thou Shalt Not Covet." , Prydain, 11/18/2006
Area diocese plans split with church [San Joaquin], The Bakersfield Californian, 11/17/2006
Meeting of pope, archbishop of Canterbury may highlight Anglican rifts, Catholic News Service, 11/17/2006
The Rev. John Yates: "Discernment and Holy Communion" (Must Read!), Prydain, 11/17/2006
On "doctrine divides and service unites", The Rev. Jeffrey Fishwick, 11/17/2006
Orthodox-Anglican Reunion, All Too Common, 11/17/2006
Brood of Vipers, The Continuum, 11/16/2006
Feel The Love [TEC], Christopher Johnson, 11/16/2006
The Baptismal Coven Of 1979, Gary L'Hommedieu, 11/17/2006
Freedom as a Christian - ancient and modern, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 11/17/2006
Brave New World Revisited?, The Waffling Anglican, 11/17/2006
Deeds-Based Evangelism is Focus for Presiding Bishop [TEC], The Living Church Foundation, 11/16/2006
Church dust-up going to Court of Appeals [CT 6], Greenwich Time, 11/16/2006
Church could think again over women [priests], says Williams, The Telegraph, 11/16/2006
Growing A Pair, Christopher Johnson, 11/16/2006
Archbishop Williams: �Full Support� for Women�s Ordination, The Living Church Foundation, 11/16/2006
La Cosa Episcopale, Christopher Johnson, 11/15/2006
Unexpected Blows to Fatalistic Thinking, John Piper, 11/15/2006
End Of The Line [Truro and Falls Church], Christopher Johnson, 11/15/2006
Consecrations Performed by Bishops Outside of the Official Anglican Communion, The Rev. James Gordon Anderson, 11/15/2006
[Prince] Charles' hopes of multi-faith coronation dashed by Church, This Is London, 11/15/2006
Truro and The Falls Church Vestries recommend severing ties with TEC, titusonenine, 11/15/2006
[+Schofield] Drawing the Line, Christopher Johnson, 11/14/2006
Right Cross [++Sentamu lays into the BBC], Christopher Johnson, 11/14/2006
Fallbrook, CA: Court Rules in Favor of St. John's Anglican Church , VirtueOnline-News, 11/14/2006
CAMERA Challenges Episcopal Church on its Portrayal of Arab-Israeli Conflict, VirtueOnline-News, 11/13/2006
Bishop [Schofield] Sees San Joaquin Vote as Referendum on Separation, The Living Church Foundation, 11/13/2006
Give New P.B. a Chance, Archbishop Carey Urges, The Living Church Foundation, 11/13/2006
New Episcopal bishop supports gay unions, The Connecticut Six, 11/13/2006
Laodiceans [Has CofE come out for euthanizing disabled newborns?}, Christopher Johnson, 11/13/2006
Katharine Jefferts Schori, the Anglican Church, and Irenicism, Steve Janke, 11/12/2006
Outrage as Church backs calls for severely disabled babies to be killed at birth, VirtueOnline-News, 11/12/2006
Statistics on the Episcopal Church, titusonenine, 11/12/2006
Why I've joined the Reformed Episcopal Church, Andy Figueroa, 11/12/2006
Church of England Supporting Euthanasia? [Commentary / Analysis], The Waffling Anglican, 11/11/2006
Virginia Episcopal parish, diocese reach accord, titusonenine, 11/11/2006
Anglican Report Episode 9 [Interviews Bishop Schofield and Rev Canon Kovoor], AnglicanTV / Drell's Descants, 11/11/2006
Living on the ritual edge�the wild world of crossings and bowings, Alvin Kimel, 11/11/2006
Jesus Christ is "Our Vehicle to the Divine?" The Episcopal Church is in Big Trouble, Albert Mohler, 11/11/2006
Define Continuing Anglican Church, Chapter I, Ecclesia Anglicana Continua, 11/11/2006
Every Which Way?, Captain Yips Secret Journal, 11/11/2006
IP Address [claims Internet splintering Anglicans], Christopher Johnson, 11/10/2006
Chancellor Sees Hopeful Outlook For TEC On Church Property Issues, Auburn Faber Traycik, 11/10/2006
Education To Be Stressed At LEAC [Anglican Conference - details], VirtueOnline-News, 11/10/2006
A Book By Its Cover(Dr. Mabuse on modern liturgical vestments) Christopher Johnson, 11/10/2006
Nazir-Ali speaks on the moral vacuum in Britain, Prince Charles and Islam, VirtueOnline-News, 11/10/2006
TWO EVILS of Yesterday here Today - let Episcopalians take note, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 11/10/2006
Episcopal Chaplain Fired Due To Involvement In Gay Wrestling Website, Drell's Descants, 11/10/2006
BCP 1662�Contemporary Language form of it, The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, 11/09/2006
Courts tentatively back Fallbrook church against diocese [San Diego], VirtueOnline-News, 11/09/2006
Episcopal Church at crossroads: Consecration of gay bishop may lead to breakup of church [FL], VirtueOnline-News, 11/09/2006
Diocese of Virginia, All Saints� Church Agree on Disposition of Property, titusonenine, 11/09/2006
Bishop J.C. Ryle: "Is It Real?" (I&II), Prydain, 11/09/2006
Archbishop�s Rome visit � 21-26 November 2006, Archbishop of Canterbury | Press Releases, 11/08/2006
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